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  1. That’s funny you should say that cause that’s roughly what it used to be. Start here, gather wood make tool gather stone make weapons kill spiders.
  2. You could possibly tie vendor item use to a trait, like weapons armor and tools. You need the merchant trait to place a vendor and to interact to pay upkeep and add items to wares. Also, changing to a more list based layout would allow for more flexibility but you would probably have to make it appear larger than the vault style to make the items "pop".
  3. We need to make an in memoriam video for all the guilds no longer with us, probably play it to that Wyclef Jean song from the movie “Life”.
  4. Wasn’t the addition of missions what reinvigorated lapsed players and new players, giving players a sense of direction and short term goals that led to conflict and emergent gameplay. That seems like pve element enhancing pvp. Also again having PvE elements in a PvP game isn’t an inherently bad thing you make it sound like your property values plummet once pve elements start moving in.
  5. I see what you are saying, I don’t think one thing alone will fix the engagement issues that CF is developing. Non-uniform distribution of resources would be a welcomed addition. I tend to gravitate to the areas with high level war tribes in close proximity to world banks. There were supposed to be sentinel pvp quests that drove us towards each other.
  6. My mistake, I thought we were discussing MMOs which with the exception of PlanetSide 2 none of what you listed approaches that. Sure Call of Duty doesn’t need PVE you consume it in 20 minute sessions, same with Mobas and BRs. Hell even PS2 has missions and a storyline.
  7. I'm imagining that the quest-giving npcs would have a sort of reputation leveling attached, going from rank 1 to rank 10, while the reputation with the npc is rank 1 you would get bring 10 birch, bring 10 oak, etc and as you keep questing the quest get progressively harder as well as the rewards increasing so while a rank 1 quest gives you say 100 gold a common sacrfice item, a rank 10 quest may give 10,000 gold and a legendary sacrifice item or something valuable, maybe a hunger shard or favor with a wood based demigod. The player would know what to expect from each quest. This could give the
  8. I think if we can keep it simple and open enough we could reduce the required engineering. For example lets say we had a random repeatable quest from a pool of similar quests that said bring 10 birch of common quality. There are a few ways you can go about it, buy ten birch from an npc vendor(based on the quest reward this might be a net negative) gather the wood yourself, trade with another player, kill a harvesting player and loot their body, etc. This can scale the more times you do it which can lead you to more dangerous zones, so what started as bring 10 common birch could eventually lead
  9. The leveling may be treated as such, but a large reason that it was added was to give players something small to work towards that didn't require grouping or waiting for sieges. I played big world as well as on and off for years, I'm familiar with the game that was. Wartribes as well as animals(which used to get dangerous at night, hunger was tied to time of day) were added to increase the general threat of a world as well as again give people something to do while they waited for sieges. Wartribe camping and animal camping(back when animals could drop disciplines) may have hurt crafting but l
  10. That just seems like timed gated public questing by another name.
  11. Start? No no no. It started when leveling and mobs were introduced years ago to maintain interest, add threat and appeal to different playstyles. But having pve elements isn’t a terrible thing for a pvp game, if used correctly it can add to the pvp gameplay.
  12. Even if hubworld wasn’t technically feasible(be a real shame if it wasn’t) attempts could be made to approach a semblance of it. Before NPE there was a small starter area that led to God’s reach, something similar could probably be done with the NPE leading to infected and cutting down on how many times a new player would have to log out. Throw in a supersized free city connected to infected and its a start. (On that note, regardless of everything, infected needs a free city, to at least introduce a form of trade not dependent on the schedules of other players.)
  13. Quests can be simple tasks that give players short -term activities to accomplish while introducing them to another way to earn gold. The quests aren't meant to be storyline based or anything like that, they can be but its not neccessary to their purpose.
  14. Connect world bands through Hubworld - Create a more cohesive experience, introduce players to a jumping off point to better contextualize the rest of the game. Repeatable quests - Give players a sense of direction, short-term goals they can accomplish while bringing them into conflict with ohter players to better foster emergent gameplay Favor Ranks - Adding another activity to maintain player interest and a longer term goal to work towards when not enaging in group oriented activites. Skippable New Player Experience - Streamline the player experience for those that are already
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