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  1. I got the same "Login failed. Please try again. Generic/unknown HTTP error" message. I got an email about getting an Oak Tankard if you put in 4 hours on test. But not sure how to put those 4 hours in. Is there a Test schedule anywhere?
  2. My UI notification sound level is now 0%. Thanks guys! I hope they add something to disable skill Notifications. I'd like to see those 4 circles of progress on the main menu, without having to click into the Skills. So I'll know before clicking the campaign button. I don't see much benefit in getting the skill notifications during a campaign since I'd have to log off the world to modify my skills. Plus, it would be nice to hear the rest of the UI sounds.
  3. Anyone happen to know if there is there a setting for disabling the skill point notifications? I found the skill point notifications that slide up from the bottom of the screen every 10 minutes with a gong during game play unsettling. The first few times it happened I thought I was getting attacked. I'm sure I'll get desensitized to it, but then I'll also be desensitized to actually getting attacked.
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