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  1. Putting balance aside for now, I want to talk about how the Templar fits into Crowfall’s combat. I will touch on three areas – Design/Role, Skills, Customization – and contrast the good with the bad; identifying what makes this class fun. Most of this feedback is directed toward ACE, with an emphasis on design philosophy and achieving “fun”. Feel free to contribute to that goal. Let’s try to avoid “in 5.7 Templar is so weak, buff plz”. Tell us what you like about the Templar; what really makes the class fun? DESIGN/SKILLS Originally designed as a tank with an area-control theme, the Templar certainly has a place in Crowfall’s large scale fights centered around defending and capturing specific points of interest. Many of the skills that form the “core” of the Templar are tailored made for that. However, there are a number of other skills that spark your imagination to see other possibilities as well. But first, what is the core functionality of how the Templar is supposed to work? In the most basic terms, the Templar uses their LMB attacks to generate PIPs to be spent on more powerful abilities; very similar to combo points. There are some skills that also generate PIPs (more on that later). While the theory is fine and is used for similar classes in other games with great success (WoW Paladin), it fails to deliver in Crowfall for a few simple reasons: You generate too few PIPs per time spent using LMB. This is compounded by the need to be in melee to even generate PIPs and the burden of only the 3rd attack generating PIPs. Devotion feels like a band-aid in this area (healing is a separate discussion). Most skills that spend PIPs don’t even feel strong enough to use. As a point of reference, most discipline skills do way more damage and cost 0 PIPs. Essentially, this amounts to the Templar’s resource system being completely ignored. This is, in part, due to the silly PIP generation of Divine Light. In a large group fight (which the Templar is designed for), every pulse of Divine Light can give you full PIPs. You literally cannot even get close to spending them as fast as you get them. Nor would you want to, because you should be holding RMB and spamming E like a good little Templar. Which leads me to the over-arching conclusion of the Templar: One Trick Pony. If your enemies are not standing in your Divine Light and triggering your Parry, then the Templar is neither effective or fun to play. SKILLS Great Swing 1 – Great Swing 2 – Great Swing 3 As above, the biggest problem is all the PIP generation taking place on the 3rd swing. (Suggestion: Each attack generates a PIP and then the spenders cost more PIPs to start the chain, but subsequent attacks in the chain are free.) Censure The biggest problem is how buggy this is. I would much prefer the vertical “jumping” element be removed in favor of a more standard “charge” implementation. Some other ideas could be to do something similar to GW2’s Warrior “spinning dash” skill. (Suggestion: Some way to customize our build and give this skill 2 uses – like racial dodges – would be fun) Reproach - Castigate – Radiant Sweep/Righteous Smash Long and slow. This combo sees limited use because skill 1 & 2 stink (a lot) and people need to be not paying attention to be hit by the third one. Radiant Sweep is obviously really strong, but Righteous Smash is lacking. The damage is weak and the resource generation is borderline useless (see DESIGN comments above). (Suggestion: Give the first 2 skills of this combo more damage or some other reason to be used, then buff the damage on Righteous Smash by a good amount.) Judgement – Execute Perfect. Unique, powerful in the right circumstances, and fun. Some of the most fun I have playing Templar is using this skill. Divine Light Very strong skill, really fits the Templar design and role. The PIP cost/generation mechanic needs to be overhauled. A single 2 PIP upfront cost and no additional cost/gain would be appropriate. Should be Holy Damage. (Suggestion: Would really like to see some build customization around causing some effect to enemies that either enter or exit your Divine Light, choose to have it follow your character, or cause other skills to be more powerful while in your own Divine Light) Devotion Really great skill. The best element being that you heal based on the damage you do. Very fun dynamic. The “Sin” dynamic needs to be looked at again as there is no synergy with other skills. (Suggestion: Emphasize this as the healing option in damage oriented builds and Divine Light stronger in supportive builds; base values/scaling need to be looked at to make that happen.) Holy Warrior Although I don’t think it works, the theory of this skill is great. Allows Templar to cut through heavy mitigation classes/builds/buffs in a way that others cannot. However, it feels like this should be an ultimate for offensive builds. Righteous Stand – Righteous Parry While this is supposed to be a class defining ability, it is simply too strong. It is the primary source of damage and crowd control. A re-design that gives the Parry a cooldown and removes the knockdown is probably warranted. Retaliate Uninspiring. Low damage, nothing unique (sin reduces cooldown is useless with stamina change). Also devalued because we currently spend a lot of the time holding RMB and therefore avoiding CC (especially true when it was bugged). (Suggestion: Have it additionally do damage and reflect the CC back to the player who placed it on you. Would allow some additional tools against ranged classes.) Brilliance Generic. No real synergy with anything. Should at least be holy damage, but something more impactful should be explored. CUSTOMIZATION There are many solution-oriented comments sprinkled throughout the Skills commentary above. But to define the problem, we lack the ability to customize our characters to a degree that can, in any meaningful or successful way, change our role. This is a more striking weakness on the Templar because of the complete lack of a ranged option (which I think is fine). The only real Disciplines in the game that help versus ranged attacks are the ones that give you ranged attacks yourself. It is almost a “if you can’t beat them – join them” philosophy. (Not counting the silly, cancerous “reflect” or “immune” to some specific damage type Disciplines.) Additionally, replacing your Templar skills with discipline ones makes you feel like “not a Templar” instead of a “different Templar”. That is obviously a larger game issue but seems exaggerated in the Templar. I would love to see a new take on a WoW-like talent system where you have to make choices, and everything seems powerful, but perhaps in different roles or circumstances.
  2. The 0 damage thing is frustrating and there is only so much you can about that. See this post for @Spawl for more information:
  3. Sounds like you misunderstood him just a bit. It does NOT matter who hits the node from 76% to 75%. It only matter who did the most damage during the 100%-75% period. This is a relatively trivial thing to setup. Give the person with the best training the best tool and literally have them just hold left click (don't even use buffs). Everyone else use worse tools and spam the Foreman skills. It is usually even simpler, because having the training for better drops means you probably (or should) have training for more node damage anyway. The only time it becomes a concern is when you have 2 trained gatherers in the same group, but only 1 has gem training. Again, just use much worse tool and you will be fine.
  4. Suggestion: I have no idea what the purpose of announcing everyone who follows the stream with an annoyingly loud and obnoxious blaring horn actually is, but at a minimum don't do it while you have the co-founder of the game talking. Seems incredibly disrespectful to your guest and doesn't allow your viewers to actually hear him.
  5. Yea, WoW developers talked about the idea of having "pristine" servers (or w/e they called it), in response to people asking for vanilla. I think it is an itch that can only be scratched once. That is, I don't see anyone playing on these fresh start servers more than once. In a game designed to be a grind for more and more character power, with a huge focus on obtaining better items through infuriating RNG systems, there just isn't a large amount of people who will be willing to continually reset their characters (beyond the standard expansion type resets). These things have a way of being extremely popular to begin with, but quickly fade away. Even the population that continues on through the whole process to grind through the PvE tiers and "beat the game" have little reason to keep playing in that environment. And to think people will continually engage in month long grinds to get "world first" kills is very unlikely. That is where Crowfall is different. It isn't a carrot on a stick gear grind, a huge portion of your progression is in the skill tree system, and there is no scripted PvE content you have done a thousand times. The focus is on winning, through territorial PvP dominance of the world. In that case, when it is won, both the winner and the loser look forward to and are excited for a "new game". Those feelings simply don't exist in traditional PvE tier grind MMORPGs. Lastly, I don't really think that the "continual reset" mechanic is what really draws people to Crowfall. I believe it will (and should) be the abandonment of the traditional PvE model combined with the absolute focus on PvP as the only means of achieving anything that will attract and keep players.
  6. They should make materials auto-group and become a single "block". For example, when you toss 2 stacks of ore into your bank/inventory, they automatically become a 2x1 block that moves together in the same way a weapon would. As you add more ore, it becomes larger. Obviously we would need a option to edit the shape (do you want 9x1 or 3x3) and to turn off the feature if so desired. But yes, inventory management needs a lot of work. Just moving things around is slow and unresponsive.
  7. Unfortunately, we have been through this topic a million times already and nothing has really changed. Overall, I think this issue is the result of a few poor design decisions (based on current iteration): Dodge and Parry can only be on RMB Maps are largely wide open with limited options to "LoS" Everyone gets ranged weapons (except Templar) All of that makes Templar extremely weak in 1v1 and open world situations. Every single class/race has the ability to kite a Templar to death. So it's not like other games, where maybe half the classes counter you or something. Literally any class with access to a range weapon (all of them) is a counter to Templar. As for the Templars strengths, they are largely based on a gimmick and abusing a single over-tuned ability combined with a bug. Divine Light gives you infinite PIPs in big group fights (gimmick) You can spam parry counter attacks (over-tuned; no cool-down) while having a 30 second parry buff (bug) So, no, Templars are not in a good place. Not only are the Templars weakness too weak and strengths too strong, but their strengths are clearly not going to stay as is; they are broken. They need to even things out a lot. Having group combat as the place where Templars shine is fine, but not to such an extreme. That being said, having mobility as a weakness is a perfectly fine design. In fact, combined with Parry preventing crowd control, you might even consider that a wash in the kiting department (you lose mobility, but people can't easily crowd control you to create distance). However, Crowfall kiting is an abomination compared to what such a system should be. Having racial RMB powers be the primary mobility is inherently flawed. Mobility and kiting needs to be handled on a class level, not race. Also, different colored dodges as the strongest kiting powers is perhaps the most boring thing I can imagine. Also, giving everyone a dodge makes landing a melee combo stun a mathematical impossibility. It just compounds the solo vs. group issue (i.e. you cannot watch every animation in a group vs group, but you can in 1v1). It seems silly to me that I get kited on a Templar because I don't have a racial RMB power. It seems more like I am limited by technical game mechanics (parry/dodge can only be on RMB) than balance reasons. We are also significantly lacking the ability to "customize" our playstyle in any meaningful ways (other than bows - which are just plain too good). Even the elements that are in place to tinker with your build don't work for Templar. For example, playing Elken would be a great way to compensate for mobility issues, except it cost 3 PIPs (which you don't have if you are being kited). Nethari would be another option for a quick burst of movement in combat, but you have to give up your class defining mechanic to use it. There are so many ways this could be addressed. Hopefully we see some of these things added, changed, and fixed in the coming months. Having said all that, in order to "deal" with this issue right now, try this: Play as Nethari (20m dash - big AoE DoT), use the Blademaster discipline, resource reduction passive, and equip a bunch of discipline attacks. The result is that you end up with most skills costing 0 PIPs and most of them do way more damage than your base skills (hello Critical Hack). You also need the food that gives you Trailblazer. You do all of that, and you are still at a huge disadvantage, but you at least get to play the game when you see other people. If you see a melee, quickly try to swap Parry back on and hope they don't have a bow (long shot).
  8. Only thing that matters is the total number of PIPs used during the roll, not how you distribute them. So, yes, spending 5 in Grade and 5 in Durability would be the same as spending 10 in Grade. In fact, you will "even out" the curve of your crafts if you split your rolls up like that. That is, doing 2 rolls that are each at 5 in Grade and 5 in Durability, will offer a "less extreme" curve of results than rolling 10 in Grade and then 10 in Durability. Essentially, you will end up with less really bad ones and less really good ones and tend more toward an "average". Simply because rolling a 0 on a single roll is more likely than with 2 rolls. Similarly, rolling an amazing with 1 roll is more likely than with 2 as well. So, you can use statistical probability to your advantage, depending on which results you are looking for. For example, when making white tools, you might want to just YOLO all your PIPs in Grade (because anything less than a great or amazing roll is worthless - and you don't have enough space to spend your PIPs anyway). However, with blue tools, using the above method might be advantageous because an "average" blue tool might be valuable. That is just an example of some of the decisions you can make as a crafter. The impact is not huge (and is only noticed with large amounts of crafts) and is very much a function of missing features (blueprints and factory production). Happy crafting!
  9. You don't have to roll them all in one thing. Using the 15 PIP example, you could put 7 in "grade" and 1 in "durability". That would count as an 8 PIP roll.
  10. @Groovin In your above example, the potions do not really impact "the best you can make". You can, in fact, get +86 with or without potions. A 7 PIP Amazing is the "cap" for a green tool and that result can be achieved once you have at least 7 PIPS. The potion just increases the chance of getting a good roll. Also, you will be far better off rolling 6 & 6. While it will have a negligible impact on spread of +mining on your picks, you will see a much better yield on durability (which actually matters on tools). @RNG You don't need to know what percent a 7 PIP roll is. Getting the bonus is very simple: Use half or more of your PIPs on a single roll and you will get the bonus. That is it. So if you have 12 PIPs, roll 6 & 6. If you have 20 PIPs, roll 10 & 10. If you have 15 PIPs, roll 8 & 7 (note: 8 is more than half, 7 is less). That is why having an even number of PIPs is advantageous (both rolls are bonus). You can, to some degree, manipulate this with the "experimentation points" potion. That potion adds .8 PIPs and only whole numbers count. So by either using or not using it, you can usually get yourself to an even number. Generally, crafting in this game is very reliant on RNG. You can make tools with white quality materials that turn out better than ones with legendary materials. That is just how it works. Think of the quality of the materials as the potential a crafted item has. For example (made up numbers): White quality - Results from 0-50 Green quality - Results from 0-60 Blue quality - Results from 0-70 In the above example, you can still make a 0 with every single quality material. The only thing that changes is on the high end, which is achieved entirely by RNG. Obviously, over time, better materials with yield better results, but in any one specific instance you can fail miserably.
  11. I think we need to understand the answer to what the deathblow mechanic does to a player. A lot of people thought it meant a forced tow-truck, but as understood in this post, that might not be the case. Hopefully we can get a clearer picture of that next week (deathblow live stream incoming?). Either way, the camping issue will be a problem. Camping has been a problem in MMO's since forever, but usually that doesn't carry such a heavy cost. Normally it just takes its toll on your patience and some trivial repair cost. In Crowfall, however, dying hurts a lot. It un-does hard work, de-progresses your character, and strengthens your enemies. It is just too much. Maybe you could be immune to durability loss for a few minutes after resurrecting or something (I know you could abuse that too).
  12. We certainly disagree on it being even possible, which is fine. You seem to have insight in to how the Developers view EK's (I do not), so perhaps you are right. In any case, it is not something I am worried about. It is not something I think will happen. It is hypothetical. I brought it up because, for me, it was the only big reason having no durability loss in EK's would be a problem. If that situation never exists, then it is a non issue. I was never arguing about how feasible, likely, or practical it was.
  13. Given the current state of the game and specifically the implementation of EK's, we don't know. Ultimately, however, people will fight in competitive PvP for bragging rights and being on the top of a leader board. At the start of this thread I compared the potential EK's have with Minecraft servers and the creativity that led to DotA. Use your imagination. People could be fighting over any number of things if EK's even get close to the examples I cited (although best case scenario puts that years out). Again, this goes back to the word could. If there is no leader board, if there is no EK PvP community, if there is no EK customization/MOD's, if there is nothing to fight over, then of course no one will do it. Are you asking me to justify, beyond the shadow of a doubt, with specific details and cited sources, based on the current implementation of the game, why there would be "EK only players"? That is not the point and that discussion is useless. It is simple, if "EK only PvP" becomes a widespread thing, then no durability loss will break the game. Plain and simple. You can argue all you want about whether or not that situation will ever come about, but it does not change my statement. I think the horse is dead.
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