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  1. Guys, Can you post advice on how fledgling solo crafters can make the required amount of GOLD to purchase required equipment, Disciplines and of course gear to survive. I ask that any guidance begins at level 1. Apart from the grind what other ways can this be possible. Your help is appreciated. I am asking this specifically for solo crafters as there are players who prefer not to join guilds.
  2. I want to thank all the posters in this TOPIC I started. 'Most' have been helpfull and clarified, gave a greater understanding, and were instructive. I hope that others, who read this TOPIC, may be guided and find it helpfull.
  3. RIP CRAFTING freedom. Why should those who loved to craft all disciplines now be constrained to one or two. The crafting access system by virtue of passives was awesome. Now CROWFALL has become a COOKIE CUTTER MMO.
  4. I accept that Crowfall has a long way to go. I accept change has to be as it is healthy for evolution. I do NOT accept removal of PASSIVE SKILL TREES. For as much as Devs have to suit the needs 'of the many' rather than the 'one or few' the Convergance has seriously killed the crafting spirit of Crowfall for this 'one'. I love to craft. In all MMO's I am involved in i build my characters as crafters - in all crafting disciplines if possible. It what I do and enjoy. Now my 'freedom of crafting' has been removed as I can only learn 'one, or 2, crafting disciplines'. The passive system was g
  5. First off. No I was NOT COMPLAINING as some, appear, seem led to believe. I was replying to PopeUrban's post. Thanks to all who replied. It is great to see others views and ideas. Healthy discussion but this forum is primarily about crafting and NOT soloing so MB for starting this in the wrong forum.
  6. Though should that interdependent economic/ social model be equivalent to a global model wherein it becomes an group dependent oppression on those who practice freewill and spirit in their definition of gameplay? Understanding the games overall incumbent mechanic philosophy of PvP should there not be a system by which those, whether in the major/ minor populate, can have relative possibility of practicing their said 'Self' style without being the relativistic constant targets of groups of players whom relish in the 'Oppressive nature' that 'Group Ganking' is? Therein, though, accepting that, i
  7. So I experimented. 1) made basic hammers with basic materials. 2) Crafted a few metal ingots with increasingly better ores white, green, blue - till i ran out of ore 3) Crafted intermediate hammers with ingots 4) Used all pips at 50% till I got 'Successful' results only. No higher and no lower. The above made no, or little difference, to finished hammers stats. So does it matter what are used to construct intermediate weaps? Of course this is just a summary and it was not exhaustive research, just exhaustive on mats. Arkade - not everyone plays in groups, or
  8. Crafting Mechanic Idea When players are in 'Survival Mode' - (gathering, and farming): 1) Receive an 'Harmonic Resonance Shield', just gave it a name - kinda zen with the land, this is a buff that makes crafters' invulnerable for a short time, or withstands a limited amount of damage. This allows Crafters' to scamper about with limited protection or can act as an escape mechanism. 2) When within a certain distance of 'Resource Nodes' this Harmonic Resonance Shield' is unlimited. At nodes the natural forces there are stronger so the 'Harmonic Resonance Shield' is limitless. This
  9. Thanks guys, Very interesting points and information. What you both say is true and informative but, if I may, wish to raise an issue about crafting. Now, on the understanding, Crowfall IS a PVP centric game. That is a given. Thing is that being a pure crafter it is getting harder and harder to farm the required materials to craft. Case in point: - Tyranny Us East is the present server I have chosen. Good community and no issues with them. My problem is that since Crowfall is combat driven, as a whole, when pure crafters' are trying to gather the mats, and even in groups, they are be
  10. My Norton anti-virus reports the latest patch as containing the 'Heur.AdvML.B' Heuristic adware/ malware virus. https://www.symantec.com/security_response/sape/ This is first time Norton has ever done this with Crowfall. The patcher is latest client downloaded, 10/02/2018. Could someone explain please? Are ArtsCrafts downloading data from us using client?
  11. Hey guys, This is just an FYI. Updated to 4.4. Getting Black screen when running latest client and 'not responding' error. Updated Gfx drivers. Win 10 64. Ran file repair. System is fully able to run Crowfall.
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