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  1. All your points are valid. But just gonna point out remedies that I feel are in the pipeline. Here are the near term roadmap goals, which most of the leftover things should be done by the coming patch to some degree (hitting test servers this week most likely. 1) Motherloding: Motherloding benefit is mainly the gems and minerals, which are then used in more sophisticated crafts. Once the EK vendor system is more accessible (EK search is coming soon) the hope is that you can simply buy the gems and minerals you want, but of course that does gate the harvesting part of the equation if is what you want to do in the economy. Motherloding is gated by simply talking to one other person to get it done. Having a foreman disc makes it more efficient but it's still possible without. Again, hopefully resolved better with a better chat system as well (coming soon). Asking for someone to motherlode in your faction, or even in opposing guilds (I've seen people do it in Dregs), will be more and more accessible. It's just a unique gameplay mechanic. Same with deciding how to divide the harvesting drops. In New World, you need to grind stone for a huge amount of time to start mining all the things. I prefer Crowfall's system, and it promotes people actually interacting with each other in an MMO game. At the moment, I can motherlode with who I want, I just need to message people in my guild. I feel that isn't great, there is a lot at the moment that is gated behind guilds, and I feel a lot of that can be remedied in the future. 2) Market accessibility: The devs said they want people to find preferred sellers. I agree it is too jank within the game right now. Hopefully the coming EK search options helps that. Meanwhile, the community has made a solution by using the trade channels in the unofficial community discord: https://discord.gg/Y2naYdAzA7 3) Resource spawns: Yeah I think you figured out the design. In Crowfall the always on PvP flagging is similar to how harvesting quests in PvP faction quests work. But that's very shallow as well and people aren't really that committed to that gameplay loop. Get everyone to the same spot. But in Crowfall it isn't opt out. In a Crowfall campaign, part of the game is to explore the new map and figure out the spawns. The resource spawns in New World are static on the map too, they will never change unless the map is completely changed. There is no exploration, you can find everything here: https://www.newworld-map.com/#/ . People optimally do certain harvesting runs, and can't fight others who are doing the same if they are opting out of PvP. 4) Mobs are just gold farms: I used to think the same as you. That you just hit mobs for gold. But that is just the easy accessible thing that anyone can do. Turns out there are special drops from each type of camp, based on what camp you hit. These include special recipe unlocks, weapon and armour enchants, necromancy additives. You have almost guaranteed drops on group bosses, which are actually solo-able with many sustained PvE classes. DNS2TS on his twitch stream even can solo some raid bosses without exploits, as a Vindicator (level 35 needed due to the damage taken reduction and damage given increase). 5) World bosses: Yeah I'm 3 months in, and have ignored World bosses. They aren't locked behind only groups though. It's more gated behind character levels. Since Level 35s take less damage and do more damage to mobs. It is possible to do a world boss with 3 level 35 characters that are tuned to do it, is what I've heard. More people but lower level can do it too, but that's a raid. New World dungeons can be compared to group boss or raid boss content (not world boss). New World doesn't have raids for groups greater than 6. Crowfall does. If New World added raids, would you complain? Or just accept they exist in the game and you have no interest in that part. 6) Yeah crafting in New World is super nice due to it just looking in your storage. That interface is mint. If Crowfall had that for safe crafting zones that would be sweet. At the moment I just load up my inventory with all the mats I need from looking at the crafting calculator so I don't need to run more than ones to the bank: https://guillaume-docquier.github.io/crowcraft/ 7) EK cost: Yeah that is designed to make you spend money. Offset by the fact that you don't need a house in an EK to play the game. The fact that resources only stack to 200 also make this really difficult on bank space as well. In other games, you pay money for more storage. In this game, you pay money for VIP to double storage, and then pay money to bypass the grind to get EK housing, storage, crafting, and setting up a market and vendors etc. People were crafting the houses in game, and selling them for like 100K gold (check the community discord), which sounds like less grinding than getting the materials myself, so I guess if you're very high level harvesting and have a huge bank of materials, this is one way to convert that to gold. 100K gold isn't too bad to farm up? Now 75K for a respec is the unreasonable thing, but at least there are archetypes now for new players.
  2. The new Divine favour system for Sky Point (and potentially all faction vs faction from this point) is individual with individual rewards, you get to cash them in at Quest givers as well in Sky Point.
  3. What? I started Dregs with imported blue wartribe weapons (zero armour) and used 2 import tokens on that so I could start faster. I have a level 31 blackguard so it is dual weapons. Then I found a wartribe camp and killed mobs and looted chests (armour + weapons), and I had like 3 sets of weapons and armour that was adequate to do some farming or fighting. Didn't rely on the guild/alliance at all, they were all doing the same thing. We ended up taking a Keep as well! We still have it! Then I have gotten materials to get factory copies of some nice weapons and armour through the alliance. I'm now capable of 1v3ing in some cases. The "massive design flaw" is theoretically possible, but unlikely. Given the volume of tokens you get, and that you can use pretty basic weapons to "multiply" your gear pretty easy in Dregs. If you got to that point realistically, where you consumed all tokens and used all your gear up, people will take pity on you and give you some gear. Maybe even ask you to join their alliance/guild to return the favour.
  4. My understanding is that the individual rewards system mentioned in an earlier design review is targeting more established players:
  5. This is great, as it solves a big issue I have found with casual players especially, who don't have the self-direction or time to explore. I've had a chat with a dozen or so and especially since they are playing solo. Being given more direction or goals within the day works well. What about the new Divine Favour system which is quite similar to this in Sky Point (which is also targeted at new players)? Are we expecting that dailies and divine favour cards will co-exist? Will that be too much? My understanding is that the individual rewards system that was proposed in an earlier design review is targeted at experienced players, so I can see how at least this won't cause too much intersection with that.
  6. Shadows is a good place where all the randoms can work cooperatively and competitively. Many people don't want to think about the social overhead of joining a guild relatively early, since you get to the campaign ready state quite early. Shadows has it's place, but the previous iteration was just broken and needs a few updates. The updates to Sky Point are a hint at a positive direction for Faction v Faction campaigns as a whole. For now, I do recommend just trying out Dregs, whether solo (play a stealther), or in a small guild inside one of the big alliances (if you want Keep access), or outside.
  7. This would actually allow one alliance to hold all the Keeps and ensure that is the case. The siege schedule currently is making it more difficult for one alliance to take all the keeps, as their strength varies across different times, with the EU centric guilds, US centric guilds, and Asian/Oceanic centric guilds controlling the numbers for their respective timezones and relevant overlaps.
  8. There is plenty of competition for top 3 in Dregs. Alliances have merged or fizzled. Guilds don't get their own personal rewards now if they "bandwagon", so they have to assess if it is worth it to join up. If you just "join" a big alliance and do nothing, then you will probably get nothing as well. Other than "hey I won! I was in the winning alliance woo!", but that isn't really interesting if you just put 10 points on the board by your guild, no-one is kidding themselves who the most contributory guilds are to their war efforts. Small guilds like myself accept that we may not have the highest contribution to their war effort, but they appreciate the support to take on the other alliances, along with our conquest points, and in return we get Keep access, buffs and a few less enemies. We will appreciate that our alliance might do well, but we are aware that we only contributed a small amount. There might be kingmaker guilds at the end as well depending on how politics works out. Imagine upsetting one of the guilds in your alliance and they switch alliances or threaten that situation. Not sure what the story was with the PRX alliance splitting, but up to them if they want to have a Keep or not. They can always join up with other alliances for a Keep, or play the game like the majority of us have been playing for 3 months and see how it goes without a Keep.
  9. Death Ain't Personal was originally two much smaller separate alliances. They decided to combine due to various reasons, and there are still slots free since the cap is 15. Every alliance still has slots free if you want to join them and have a Keep, even as a small guild, you will be valuable. Obviously the Death Ain't Personal guys are the coolest, but if you wanna join the others that's on you 😉. Theoretically at the start of the Dregs, people were worried about ANKI taking over every Keep with their numbers and coverage. Now they lost Keeps to Acolytes. Acolytes are beating them on the board now. The largest alliances are actively sieging each other. What you are talking about, as a potential thing where one alliance just takes over the whole map, hasn't happened, in fact Keeps are changing hands. Aco has tried to siege ANKI recently and not been able to breach defences, especially based on the differing timezones when different people can bring numbers to defend. Not everyone in these alliances are playing every day, or sweating to defend every Keep at every hour. The ANKI guys do seems to show up with numbers to defend all the outposts, but that is just their thing. The others guys tend to be more spread during off-siege hours. I feel like everyone is playing pretty casually and having fun in the current Dregs. Everyone is pretty good with the competition.This is by far the funnest I've had in Dregs since launch being in a small guild.
  10. This is true only if you can field the same numbers at different times every day. The reason for the current map is mainly a reflection of your strength given the siege schedule. Nothing Personal alliance managed to sneak Keep Walls in at the start of Dregs in NA West (Psyche), to the surprise of all the other big alliances at the time. Death took the other Keep in the map. After coming to an agreement that it made sense as smaller alliances at the time, and that we shouldn't attack each other, we naturally formed a new alliance. The "Death ain't Personal" alliance is a product of that. Our small guild has gone along for the ride from being in the smaller Nothing Personal alliance from the last Dregs as well. In the last Dregs, we had 2 Keeps up at the same time on the map, but two Keeps to attack also splits the attackers. If you pile onto one of the Keeps as the attackers, the defenders can follow or log into their character at the respective Keep, or just send a group from the other Keep, the distances aren't large. While the attackers need to defend 6 bane trees. It's not such an easy proposition. Spreading across maps splits the attackers more than the defenders, there is defenders advantage. With the current Dregs, the initially largest and winning alliance (ANKI) was seen as a potential dominant force. Then ANKI lost Keeps to Aco due to being spread across timezones. Their players aren't able to defend their spread Keeps on all hours of the day. ANKI was coming first, now Acolytes are. Death Ain't Personal now is combined and coming 3rd. PRX alliance has fizzled. This Dregs is pretty competitive. If you're a small guild, think about joining one of the three big alliances if you want to participate there. You might be a kingmaker depending on your strength as well. All the alliances will be courting any un-allied guilds. I believe there are some un-allied guilds playing the game just fine. If they want a Keep, just join an alliance. There are slots free in every big alliance, alliance cap is now 15.
  11. I've been playing the Sky Point map and showing new players around. It's actually got elements I hope to see in a coming Shadows. The individually rewarded quests for divine favour cards is a great idea. How is Sky Point unplayable? It looks decent to me, for it's purpose, which is a new player zone mostly. I still recommend jumping into Dregs if you are over-levelled for the content in Sky Point or in any sized guild. If you're solo, think about joining a guild if you want a reasonable gameplay loop there. But I agree that Shadows should exist, I just am spitballing options. Hopefully it comes soon and the gameplay loop makes sense, I think the new divine favour system alone in Sky Point (which is basically the starter Faction vs Faction map) along with other changes motivates people to do conquest and make the game interesting in Shadow. Individual rewards hopefully coming sooner rather than later there as well.
  12. Divine favour cards give an alternative to the conquest, but not all of them are strictly small guild focused. As you say, Glory is, and small guilds should try to compete with that due to the per member qualifier. But wealth and power are there to give alternatives to conquest for larger guilds, but smaller guilds can compete to score there if they want, you are just unlikely to score highly. We are a small guild with a few active members. We allied up to form an alliance, but none of us in the alliance even made top 20% conquest in the last dregs. This was how my guild scored for the last Dregs: Top 60% conquest Top 20% glory Top 60% wealth The top 60% conquest reward highlights were the 6 random rare major disciplines, 15 random rare minors, and some EK stuff including vendor stalls. The top 20% glory rewards highlights include the 30 random epic exploration disciplines, which turn out to be actually huge for a small guild. You're looking at good amounts of rewards to bootstrap harvesting, crafting and exotic disciplines (e.g. foreman and villein) for a small guild of casual players. The super necro parts from the campaign are also a really nice thing to have as well, along with the glitter additives for harvesting tools. The top 60% wealth rewards were 30 random uncommon exploration disciplines, which is actually quite nice to have as well since you want the uncommon (green) discs for belt upgrades for harvesting and crafting. In the end, there was a good balance of rewards, and yes Glory should be your focus as a smaller guild. I would also try to place top 60% in conquest, as that is the threshold where the disciplines start being worth it. In the new Dregs, with alliance scoring, it will be a bit weird due to how it all might pan out in the current iteration with the conquest rewards, and it still isn't clear how percentile ranking is supposed to work there. But just showing that being a small guild in Dregs with the Divine favour is actually pretty good, just concentrate a bit on Glory among the other stuff you'll be doing, and you'll get something out of it in the rewards at least.
  13. The siege maps (outer maps in Dregs) have rank 6+ harvesting, so should be doable by anyone who has harvested in Sky Point to some degree. Getting wartribes gear from mobs should be doable as well if you want to just try out the maps without importing too much, you don't even need to import armour, I would recommend at least importing a set of weapons and mount, and obviously your slotted disciplines. This way you can get used to what you should use your import tokens on. Regarding guilding up, yeah that is more of a tricky thing, you don't really want to be solo in Dregs unless you know what you are doing, and play stealth/escape if you want to avoid dying a lot, but dying with wartribes gear isn't a big deal either. So one way to play Dregs solo, if you want, is to play stealth and try to farm the higher level resources that you can't get in Sky Point. I'd highly recommend just joining an active guild in there if you aren't guilded already, you can choose one based on looking at the scoreboard for Dregs. If your guild is only a few people and want to try things out, try to reach out to the alliance leader guild in Discord, it should be pretty easy to find them by just search for their guild. We are a small guild of a few people active right now, and we are under the Nothing Personal alliance, just a bunch of people doing this sort of stuff for the first time as well. We even have a Keep right now in Dregs, as some of the veterans and big guilds are taking a break from the game, so it is giving the smaller guys a bit of breathing room to experience more of the game.
  14. Email support@crowfall.com , they are quite good at working through things like this, this seems game breaking. Even though you backed the game, there are some things that have likely changed. The design of the game didn't finalize until about the end of 2020, there were some big changes. It might be worth going through the tutorial if you haven't already, there is a bunch of stuff that they teach you and its a bit more streamlined now. Going from a level 1 character might be more productive doing the tutorial as well, I'm not sure if doing the level 25 archetypes allows you to do the tutorial, but it might still be possible.
  15. Thanks for the further clarification. I am still not sure how the percentiles work under the system though? For example, how do we calculate top 20% in conquest? Here is an example we can refer to below, which I believe is an approximate distribution how things could end up: --- 1) Alliance Leader Guild 1 19513 > Alliance Leader Guild 1 18000 > Sub guild 1A 1005 > Sub guild 1B 508 2) Alliance Leader Guild 2 8702 > Alliance Leader Guild 2 7000 > Sub guild 2A 1001 > Sub guild 2B 701 3) Alliance Leader Guild 3 4508 > Alliance Leader Guild 3 3000 > Sub guild 3A 1007 > Sub guild 3B 501 4) Alliance Leader Guild 4 2721 > Alliance Leader Guild 4 1000 > Sub guild 4A 1004 > Sub guild 4B 509 > Sub guild 4C 208 5) Alliance Leader Guild 5 1400 > Alliance Leader Guild 5 1000 > Sub guild 5A 100 > Sub guild 5B 300 6) Alliance Leader Guild 6 1104 > Alliance Leader Guild 6 402 > Sub guild 6A 401 > Sub guild 6B 201 > Sub guild 6C 101 7) Guild 7 208 .8) Guild 8 193 9) Guild 9 176 10) Guild 10 123 --- Given the above, top 20% is only top 1 and 2? As you can imagine, sub guild 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B could just drop out of the alliance, and become an un-allied guild at the end of the campaign, and collect rewards commensurate with the rewards for top 60% and top 80%, for example. Alliance 1 and 2 placing would be unaffected. This also increases the number of guilds that become eligible for all percentile tiers, by increasing the denominator of the percentile equation. I can appreciate the "conservation of points and rewards", but the system proposed in fact reduces the overall rewards depending on interpretation. Last season, alliances would have likely gotten more rewards than this iteration. I can understand there is an issue of making being in an alliance too strong and always strictly better than being a strong solo guild. But the current balance, due to how percentiles currently work, is still not a clear and elegant solution. I'm sure there are other things I'm not thinking of, which results in messy incentivizations. If we are sticking with percentiles, there needs to be clear communication as to what reward you are eligible for. So we can assess what allows us to maximize reward based on your performance in conquest, as that is fundamentally an incentive structure which will dictate the structure of alliances and guilds. In order to deal with these constraints, one suggestion I have is to do the following: 1) Guild leaderboard - We show the previous leaderboard scoring system, so that individual guilds are therefore counted in the percentiles. Rewards given based on percentiles. Removing top 1, 2 and 3 rewards, just keep the percentile rewards. I.e. the highest tier is top 20% conquest rewards. 2) Alliance leaderboard - Alliance scoring operates on a separate scoreboard, the same as the current live scoreboard. Unallied guilds show up here unallied as well, as they do currently. Rewards for top 1, 2 and 3 are based only on this scoreboard. If the head guild of an alliance receives a top 1-3 reward (or a strong solo guild), they receive ZERO reward in the guild leaderboard. You've therefore removed the percentile problem on this scoreboard, and conserve all the rewards. I believe this achieves a fair outcome for all.
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