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  1. A year after launch the passive training will be mostly meaningless because you will have opened up enough options for race and class. It will be about the vessel builds and disciplines. So now we have account level skills and vessel level skills with the sacrificial system. So you two leveling systems from what I can tell. So in a way it seams to me like they sorta addressed the very point of the op. While i mostly agree with you i think they did need something more to do other than harvesting and crafting when all your guild mates are offline.if you want good PvP you need to keep enough of the player base in game for it to happen. While the questing/sacrificial system may not be your favorite part of the game it will at least give enough other people incentive to be around long enough for you to gank them ant loot their grave.
  2. Is that one set castle walls? do you know about how many pieces u used?
  3. I didn't do anything new that i hadn't already tried multiple times in the past few months but today i tried again with a DDU and fresh drivers, messed with in game setting etc. I'm not sure what fixed it exactly but I'm getting 80-120 FPS now depending on my resolution settings!
  4. I have it set on performance and have tried every other optimization i could find info on. watched about 30 videos on how to improve Nvidia settings in other games but nothing seams to work.
  5. Thanks again. I updated drivers with fresh installs multiple times. Friday most recent. I've also tried all the other settings in game. anyone know what resolution has been optimized?
  6. For me this is consistent since i got the game about 6 months back. Lowest in game settings v sync off only give me about 2-3 FPS improvement over my OP. Thanks for the help.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I know it is not optimizes but i see lots of vids with 60 FPS and I have a decent rig so i know it should be better even in the current state of the game. I have tried every in game setting. Turning everything all the way down and even setting resolution to 1080P still only gives me about a +2 FPS boost.
  8. lol Watching them chase around all that time while Mal getting healed. Gone fishing...
  9. I got mine after test was over. Can they be placed atm? If so anyone have a screen shot?
  10. If they do it they should only allow it when out of combat mode, or something. Don't want to be in some big fight and unable to make out targets cuz my screen is full of spam.
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