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  1. Putting balance aside for now, I want to talk about how the Templar fits into Crowfall’s combat. I will touch on three areas – Design/Role, Skills, Customization – and contrast the good with the bad; identifying what makes this class fun. Most of this feedback is directed toward ACE, with an emphasis on design philosophy and achieving “fun”. Feel free to contribute to that goal. Let’s try to avoid “in 5.7 Templar is so weak, buff plz”. Tell us what you like about the Templar; what really makes the class fun? DESIGN/SKILLS Originally designed as a tank with an area-control
  2. The 0 damage thing is frustrating and there is only so much you can about that. See this post for @Spawl for more information:
  3. Sounds like you misunderstood him just a bit. It does NOT matter who hits the node from 76% to 75%. It only matter who did the most damage during the 100%-75% period. This is a relatively trivial thing to setup. Give the person with the best training the best tool and literally have them just hold left click (don't even use buffs). Everyone else use worse tools and spam the Foreman skills. It is usually even simpler, because having the training for better drops means you probably (or should) have training for more node damage anyway. The only time it becomes a concern is when y
  4. Suggestion: I have no idea what the purpose of announcing everyone who follows the stream with an annoyingly loud and obnoxious blaring horn actually is, but at a minimum don't do it while you have the co-founder of the game talking. Seems incredibly disrespectful to your guest and doesn't allow your viewers to actually hear him.
  5. Yea, WoW developers talked about the idea of having "pristine" servers (or w/e they called it), in response to people asking for vanilla. I think it is an itch that can only be scratched once. That is, I don't see anyone playing on these fresh start servers more than once. In a game designed to be a grind for more and more character power, with a huge focus on obtaining better items through infuriating RNG systems, there just isn't a large amount of people who will be willing to continually reset their characters (beyond the standard expansion type resets). These things have a way of b
  6. They should make materials auto-group and become a single "block". For example, when you toss 2 stacks of ore into your bank/inventory, they automatically become a 2x1 block that moves together in the same way a weapon would. As you add more ore, it becomes larger. Obviously we would need a option to edit the shape (do you want 9x1 or 3x3) and to turn off the feature if so desired. But yes, inventory management needs a lot of work. Just moving things around is slow and unresponsive.
  7. Unfortunately, we have been through this topic a million times already and nothing has really changed. Overall, I think this issue is the result of a few poor design decisions (based on current iteration): Dodge and Parry can only be on RMB Maps are largely wide open with limited options to "LoS" Everyone gets ranged weapons (except Templar) All of that makes Templar extremely weak in 1v1 and open world situations. Every single class/race has the ability to kite a Templar to death. So it's not like other games, where maybe half the classes counter you or something.
  8. Only thing that matters is the total number of PIPs used during the roll, not how you distribute them. So, yes, spending 5 in Grade and 5 in Durability would be the same as spending 10 in Grade. In fact, you will "even out" the curve of your crafts if you split your rolls up like that. That is, doing 2 rolls that are each at 5 in Grade and 5 in Durability, will offer a "less extreme" curve of results than rolling 10 in Grade and then 10 in Durability. Essentially, you will end up with less really bad ones and less really good ones and tend more toward an "average". Simply because roll
  9. You don't have to roll them all in one thing. Using the 15 PIP example, you could put 7 in "grade" and 1 in "durability". That would count as an 8 PIP roll.
  10. @Groovin In your above example, the potions do not really impact "the best you can make". You can, in fact, get +86 with or without potions. A 7 PIP Amazing is the "cap" for a green tool and that result can be achieved once you have at least 7 PIPS. The potion just increases the chance of getting a good roll. Also, you will be far better off rolling 6 & 6. While it will have a negligible impact on spread of +mining on your picks, you will see a much better yield on durability (which actually matters on tools). @RNG You don't need to know what percent a 7 PIP roll is. Gettin
  11. I think we need to understand the answer to what the deathblow mechanic does to a player. A lot of people thought it meant a forced tow-truck, but as understood in this post, that might not be the case. Hopefully we can get a clearer picture of that next week (deathblow live stream incoming?). Either way, the camping issue will be a problem. Camping has been a problem in MMO's since forever, but usually that doesn't carry such a heavy cost. Normally it just takes its toll on your patience and some trivial repair cost. In Crowfall, however, dying hurts a lot. It un-does hard work, de
  12. We certainly disagree on it being even possible, which is fine. You seem to have insight in to how the Developers view EK's (I do not), so perhaps you are right. In any case, it is not something I am worried about. It is not something I think will happen. It is hypothetical. I brought it up because, for me, it was the only big reason having no durability loss in EK's would be a problem. If that situation never exists, then it is a non issue. I was never arguing about how feasible, likely, or practical it was.
  13. Given the current state of the game and specifically the implementation of EK's, we don't know. Ultimately, however, people will fight in competitive PvP for bragging rights and being on the top of a leader board. At the start of this thread I compared the potential EK's have with Minecraft servers and the creativity that led to DotA. Use your imagination. People could be fighting over any number of things if EK's even get close to the examples I cited (although best case scenario puts that years out). Again, this goes back to the word could. If there is no leader board, if there
  14. Thank you @Tinnis for your work in trying to dispel this myth. It is a shame, however, that the training is bugged right now (and allowing double dipping). Obviously it is pre-alpha and all that, but too many people jump in and see how it works and think it is P2W. When in reality, it just isn't working correctly right now. You not only have to fight against misinformation from click-bait YouTubers, but you also have to fight against the current public facing implementation. I am worried what continued exposure of the bugged system will do to the reputation of the game. Once peop
  15. I get your point, but I don't think you understand the extreme I was talking about. If only 10% of players were "EK only" then, yea, no durability loss is not a problem. However, when that changes to 50% or more, it literally breaks the game. Suddenly gathering and crafting become progressively obsolete. No one will even care about anything except for orange gear. I think that (eventually) leads to a "dead game". I am not saying that no durability loss in EK's would be a problem, I am saying it could be a problem. Ultimately, I would like to see how everything feels with non-bugged
  16. This is partly due to missing animations and sounds from Assassin bow.
  17. I don't think this is actually a bug. I think it is missing a new animation. The same issue happened with Rend on Champion. They changed the power itself from a "lunging attack" to a "hit someone right in front of you". However, they changed that before they added a new animation. The result looks like a bug, but it is just an animation issue. (unless I am missing something deeper than that) I think they just have a really hard time getting powers with root motion to work and reliably hit, so they changed a lot of them. Perhaps a better solution (specifically for Colossus Smash
  18. Champion is very strong this patch (Minotar or Centaur). Assassin is also a very good solo class (being able to pick and choose the fights you take is very powerful). Ranger, Druid, Cleric are good options as well. Overall, though, 5.4 is a lot more balanced. The only thing I would not solo roam on is probably a Templar; you are pretty much at a disadvantage in any 1v1's. If you are going to solo roam you need 2 things: A bow (or ranged attacks) and mobility. There are a lot of options that give you that, so try some out.
  19. Welcome! Check out Hy'shen Avari [HoA]. Very active guild playing in-game right now. Also part of probably the strongest alliance right now with guilds such as [SiN], [LoD], and [UDL]. A lot of former Shadowbane players (Crowfall pseudo-predecessor). Looking to bolster our crafting ranks in particular. Join the discord and chat. Feel free to ask questions: https://discord.gg/dTVNmGx Here are a few helpful resources to get you started: Database (think wowhead): https://malekai.org/ Crowfall Guilds: https://tinyurl.com/CrowfallGuilds Stealthed Magazine: https
  20. Go into mouse mode and press "I" That should (did last patch) leave you in mouse mode but without the character screen up. You can then check if hovering over buffs/debuffs does anything. The tooltips will still largely be useless, but you can test the hover part I guess.
  21. Seems fairly predictable that as soon as the server population gets over 70 it starts to have issues.
  22. Great additional consideration. Probably too simple...but a per-parcel designation of "destructible or not" would be a good start. I can also see, though, a need for a "map reset" in the event you have a siege map set up or whatever. Once it is over, you just want to reset all buildings so you can start another "match". Not sure how to handle that.
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