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  1. I can understand the feeling mate. Should I update the main page with all the information about what the guild will be?
  2. No, we would keep in touch to offer our services and have money as well as possible allies for short periods of time in a guild vs. guild scenario.
  3. I find this to be a good idea, but it'll work best in guild vs guild situations rather than faction vs. faction and god vs. god.
  4. I'll decide temporary leaders for now based on who has access to certain alphas and betas. I'm planning on doing the amber membership, and hopefully everyone here has at least access to beta 1. Leaders will be much more solid after the betas and alphas end.
  5. Basically the people who have spoken in the thread so far. Once the game starts, it'll be tougher to get in because we may have spies, but currently our amount is just the people here.
  6. It would be amazing if they implemented gun blades in at least a few campaigns here and there, but I'm not sure about how realistic it would be.
  7. It was a definite yes! Sorry if it came out wrong, just do your best to help the team.
  8. I'm fine with non-assassins, what are you planning on doing if you join?
  9. Pretty clever name, if only it met the minimum letters requirement I'm sure they'll have
  10. Sounds good. Any guild name ideas?
  11. Well. if you do both, then your ranger could be a part of the Scouts and the Assassin as part of the Assassins.
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