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  1. OP* you cant edit posts here or am i not smart enough to figure that out lol
  2. Here I already went out and signed up to play and didnt bother checking out the system requirements. i have a similar door stop of a laptop the P has. damnit!
  3. I was a pee on in ST on death. Sinbad popped up at the start of one of the new servers on SB live (was corruption a server? Thats the name that comes up in my head) . Sinbad played for about 2 weeks in which we immediately started fighting another guild over the commander spawn before disappearing on us. Everyone else was farming for cities and leveling toons and here we were at R3 camping trees so they couldnt get commander lol.
  4. I know its an old thread, but I played with WN for a short time. I dont remember much of anything from it. Bits and pieces come back seeing names being tossed around. Those were the good days!
  5. Better late then never?
  6. Is Proto still into cat porn? I kind of miss it .....
  7. Konyg

    Shadowbane 2.0

    Facerip may have PK'd me once or twice back in the day
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