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  1. 90% of the time Q&A comes on on the 1st full week of the month. so it will most likely be next Tuesday. Unless something happens before then to another update we will see it next week.
  2. Now for the Class/Races that need to still be added does this mean will you have it so that we will get Races/Classes trickling in as they are ready for testing or are we get a bundle. Like right now that your about to put out what was going to be the Archtype assassin. So does that mean it will now be bundle Class Assassin/fae race with Disciplines that go along the lines with Assassins
  3. Could be that they are adding more weapons for testing coming soon. They figure out what’s going on with the animals and will be adding them soon Season effects and how the worlds are going to look. AT will be out by summer thanks to some type of partnership and the money they raised thanks to the side crowd funding they have been doing. Also, they are finally investor forms to keep us up to date how they are doing per quarters 24 hours coming summer with 1st test campaign rule sets with a side test server so new patches will not affect servers. more details about what they plan on having during the Alpha and betas stages of testing.s will not kill our game play
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