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  1. Seems like a good starting point I don't think the previous posters get the 25% from harvesters. I think you are saying that now if you skin a pig and get 12 leather say . You would still get 12 leather but also 4 leather would go into the nearest out post? Potential for chests at out post would be great. IMO ANd also late night capping would be less beneficial
  2. yeah sorry Malphrus I was hoping you'd get to see a siege
  3. I can't believe I just watched a 6 min video of hitting a tree and a naked dwarf....
  4. How is magicbane that was fun for awhile. s it still going?
  5. I accidentally deleted my silver badge. Anyway to get it back?
  6. Yeah see I don't really want you to be banned either...
  7. lol on the 1 post guests well played wouldn't that be considered spamming though
  8. OK think of all the poorly made socks you have done to get said bans and then look at the Uncle Bob thread and tell me there is anything that compares to any of you r bans. Not even close right...
  9. bear


    I thought it was some inside joke I missed...
  10. bear


    you can't say poorly made socks on these forums? My mom even said poorly made socks. I'
  11. bear


    holy crap i've been censored
  12. bear


    +1 for poorly made socks talking forums
  13. This game is Alpha and it seems like everything in game can be debated on these forums. Why not the ToS? I read them I know what they say; you can be banned in game for actions on these forums. Still doesn't make it right. How is a perma ban decided. Is there 1 moderator or a group of moderators that make the decision? I do believe there are things that you can do in game or on the forums that would warrant banning. I don't agree with Mandalore that jaywalking 100 times should get you the death penalty.
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