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  1. Coming from EvE, I'd hope for a lot longer (Weeks, Months, even years) wars. Having a single, blow out fight with a binary (all/nothing) outcome seems too simplistic to me. Personally, I'd hope that the Guild's need to build/keep stuff would scale with the group size. No defeat should be complete, nor should any victory. In EvE, It's all about group cohesion, such that if your group is wiped off the map it's quite possible to still be a huge threat and to grow big on the map again. In EvE, there are very powerful entities that NEVER held (conquered) territory longer than it took/takes to sell the land off to new "owners".
  2. chogath

    The Hive

    I wonder where we could find/host a TS/Ventrillo server ... hmmm Hacking into enemy chat systems and IG spies, especially during combat, is high art form in EvE. securing your battle com is very critical, assuming our group has enough tactic execution ability to matter.
  3. chogath

    The Hive

    What will be key over time is the ability to have multiple characters, each with different specs, on one account. Ability to fill several combat roles will be key. This sounds like it will have a Planetside and/or Guild Wars feel to it too.
  4. The EvE example is the best I've seen for concurrent battles and 100's - 1000's fighting real time. They've worked very hard to run on the slowest machines.
  5. You guys from the old MH alliance in EvE?
  6. chogath

    The Hive

    Almost everyone here in the Hive is a veteran of the Knights Who Say NI and fought together as team mates in the golden days of 2012.. Our group organization has no peer in W101, but that's not says much ... the existence and excellence of duelist101 says more.
  7. Sounds like army movement is much slower, both tactically inside the besieged city (Star system's planets, moons, star gates, and various random rally points set by the scouts) and strategically between the various counties (star clusters/constellations). One of the fun events for an EvE/alliance was a major freighter movement from the home worlds into the international trading hubs and then back home. All sorts of tactical fun for both the defenders and marauders trying to catch them. What happened in SB when you died in the battle? Respawn in a clone and have to grab stored gear from your industrial locker? Can you just rush back to the line of battle?
  8. In addition to playing W101, I also played EvE for many years. I'm very familiar with losing your stuff permanently. A few questions comparing EvE and SB: - Is there any sense of logistics in a war, with many battles over a given week/month, with losses/bullets needing to be continuously replenished? - Is there any sense of large army/fleet movement with composition and order of march being important? - Can you wage economic warfare, destroying infrastructure and/or production abilities. EvE has a very complex and dynamic industrial component, with big fights held over land (star systems) that contain key rare production resources. How was the SB economy?
  9. chogath

    The Hive

    OMNOMNOMNOM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6hI3ybxObo Still the greatest skin in the LoL game this is good too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37srF8pNftU
  10. chogath

    The Hive

    Is there any description of the proposed game mechanics? Iridian ShadowWeaver (on FB) said that other believe we are "care bears"?! Ahahaha ... I played EvE for over 4 years and I'm certainly not. The duelist folks certainly are not. What on earth gave anyone this impression?
  11. chogath

    The Hive

    Let me in, let me in .... Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin will I let you in ...
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