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  1. Got it. But no traditional MMO cloth armor for "caster" classes?
  2. I don't like locking armor type to class. You remove customization and gain...nothing. There would never be a reason to use leather as a mail/plate class. I think they should all have strengths and weakness as they do now. Obviously, balancing them will be very important - which will be impossible until all the classes are released (some damage types are very rare/non existent right now). By the way, are we getting cloth armor eventually?
  3. Log in to main page. Click the link to contribute on the forums. See that you are not logged in. Click login at the top right. Will bring you back to the login page, but then realize you are logged in. Click the contribute on the forums link again. You are now logged in. Works 100% for me. Only have to log in once and it only takes a few extra clicks.
  4. Relics, Secrets and Puzzles in Campaigns

    My argument is not whether or not it can be done, but the fact that is just is not worth it. Time is too valuable to waste on something very few people ever experience or enjoy.
  5. Relics, Secrets and Puzzles in Campaigns

    @veeshan Your post perfectly describes why this can't be done. Using your example of relics: I just read your post, now I know exactly what the secrets are. Secrets in MMO's (games in general now) are not secrets for long. The result is that very few people ever benefit from the experience of "solving" the riddle. One person does it and then everyone else reads the guide. Right or wrong, that is what happens. So unless you are advocating that each new campaign have unique secrets, obtained in new ways, that do different things, then I am afraid you will never get what you are asking for. Obviously this is not feasible, as it would take an absurd amount of development time to create these things. Time with which another class could be designed, or the next expansion, or any number of other, more impact-full things. TLDR: Online game world = no secrets for long. Making classes/expansions > making new secrets.
  6. I understand it is hard to get used to, but this is a pretty core feature of the game. Similar to how a MoBA game doesn't let you zoom out as far as you want. The reduced visibility (especially behind you), is an intended game mechanic. There may be room to move it out a tiny bit, but that type of a change would be hard to revert, so they need to be very careful.
  7. 100% agree here. The stats on the racial discipline should be an indication of which stats, and in what quantities, are found in the skill tree. Otherwise, people will make wrong assumptions during "character selection". For example, it would be easy to conclude that a Human character would end up with significantly more strength than a Minotaur, but that could be entirely not true. Not sure how intentional deception holds any design value in this context.
  8. Community Skirmishes 12th of October

    Can someone educate me on European time zones (US moron here)? How can a time be both CEST and CET. Google is telling me those are 1 hour different. So does it start at 20:00 CEST or 20:00 CET?
  9. Currently, the drag and drop function uses the mouse pointer as the location. In other words, put the mouse pointer where you want to drop things and don't try to put the puzzle piece where it *should* fit. It absolutely needs to be fixed, but it is not as mystical as dropping things "slightly up to the left". Just put the mouse where you want it. Annoying for sure, but it seems to work fine once you know how it works. Hope that helps.
  10. This is absolutely a potential concern. Remains to be seen how this will impact things. It seems likely that min/max guilds will have most players going Combat + Siege/Tracking/Survival (and not crafting or harvesting). There are likely to be passives in those trees that help you in combat related activities (not so with crafting). This to me is a far bigger concern that someone training Combat + Gathering/Crafting. We will see.
  11. I understand the argument, but it is kind of an arbitrary circumstance you are portraying. Just because someone has crafting training does not mean they will automatically have better gear than someone who does not. It just is not that simple. Who plays the game more will impact the quality of their gear far more than who has VIP, which to me, removes it as a P2W concern.
  12. I don't think that P2W is so black and white. To a degree, the community will decided what P2W is and to what degree it is acceptable. For instance, if guilds start requiring that members have VIP, or there is general discrimination against non-VIP players, then it is a problem (regardless of what the benefits are and what the numbers look like - reality trumps theory). I 100% agree about the "double dipping in the same trees" issue. Stating for the sake of clarity: You train 'Racial Basics' to 65% (or w/e it ends up being) and then start training in the 'Man' tree while still training in 'Racial Basics'. The same issue happens in the Class and Combat trees as well. That to me is a clear power advantage for VIP (although perhaps small - we don't know until we see the skill trees). This is clearly P2W, the ONLY way you can get this power increase is by paying. That being said, if it ends up being a 1% advantage for VIP, no one will care. But, if it is 20%, then yea, we have a problem. The concept: The degree to which something is P2W matters, not just if it is. However, I do not think that being able to train Combat/Profession at the same time is necessarily a power advantage. In my mind, a P2W power advantage needs to be something that cannot be obtained unless paid for (within reason*). In this case, if you craft your own purple weapon, or purchase one from someone else, you have the same power. You gained only the convenience (and potential cost savings) from making your own; not power. Unless there is Bind-on-Pickup style crafted gear that ONLY the crafter can use (See WoW), then in my mind, crafting is not considered a P2W power increase. In summary, there is a huge difference in my mind between being behind in power because of less training (cannot get this power any other way) versus being behind in power because someone crafted gear (can get this by other means). Paying for convenience and efficiency (within reason**) is not P2W. * If you have to spend 20 years in game to obtain something that cost $20, that would impact this balance (exaggerated to make the point). ** Again, the degree is important in evaluating this.