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  1. Good point on the central siege timer. I actually agree with the idea of removing this type of scheduled content. LOTS of other scheduled content that should exist in my opinion though. It should be possible to initiate a siege on a strategic calendar, even if it had start/stop limitations on the timing to keep people from setting sieges to happen in the middle of the night on an NA server for instance. I'm impressed with how LESS broken this game gets each month, and for a game still in Alpha, good on em.
  2. Couldn't agree with this idea more. It is also in alignment with what the devs have previously said they'd like to do by offering area bonuses. I will tell you, i miss the days in Shadowbane when i knew i was strictly in enemy territory but i had to be there to get certain items. In the last interview that was the part that excited me the most, when they discussed adding Disciplines to the loot table, and making some of them more rare than others. Add in a few other types of things outside of disciplines please, because that's not enough in my humble opinion. We need items in the loot table that drive teamwork (Hard NPCs to kill, that spawn at certain times, that owning the area they spawn in allows for you to loot?) The above suggestion creates some nice spice to the area ownership piece. Thanks!
  3. Excellent of Artcraft to leverage the youtube streamer community for support. Great job @ZYBAK on your interview skills sir.
  4. Zenatos

    PVP Spam

    I agree with this. What your suggesting could be a great beginning to an actual achievement system which would help the game feel more rewarding overall.
  5. I agree with this well articulated idea. I would also complement your diplomacy in how you positioned veteran player drama. I personally do not appreciate the sarcastic nonsense that comes out of some of these trolls. On the other hand some of our veteran players have been amazing to play with. Shout out and thanks to @Durenthal @Anthrage @Rhana @Ussiah @Kraahk to name a few... @Nicodeimus @Kortane you guys have been great to team up with as well. thanks, -Zen
  6. Quite awesome. I would like some additional development updates as some have indicated, but this is still pretty great.
  7. I have a feeling “balance” in this game is going to be more about group makeup over class balance. That said I still think the point of this thread is that the burst power of a rogue is too much and the ability to restealth in the most precarious of situations reheal and then reengage is a bit too OP at the moment. fights in this game seem to be designed to last a bit longer because death has been designed to have real consequence, so therefore 1on1 fights, or any fight shouldn’t be a blink of an eye.
  8. I like this idea but they would still have to find a way for a small group to be able to take the, because the purpose was to have capturable POIs that smaller groups of players could engage.
  9. Does this forum replace curse words with words like custard and socks, or is this guy just creative? game is absolutely playable with any package right now, it just takes downloading the client and logging in.
  10. Couldn’t agree more, these names and others have helped me orient myself in the game several times already. It gives me hope for the future of the game.
  11. Thanks for the reply. This is the part I love most about playing and testing games in development. I am happy to offer thoughts and thrilled that they could be considered. Thanks for the reply, I’m sure no matter what decision you guys make it will be for the best possible outcome for the game. Thanks again, -Zen
  12. I think you misunderstand my point. I am not advocating to change the passive training system at the moment I’ll wait to see how ACE iterates and improves on it. I am however advocating that doing tasks like crafting and harvesting (active play as you put it) should assist you in leveling your vessel. I believe you may be confusing experience points with skill points.
  13. I don’t think the OP’s question was answered. I understand the current design of crafting and harvesting, the combination of passive skills gained with vessel stats generating greater success for crafting and harvesting. I believe his question is why not allow the act of harvesting or crafting also net your current vessel experience instead of having to just grind monsters or sacrifice gold/items/crafted gear etc. Having used the make 1 million arrows of different quality levels to reach level 20, I’m not sure that was quite as rewarding or felt as fun as it would have been to simply gain experience while crafting/harvesting actively in the world. I think it would help with immersion, doesn’t have to be high xp gains either. Maybe 1xp for swinging at a node, and 2 xp for hitting a critical. Or maybe 100xp for each node destroyed? Same for crafting maybe each item successfully crafted with a successful roll and above gives you increasingly more xp? In the end, why shouldn’t swinging your hammer, and practicing your craft increase your ability to build up your vessels base stats directly, rather than through ‘sacrifice?’ only reason I could think of is the economy of having to lose items to gain xp faster, and I don’t think that’s a compelling enough reason to do it this way versus that. It’s probably just a design decision, and honestly I hope it changes. Thanks for reading, -Zen
  14. @BobbyM I would love to hear a distinct noise at the moment when we transition from day to night. Reason being is an indicator we’re about to hit, and then have hit the moment that creatures should be changing from normal to hunger versions and back again would be pretty cool. Currently you can kind of tell the sun is going down, and you can almost tell when to expect creature changes, but often times it just feels somewhat misaligned and spontaneous. i too love the random creature noises, although I wish they were louder and more defined the closer you were to an actual creature in the wilderness. I dig the hunger shard noises as well as enjoyed the video of the creative ways you’ve recorded sounds so far. Great work. just a thought, for all I know the above is already on your roadmap. -Zen
  15. Same thing happened to my friend and I. He emailed support and they fixed it within 48 hours by switching his noob self over to my faction. in those 48 hours we played together on the other server so I could show him the ropes. good luck! - Zen
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