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  1. Wipe or no wipe: well I prefer no wipe because I've been skilling from day one, though I understand those who haven't will of course vote to wipe. Ultimately, I would prefer to have a wipe and after the reset, instead of giving us a X multiplier on experience, is to implement a skill tome that works on any tree, and give us some of those to jump start things for testing. But of course that requires development time. The other option is to give us all full builds or a buff that encompasses all the skills and remove that maintenance from everyone for right now since you are still tweaking the
  2. Looking forward to the crafting plan enhancement in the next patch or two!
  3. add a progress bar on the skill home screen to see how far along you are in your current tree, points wise (not skill training wise) https://imgur.com/a/IHCTq2R
  4. Ascendance will continue to participate in pre-alpha testing and anyone aged 17+ is welcome to apply!
  5. It is quite fun to glide. Too bad the giants look cooler.
  6. The base Race skills are Human, Sylvan and Monster. But I'm talking about the Damage vs Humanoids and Damage vs Beasts statistics. Elves are humanoids for sure but I'm not sure about the rest.
  7. Are they all humanoids or are some like Centaur classified as Beasts for the purposes of the damage vs X statistics.
  8. 5.6 is just around the corner and ascendance will definitely be out there checking it out!
  9. I'm not sure about preventing switching into survival tray, but they could make it so the movement buff doesn't kick in until 7 seconds of not fighting or something.
  10. A lot of folks in the guild are starting to play more regularly now as we get closer to a full product. If you are looking for a friendly guild with a focus on excellence, this may be the guild for you!
  11. Crafting Stations and Adventure Parcels coming soon to Live server! Should hopefully attract a larger audience of people and more action on the test campaigns.
  12. There are many existing guilds with older folks, but if you want to make your own, best of luck to you! Even small guilds can compete with intelligent alliances.
  13. TheLazyPeon named Crowfall one of his most anticipated MMO's of 2018 so that means confirmed release date right?
  14. And we are also the featured guild on the latest episode of HungerCast with special guest Blair!
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