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  1. logged in first time in a loooong time, so much has changed - here is some of my light feedback summarized: the "tutorial" placeholder feels good and helped me a lot actually - only wish the tutorial messages didnt vanish so quickly sometimes - i might not notice a new popup and find a new tutorial message with 2 seconds left on the clock the skill (K) menu when opened makes the bottom taskbar vanish, which was a problem for me when that particular window was buried below 4 different other windows and i didnt even see it. was very confused the slow introduction to skills is cool but i wish it wasnt "Gatekeeped" by passive prerequisites which feel bad. but overall leveling (I made it to maybe 4-5 lvl so its whatever) feels good and with a right pace loot explosion from mushrooms is very robust for some reason, lots of running to get the things that dropped might only be me but opening the inventory / whatever menu takes like 2 seconds which REALLY slows down the gameplay (since you have to open it constantly pretty much) - same goes for the map when farming mobs it sux a lot to constantly switch between combat (ranged in my case, so "U") and harvesting "H" to skin. really takes me out of the "grind" did not understand why my energy was not regenerating. was it my being hungry? seems weird if its tied to that, unintuitive thats it for now, will probably come back for some more
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