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  1. That's it I'm making my Bear Clan and coming for you....
  2. bear

    With no bow master

    I understand that there is a 20m cap but what I'm saying is that ranged distance bonus appears to not do anything. It says non projectile based would that be the reason? I could have a 3m ranged bonus or a 20 m range bonus and bow still only shoots 34m. Crafted bows even without putting range on them have like +19.55 is this why? If that's the case it seems stupid that the archer tree would have an ability to increase your range and it doesn't really increase your range. Also makes it so as an archer the bow runes have some wasted abilities too.
  3. Permanent Rewards with bonuses are always a mistake. For players that need a reward to play the game there are a lot of other options. On the whole HOA going Balance with WB that's the way the game is set up to be played. PLAY TO CRUSH Everyone new it was coming just didn't think it would be at this stage. Check mate you win the first trial of Alpha; too bad I was looking forward to some good three way fights on NA. See you in the field. Love bear Oh and to the management.... FIX RANGERS
  4. Send Dolmar or Gracen a message they can get you in Discord with us and we'll help you out. And you can see if we are your cup of bourbon.. I mean tea
  5. bear

    With no bow master

    It is not possible to hit 40 m try and shoot something 40 m away. No matter what bow, runes, Archer bonus I've only been able to shoot 34m.... Am I doing something wrong?
  6. If you are playing archer line you will not regen in the mele tray? Could that be it?
  7. I love this thread PS Fix RANGErs see it says RANGE in their name stop trying to make me drop TRAPS that would be a TRAPper
  8. bear

    With no bow master

    -5m range? max is 34m no matter what you do... make range bonus ad cap too
  9. They need to address the range issues and the movement issues. Even on wood elf trying to kite is ridiculous; minosand centaur champs jumping through the air nullifying the point of a range weapon is sad. @ Veeshan definitely like the idea of making guard damage random. Reminds me of picking your guards in Shadowbane.
  10. Be sure to use your best RP when messaging Dolmar. Always good to make a great first impression.
  11. Holy crap these forums have a Shadowbane section. I knew I would love this game
  12. WTF have I been missing. Dolmar and Weapons roleplaying in a recruitment post....
  13. Game looks fun. Kool to see some familiar names if I do anything wrong please speak to my secretary Weaponsx.
  14. bear

    The Tenth

    I'm pretty sure you will catch something if you touch Starskreams old computer And tell them to fix support toons if the do damage then I can't piss Doom and Weps off by getting KS's
  15. bear

    The Tenth

    Awe feelin the love.
  16. bear


    I told Weps this was a WM troll. He said if it is well played lol
  17. bear

    The Tenth

    Hey miss me? http://i.imgur.com/iJlmTdd.gif Sig is to big someone fix it for me =)
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