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  1. They need to address the range issues and the movement issues. Even on wood elf trying to kite is ridiculous; minosand centaur champs jumping through the air nullifying the point of a range weapon is sad. @ Veeshan definitely like the idea of making guard damage random. Reminds me of picking your guards in Shadowbane.
  2. The UnDeAd Legion

    Be sure to use your best RP when messaging Dolmar. Always good to make a great first impression.
  3. Shadowbane Players Where ya at?

    Holy crap these forums have a Shadowbane section. I knew I would love this game
  4. The UnDeAd Legion

    WTF have I been missing. Dolmar and Weapons roleplaying in a recruitment post....
  5. Game looks fun. Kool to see some familiar names if I do anything wrong please speak to my secretary Weaponsx.
  6. The Tenth

    Hagzzzzz =)
  7. The Tenth

    I'm pretty sure you will catch something if you touch Starskreams old computer And tell them to fix support toons if the do damage then I can't piss Doom and Weps off by getting KS's
  8. The Tenth

    Awe feelin the love.
  9. Wehrmacht

    I told Weps this was a WM troll. He said if it is well played lol
  10. The Tenth

    Hey miss me? Sig is to big someone fix it for me =)
  11. SB and Darkfall and everything after....