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  1. I don't need a mount I just want my witch to levitate as I go down the road...walking is for others.
  2. Get ready for all the negative post tomorrow when people realize that they weren't one of the golden children who got an invite.
  3. So what's the point of winning all that shiny stuff, if you are naked at beginning of campaigns? Where am I going to use or wear it, at the dance on Saturday night?
  4. weena63


    The "hunger" is your desire for revenge, that in the end brings your own death.
  5. Unless it's against any kind of lore, we need female centaurs and deer characters. It was stated that it "was" possible if there was enough of a demand. So future female players need to speak up, and some support from the male population would help also, Imean what are you afraid of.
  6. This is going to make so many people ecstatic, you have actually accomplished a game for everyone.
  7. I just want to say thank-you to Michael Flatley for his "trolling." Your trolling caused some of the so called hard core famous from Sb to show their true colors and caused them to tell so much about themselves, things that they have been hiding behind the façade of Shadowbane glory. Their insensitivity to the mentally and physically challenged in this world and alternative lifestyles of some people. Their not so glorious title as No.1 in Shadowbane, is all in their head, so not to worry people. I have seen that all the banter is just that.
  8. This makes me hopeful that maybe we won't even have to be in a guild. Which is fine with me, I like to play with a lot of different people and not be locked into who I can play with and have fun with. On the gender lock debate....Crowfall go ahead and make both genders available, which I am a female and would like that option, which is only fair.
  9. I think a great leader needs great patience.
  10. We shall persevere...... add plz.......Isabella in game.
  11. Ducks float and little rubber ones are unsinkable.......I would love to be included.
  12. All you hard core PvPer's just remember many a nation has been brought down by one woman....so I would be wary.
  13. If I take the chance, I want the reward, not someone hiding behind me so they don't get killed.
  14. Gonzo you may not be one of the most delusional, but you are delusional. Have you read your own writings or do you just write and move on.
  15. Hang in there Blaze, no harm in trying and good luck out there.
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