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  1. thank you courant101 i was able to add and will try to adjust setting in next test. though my number 2 option shows different dialog what are the key things i want (on) for the crowfall client? now if only i could log into a server to see if settings worked....... ace.... tyrant....
  2. ya i tried that post already crow thanks though i dont have crowfall selectable where it says "select a program to customize"
  3. is there a list anywhere laying out the minimum system requirements for running the game? was first test for me this weekend and i think my comp is just outta date specifically my video card sat a t 4-6 fps so any help here would be much appreciated
  4. sweet loving that you guys are keeping content flowing too so i can deviate my browser from time to time from the kickstart page..
  5. wait wait he promises more natalie... and then immeddiatly tells me not to get naked... im only following this thread to see who does it first......
  6. lol nice man the quotation though "this is my bush!!!" is my battlecry and why am i mopping with a pushbroom?
  7. long live the Irekei!!! Firks!! THIS IS MY BUSH!!!
  8. i dont do sigs was wondering if somebody could make a sick sig for me u make sigs snowmizer?
  9. did it thx figured it out Conrad so at actual timer end (since it kicked off 1 hour early) they are just barely below 10% of goal i think they got this one in the bag
  10. if i were to select the 100 dollar one after already pledging 60 would i get bumped to the better package or would i have pledged 160? as i am also interested in the unique name
  11. anybody catch expected delivery dec 2016? no worries i should be 20th on supported credit list and ill get a badge on forum in a few months lol now for the remaining archetypes and character creation screens so we can start brainstorming templates etc
  12. Anybody fancy them self good signature artists would love a good sig to use on these forums but lack any real talent for it 10+ years or so i have always used the last name of Frostbitten for my toons my main characters are/were TheJanitor Moth and Stix anybody wanna play around with a sig or two for me ? love the snowing effect in Tanom sig too
  13. talon,,,..? TALON TALON TALON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. so looks like champion dude and green lady is all we waiting on as far as archetype drops left right.? however on the main page when you select archetypes that would leave one spot open on the bottom right no...? is that where you putting the irekeis? nevermind forgot bout the guy in top left on char creation prieview..
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