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  1. There was one way that CC and the TTK alliance "won the battelfield" that contributed to winning the campaign. Hax lost more keeps than CC. So TTK lost the fights but won the actual battlefield by "controlling" more areas. I would note that some of the deaths by CC were actually a strategic move to make sure Dis had more kills than Hax so that Hax could not get top points for the winter card. (It could have been performed better)
  2. The population in the Dregs would say you are wrong. I know in my alliance numbers down from the already lower numbers in last Dregs because did not want to go through 4 hour siege windows another 2 weeks without a break. When no dregs are running then infected is more interesting. Until the population way higher back to back Dregs just burning people out.
  3. The Divine Favor point calculations are still wrong. In the Summer that just finished the Moon cards were +1 to 5 for capture points earned and +5, +4, +2 to the top three guilds that have the highest average penalty pool across all keeps, forts, and outposts. When the season ended Transcendence owned 2 keeps, 1 fort, 0 outposts. Corvus Citadel owned 1 keep, 1 fort, 0 outposts. The UnDeAd Legion owned 1 keep, 2 forts, 0 outposts. Moon card points were 5 for Transcendence, 9 for The UnDeAd Legion, and 10 for Corvus Citadel. All keeps had bell towers for the entire season. With th
  4. Subject has been reported to them over and over for months. Before going into beta Tyrant (game founder) even liked my post on the subject but they still went to into Beta with no descriptions in game and do nothing about it.
  5. The TOP POWER card either needs to add "per member" to the end or your Divine Favor Points calculations are very bugged. Small guilds with no keeps to get points from the other card earned 5 and 4 Moon points. Transcendence was only guild with 2 keeps and more capture points than every other guild combined only earned 9 points. The 2 keeps should have given +8 for the Martial Supremacy card. The Earth points also make no sense. Transcendence and Winterblades were only guilds to earn Earth points. Transcendence had 11 and Winterblades 3. The Keeper of the Gates card says "+10, +6, +4
  6. Skadii I am not trying to push down or belittle you feedback. I am just offering advice as to what is likely to be listened too. The game has very fundamental problems. Any suggestions that hurt performance client or server side will not get addressed. No matter how great a collision system would be for the game it just can't happen without a miracle. You also might be surprised how little gear has to do with the winner of battles. 100 more armor or 5 more strength on armor is meaningless. Gear progression though is a fundamental aspect of the game and asking for it to be removed is asking
  7. Devs notice the 7:15 mark. Dead when bar still showed health. This started happening with beta and did not with alpha. Have died with 3/4 of my health in green in beta.
  8. You know how easy it is to make a basic weapon twice as good as the starter weapon?
  9. This is how I play the Sanctifier without the last point and I believe is a popular choice for an unpopular promotion class. Besides the 20% damage loss from that point you also lose out on tornadoes moving really fast so they can't be dodged (The description of 75% reduced lifetime is confusing but it really only changes the speed they move out). Also should note that nethari are a popular confessor race in but with the very long regen time of the dodge change for beta those points in dodge reduction don't feel useful for that race. Edit: Forgot to mention the 10% fire damage bonus as Ph
  10. You might have great ideas but you are asking for a complete rewrite of the combat system. Would recommend concentrating feedback on smaller improvements. This kind of feedback only had a chance 3 years ago.
  11. The Sanctifier is supposed to be then in close plate wearing mage class. The last skill on the tree gives 20% extra damage but reduces the base range of a confessor from 25 meters to just 8 meters. The problem with the class is it does not have enough ways to stay alive when in close like that. You will always be targeted because you can do more damage than many of the other in close classes. The fact is the higher damage melee classes are also not played very much in large group combat because they also don't have the suitability of the tanker classes. Plate gives only about 1000 more ar
  12. Also notice in bOrg123 screen shot how badly formatted the Advanced Weapons is. Why waste all that screen space having words and not icons? Need more categories too like food, shields, sacrifice items, crafting items
  13. No chests in the crafting area. No leveling dust and no crafting supplies on test server.
  14. The tools provided by the game, which heavily requires you to be in a guild, turns out to be quite weak. Can not do anything in game to invite people to a guild. Can not see who of your guild is online. Bad chat system. Etc. For these reasons most guild rely on Discord. The best way to join a guild is to apply on the Crowfall web page and then go to the guilds discord page and let them know you have applied. Transcendence uses this method and tries to help out new players.
  15. GPU should not be run at 100% when no 3d graphics being displayed. From the game lobby (where can select vessel before entering game) I click on the Settings button and no 3d graphics are displayed. The FULL SCREEN MODE is set at Full Screen Window. GPU is running at 99 to 100%. CPU 6 cores all at about 33%. This is a crazy amount GPU and CPU on a screen that is sitting static just waiting for clicks. Switch to Windowed and GPU usage goes down to 41% and CPU stays unchanged. This is still way to much GPU but least won't burn up the card. Feels like you must be bitcoin mining or somet
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