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  1. Not to be rude but from my emblem isnt it obvious to tell that I already have the game
  2. I'm very interested to see what is to come especially since i have a bunch of VIP months now lol
  3. I'm very interested in seeing what the difference will be. Will there be any major difference for example in 2015 and 2016 castles
  4. That would definitely be ok and could also lead to more variations of bows like maybe some with bladed on the end for extra damage. In my humble opinion it would be better to make this a weapon ability as opposed to being tied to a specific class. Question: will Races have the ability to potentially wield other race weapons depending on the weapon. I think this need to be added for more variability. I think one thing and of course this is because mechanics and major systems still are being worked on but i think one thing that is missing is more individuality. I know we can play as multiple vessels, but i want to be tied to my vessel even more on a personal level outside of the vessel class or rank simple due to maybe a rare customization that a vessel unlocked or a progression where the vessel looks corrupted to due whatever. Just doing some brainstorming lol
  5. I noticed in the store there appears to be two different guild halls can anyone tell me the difference between the below? Company Garrison Guild Hall — One of the largest and sought-after guild halls to showcase your guild's achievements. VS Noble House Guild Hall — A unique and useful guild hall in which to showcase your hard earned guild artifacts and relics. Will we be able to buy these outside of the bundles also will we be able to earn them in game?
  6. I love how this game has quality of vessels! I just wish we had more variability for vessel aesthetics but i'm sure that will come with time
  7. Verse

    Play style

    Why is that!?!?! And what is the point of disciplines! what if i'm a human that was raised by guinceans lol
  8. As I was playing i had the thought wouldn't it be awesome, more immersive, to be able to go from melee to ranged with some weapons. Can we get the ability to have weapons with the ability go from melee to range? Say I am a ranger or assassin and I have a knife but want to simple throw it to make a last kill before dashing away into the shadows. It wouldn't have to be class specific either To be fair to all class can we have a way based on the weapon to change from a melee stance to a ranged stand kind like how someone chooses ranged when they have a bow equipped. This would also lead to potential add gameplay for crafters of poisons or alchemist. The cons of some doing this with a weapon would be that for one they would lose that weapon and two deeping on weapon they may have a worse chance of hitting their target. Some added benefits would be
  9. Verse

    Play style

    I would like to play a human mage that duel wields pistols......... PLEASE!!! with disciplines would this be possible?
  10. I hope we get more choices to the point where we can notice a good amount of variability just by looking at a character. One thing i feel like many MMOs are missing is this they you silhouettes to try to let people see big difference but don't let much customization to little meaningful differences.
  11. So is the plan to have a high level of visual character customization and i'm not talking about armor accessories fully but in part. Mainly I am talking about through being able to chose different character body types depending on race, facial structures maybe like choosing different nose, eye shape, etc and other little things like that. Pertaining to armor and clothing would we have layered clothing that can visually be shown as layered, Will we have visuals for the accessories we wear, necklace, earrings, belts, pouches. Also pertaining to equipment will we have a physicalized inventory
  12. New to Crowfall and looking for a guild to grow with and help grow. I have posted more information about my gaming experience in the guild recruitment forum
  13. Hi All, I have access to the live server but how do i get access to the test server so i can try out 5.8? NVM, Just found it here: https://crowfall.com/en/client/
  14. YAY! I am stoked for this. I get hyped everytime i read more or see another video especially after reading and watching video of shadowbane
  15. Thank You ,Fauno! I am prepared and can't wait to get into 5.8 and then the first campaign and the soft launch At soft launch will wipes stop?
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