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  1. These are the best questions in the above list - short and sweet.
  2. You get to select a basic Class /Race - in SB this was with runes here its with a "wow" type character creation. Within the Class selection you can get talents to customize, that part is relatively linear, but has trees to select from, and they all feel pretty unique in style. Wish all three were viable. I will say we need to get some visibility in the creation screen to how class and race influence stats You get to use some base abilities from Class Race and then you have to select "runes" or in this case "Disciplines" to get more customized abilities and give unique abiliti
  3. @jtoddcoleman Character customization is pretty similar to SB already, and to @ZYBAK's point in this thread, we need to balance the runes to make more of them viable, and remove the I must take this one for this character type (healer/tank/dps). For example all healers must have Field Surgeon because Aurora Emitter is too strong, and will wipe your entire group quickly if you dont have purge. I would agree the handshake system is preferable. Much of the discussions we've had as a community have included a long pro/cons list of that approach. Specifically one concern that rises to t
  4. I can only imagine the time you spent in editing this. Great job. Also - kudos to @Seshn for being a good sport about being wrong about ya boy Zybak
  5. @Tyrant It seems no siege at all tonight, unless you guys can force one?
  6. Join KGV - we make dead things come to life, to kill more people dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1xqJwGm-gQ :)
  7. It was really cool to watch smaller guilds put themselves on the board this campaign! Good for you guys!
  8. Agreed. Alternatively I found myself wanting to PvP tonight, got into two small skirmishes, one that i lost and one that i won. As i realized my stuff didn't drop on the ground, I suddenly felt bored as combat didn't feel fun. If i had the ability to craft on my Necromancer that might have been a good thing to engage in, but instead i ended up logging out of the game and surfing you tube and forums. I also agree building anywhere is fun. Wish EK building wasn't bugged currently...
  9. I was planning on spending the time to write a post very similar to this one Mr. McTan, but since you summarized it so well, i'll just say ditto. I'd like to bump this one for more attention. Key quote:
  10. Playing an Elken Ranger in the Earth Temple between level 18 and 23. Got teleported away from my group mates while killing spiders, best as i can tell, i was just straffing over spider eggs when it happened. First time it took me 685 meters away, screenshot below. Second time nearly 400 meters away.
  11. Posted this in the bug forum, but it was fun. Thought about Spelling out DREGS, BUG, etc. Landed on PvP
  12. Issues noticed while playing 3 characters to level 30 this weekend... FPS issue in the Keep Zone - acted like a memory leak Issue started while playing my Assassin, and a group of Guildmates consisting of a FW, Ranger, Knight, and champion. Started as we entered the Keep, and continued as we explored the keep zone. It was MUCH better when looking East away from the keep, much worse when panning the camera Westbound. Ultimately the effects of the issue lasted after recalling as well, had to reload the client to clear it. Issue did not reoccur when we went o
  13. I had the same issue until today, suddenly I can interact with crafting tables I couldn’t in EKs yesterday.(worked fine I’m forts) Also similar issue with sacrifice brazier in temple, but no where else.
  14. I loved Shadowbane, and I cannot wait to see the Dregs ruleset applied to a campaign or three. That said - we cannot lean on that crutch to say it is enough to motivate the majority of players that we need in/around this community in order to make the game feel truly alive. My suggestions: 1. Keeps should worth less(than they currently are), and/or Forts/Encampments should be increased in their worth. 2. Love the idea of a PvP/Activity currency, even if it could just be turned in for gold, that can help you buy some basic resources, and further contribute to the economy wh
  15. Good point on the central siege timer. I actually agree with the idea of removing this type of scheduled content. LOTS of other scheduled content that should exist in my opinion though. It should be possible to initiate a siege on a strategic calendar, even if it had start/stop limitations on the timing to keep people from setting sieges to happen in the middle of the night on an NA server for instance. I'm impressed with how LESS broken this game gets each month, and for a game still in Alpha, good on em.
  16. Excellent of Artcraft to leverage the youtube streamer community for support. Great job @ZYBAK on your interview skills sir.
  17. I agree with this. What your suggesting could be a great beginning to an actual achievement system which would help the game feel more rewarding overall.
  18. I agree with this well articulated idea. I would also complement your diplomacy in how you positioned veteran player drama. I personally do not appreciate the sarcastic nonsense that comes out of some of these trolls. On the other hand some of our veteran players have been amazing to play with. Shout out and thanks to @Durenthal @Anthrage @Rhana @Ussiah @Kraahk to name a few... @Nicodeimus @Kortane you guys have been great to team up with as well. thanks, -Zen
  19. Quite awesome. I would like some additional development updates as some have indicated, but this is still pretty great.
  20. I have a feeling “balance” in this game is going to be more about group makeup over class balance. That said I still think the point of this thread is that the burst power of a rogue is too much and the ability to restealth in the most precarious of situations reheal and then reengage is a bit too OP at the moment. fights in this game seem to be designed to last a bit longer because death has been designed to have real consequence, so therefore 1on1 fights, or any fight shouldn’t be a blink of an eye.
  21. I like this idea but they would still have to find a way for a small group to be able to take the, because the purpose was to have capturable POIs that smaller groups of players could engage.
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