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  1. Well, it's not your only option. You can still go gold for $175.
  2. The 'No, they aren't permanent.' is interesting. I wonder if that means they have a cooldown, run out after a certain amount of time riding, or just have limited uses.
  3. That's actually a good question. I had assumed you could use them in campaigns, but re-reading it it seems like maybe just the in the EK.
  4. An apostrophe is used with it only with contraction, never possession. Yeah, I'm that guy.
  5. Ankle biting is a legitimate strategy.
  6. In an hour and a half you can fund amber at $215 and get 6 years of vip status...$1080 value. Just saying.
  7. I will adorn my castle's wall with Uncle Bob's head.
  8. There were quite a few who paid $500 while the early bird $425 was still there. Either they were being generous or they were blind. Can you compensate for stupid too? That person you're talking about can now use this opportunity to give up their $500 fund and nab a $425, so view it in that light. If they miss this update and this opportunity...oh well. At a certain point your chances run out.
  9. Disappointed no one else got on board. I'll just have to finish it.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xpc0s9FsA1Q
  10. That's a good thing, but doing so shoots yourself in the foot a bit. I think I said this earlier, but it's the image that telegraphs create. Since this thread is about WildStar...whenever I showed people WildStar combat (especially pvp with lots of players) every response was that it looks like a chaotic mess, because of the telegraphs. Not even that it promotes awareness or skill to avoid telegraphs, because it doesn't. Having to just learn each ability and spell's range and how to best avoid requires way more tactics. Really it just looks like nonsense. So I'm envisioning streams and videos featuring the game and people really being turned off in a similar way. But that's just my experience.
  11. I just watched the mmorpg video and interview, which features some gameplay footage. I have to say...I really dislike the ground telegraphs. It looks ugly and silly. It simplifies combat for the dummies. But there's also gameplay footage with the telegraphs turned off, and it looks SO much better. Lightyears improvement. That footage has been linked here a few times. I really hope they're open to just getting rid of telegraphs. Also..animation locking: please no.
  12. Lacking the ability to think, does it matter?
  13. I was actually expecting the South Park episode with the giant guinea pigs.
  14. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/2628-wildstar-action-combat/?p=69211
  15. Should probably check out the dev tracker.
  16. I had no intention of funding today. I tend to take my time and think things through, but things unfolded in such a way that I felt incredibly comfortably putting money in my first kickstarter. I was one of the last early bird sapphire patrons.
  17. I'm not really seeing a warlock type. Something that summons and controls demons, or a necromancer type.
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