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  1. What’s more bannable?

    For me, I think both of those things are griefing. That being said, the existence of the first (stealing doobers), necessitates the latter. The game would be better off with neither. Obviously these are all issues that are largely irrelevant in pre-alpha. They could just add a group restriction on looting doobers and take care of this issue, but there will always be others. The very nature of collision detection lends itself to many ways to grief people. Overall, as long as there is in-game solutions to all these "problems" then it should work out okay. I have had to recruit some friends on other factions (or have people log on to alt accounts) in order to "deal" with people stealing my loot. And with the current account name/character name interaction, it is easy to blacklist people and pay for revenge. Interesting topic that will need to be addressed as the game continues into development.
  2. You likely figured this out by now, but there is a 2 minute timer when you put things in, or take things out of the spirit bank. You cannot equip, move, trade items that are on this timer. It is a design feature.
  3. After some testing, the proc chance is: (1/5) * BC Most of us know by now that in Crowfall BC is of course not a constant. It has many factors and it changes dynamically with the current situation. In theory, this creates a smoother feeling while playing. I have spent some time evaluating BC, but even using differential equations, you cannot be conclusive as to how this behaves in game. BC also seems to change depending on which power you are talking about. Interestingly, the integral of BC from 0 to soon, is in fact 815, which (coincidentally?) is the address of their office. For those less technical people, BC = Blair Coefficient.
  4. The Kickstarter campaign ended on March 26th, 2015. At that point this is what they said VIP was: Obviously that has changed a lot since then and will likely continue to do so. As for the current "understanding" of what VIP is: It isn't useless to be able to train combat and crafting at the same time. it isn't useless to be able to time bank for 30 days (instead of 1 day). However, what you want (and think you legally deserve for some reason), is to be able to train combat basics at the same time you train the advanced combat trees. Some would argue that is pay to win. As you are literally spending money to gain a direct 1 to 1 advantage over another player that cannot be overcome through any means other than paying for it. We will have to wait and see what the final iteration of VIP is.
  5. Rune tools from alloys

    @Xpade I don't think DEX has anything to do with harvesting crit stat. Someone with 5.4 access created this:
  6. Expansive cooking system.

    There is already food in the game that grants trailblazer. That is a good start. I would be careful with food buffs, though. There could potentially be too much cross-over with alchemy. Potions give buffs, food gives buffs, only difference is flavor. I would like to see some kind of design difference between the two (other than filling up the food meter). Having alchemy only buff crafting/harvest stats and cooking buff combat/movement could be a baseline starting point, but I feel like there still needs to be something deeper. Maybe when we get mounts/caravan animals feeding them will be really important (higher quality animals require higher quality food).
  7. Rune tools from alloys

    Thanks for the correction there. Hopefully I didn't mislead OP and cause him to waste materials/time yet. Do you happen to have a resource for all of the "harvesting/crafting seal" + XXXX material = XXXX stat? The google doc from the discord on resource combinations does not have this information. Also, do you have anything on what Beneficial Harvest does? The information earlier in this thread just talks about it "giving buffs". Given the number of stats around procing it more, making it stronger, last longer, etc. it seems like it will be important. That is the one stat I still have no clue what the benefit is.
  8. Rune tools from alloys

    You are talking 2 different things here. When making your tool (pick) you want to use 2 gold/2 silver ore for the sigil component (then combine with runestone). That will cause your tool to grant 3%-7% crit chance. What you are talking about is "harvesting seals" used on armor and weapons. That is an entirely different animal. Adding a harvesting seal to a metal bar, for example, changes the stat to some kind of harvesting stat (from the standard SP, AP, etc.). What all those combinations are is an excellent question (I too would be interested). I can tell you that for leather, using cat/cat/cat along with a mining seal (granite copper) will produce ore harvesting critical chance (just like you will have on your tool). At this point, that is considered the "best" harvesting stat to get on gear. I am not sure how to get that same stat on plate or mail though. Here is an example of a set of leather harvesting gear (blue quality) made during 5.3.4 using the cat/cat/cat hides and chopping seals: As Tinnis mentioned above, if you are interested in getting higher quality materials (color), then you have 2 options. You can increase your Plentiful Harvest (PH) stat but, right now you are either a non harvester and have PH3, or a trained harvester and have PH4. No one will get to PH 5 until a month or more down the road I believe. So, probably the more practical way is to go for higher rank nodes. For instance a rank 10 node guarantees a blue drop with PH3. And to give you an example of how extreme the node rank impacts this: We did some of the motherlodes that are rank 9 and rank 10. When you kill a motherlode at rank 9 you might see something like 15 white and 5 green (depending on PH stat). A rank 10 might drop something like 14 white, 1 green, 4 blue. Hope this helps. EDIT: I was wrong - updated per Srathor's post.
  9. Templars need some love...3rd tray maybe..

    I really don't think it needs to be that complicated. You don't need projectile physics to make this a LOT better. Also, I am not really sure this applies to blocking that much. In my mind, the change I suggested was focused around the triggering of the counterattack from Parry, not anything else. So simply tweaking the the parry counterattack to not trigger from ground target AoEs and DoTs would fix the majority of the issues I described. That likely doesn't take fundamental changes in how the game is designed. The damage reduction from blocking, however, would still apply to ground target AoEs and DoTs. What about these changes makes you think anything needs to be done about block? This is entirely focused around triggering the counterattack.
  10. I disagree, I always just click the "watch on youtube" anyway. However, having them open in a new tab instead of current window would be good.
  11. Very well done. Only thing I can think of is to try and get a link or reference to them in-game. Perhaps on first login you can pop a window that links to them or something. As it always the case with tutorials, finding a way to "force" new people to use them is the hard part. I think these videos address 90% of the questions new players are asking.
  12. No live stream today (Jan 16)

    It is funny what a little ice and "snow accumulations of under 1/2 inch" do to people and places not used to it. However, you are right, it is dangerous. People with no experience driving in winter conditions AND without winter tires....I would not want to be on those roads. 27°F in Austin. Yesterday when I left for work it was -17°F. Different worlds. Stay safe.
  13. RNG in this game is horrible

    Just to ease some worries: Currently on 5.4 TEST, when you fail a final combine on a weapon you still get a weapon. However, it locks you out from experimenting on it (essentially auto-failing every roll - so therefore it will never be very good). So it seems that, when you craft it, you will always end up with SOMETHING that can be used (but might not be very good). Not sure how this works with non-experimentation items. Disclaimer: This is pulled from information I read, not personal experience (i.e. I cannot verify the source or accuracy of this).
  14. Templars need some love...3rd tray maybe..

    Few changes I would like to see: Parry: No longer triggers the counterattack from AoE's or DoT's. Counterattack has a 5 second CD. Parry is just WAY to easy to use in big fights. You just tap RMB without even caring what is going on and you will 100% trigger the counterattack. Change it so you at least have to be targeted by someones cursor to trigger the effect. Counterattack is just too strong to not have a cooldown. Parry now generates a PIP after taking X amount of damage while Parrying. Templar's weakness is supposed to be mobility. However, they do need some answer to kiting. Being able to essentially have 50% damage reduction while moving like a snail should be it. Yes you can kite and kill a Templar, but it will take you 50% longer to kill them. Combined with this next change... Divine Light: Costs 2 PIP's to use. No longer drains PIP's while healing. Can only generate 1 PIP per wave, regardless of how many players are hit. Maybe adjust CD and numbers accordingly. Again, large fights essentially removed PIP's as even being a resource. Put down Divine Light and you generated more PIP's than you could ever spend. Combined with the fact that you can't spam Parry counterattack, you will actually have to think about generating and spending PIP's in large group fights. Also, it becomes a way for you stay alive while kiting or LoSing as well. Right now if you use Divine Light and the 1 guy you are fighting moves out of it, there is no reason for you to stay in it (you are likely PIP starved in 1v1). These suggestions would take the Templar in the right direction, but additional tweaks are likely needed (as well as potential number adjustments based on the above).