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  1. The account vault is blank in the lobby. I have 100 items in the account vault, while I am in God's Reach I can see these items fine but when I go to the lobby, the account vault is blank. If I export an item into this account vault it doesnt show up in the vault and when I close the vault window and reopen it my export tokens are reset as if I never exported item.
  2. I was thinking of a possible change to the way we enter campaign worlds would be making a central hubworld out of God's Reach. Here's how it would work. The God's reach temple will be merged with the free city, so instead of going to a free city map, the free city would be outside the temple walls, and outside the free city walls would be the war tribe encampments, low level nodes and moon gates to other God's Reach maps(the same moon gates will also be inside the temple). The temple will have moon gates leading to different campaign worlds, selecting a moongate will bring up a list of its avaiable campaigns(a Dregs gate, an Infected gate, a Shadow gate). At a different location in the temple there will be a gate that leads to your Eternal Kingdom(brings up EK list).
  3. I was thinking of a possible change to the way disciplines are created. What if instead of killing mobs and hoping for a random soul drop or dropping massive amounts of gold to upgrade a discipline, you instead recieved soul fragments as a resource. It would work like this: Whenever a vessel is equipped with a special soul trinket(similar to the soulstones we use on runetools) every mob drops 1 of 5 types of soul fragments in a similar way to how nodes will drop 1 of 5 different resources. So you would kill Urgu in order to obtain Soul Fragment A, hellcats to obtain Soul Fragment B, etc. The rarity level would depend on the mob rank, just like harvesting nodes. In order to craft a soul you would need to use the right combination similar to metal , leather, or planks. For example: (common)Soul A + (common)Soul A + (common)Soul B = (common)Soul of the Knife Grinder (rare)Soul A + (uncommon)Soul A + (uncommon)Soul B = (chance of either uncommon or rare)Soul of the Knife Grinder Mob Bosses would be your best bet for legendary souls and they would also drop discipline additives which you could add to your discipline to add/increase a stat. This brings up a second change, disciplines when crafted should be able to be experimented. If I am not mistaken I know discplines of different rairties will have different stat/combo effects, but when crafting disciplines the same as when crafting anything else you should be able to change the stats it provides with each rarity level having a higher baseline.
  4. The thing is dust can be gathered from all harvesting options. If dust is a resource, it makes sense for those trained to harvest the resource should have an easier time getting the resource. There may be ways to fix the lumberjack problem though, you could nerf the amount of dust dropped from basic nodes or balance the amount dropped based on availabilty, If dust dropped from mobs at the same amount as gold used to that would help a bit. Also if EKs actually cost Dust to open/keep open, like rent I think that hamper people firing up an EK just to farm dust, it would also be another dust sink.
  5. Winter is the time when the hunger is harsher so there should be like a ridiculous amount of hunger nodes and hunger mobs.
  6. What if we completely move away from gold and switch to an all Ethereal Dust economy. Guards now would require dust instead of gold, vendors are paid in dust trading is done with dust. In order to account for this higher need for dust what if you had the option to sacrifice items regardless of quality level for dust instead of exp. Another idea is that each faction(later guilds and groups) can sacrifice items and pool those sacrifice points together to earn some sort of godly boon, or maybe as some sort of Hail Mary nuke that can be applied to the lead faction(sort of like a godly blue shell of death) at the beginning of each season.
  7. Might as well include Elken, to be honest all races should be skinnable and their meat/organs harvestable. I want to live in The Dregs eating people and using their flesh to make my armor, maybe make decorations/weapons out of their bones.
  8. If they added footsteps that would help and maybe introduce gear that created a better ecosystem of nonkillers introduce some gear that turn players into hippos(more health) gazelle(better sneak up on them they are quite fast) or wildebeest/elephants(they can give as good as they get) instead of people feeling like sheeps among wolves.
  9. I'm wondering how permanent this lobby based selection is, is travel between EKs and CWs gonna be done through in-game portals or lobby-based lists?
  10. What if in each campaign world you could find and rescue NPCs and in return they could become the common folk that would work the land in your EK, serving as minor thralls. The difference between these living serfs and regular thralls would be their shelf life, while regular thralls are ghosts paying off a debt, mortal serfs would age and die as time went on, it is here that the serfs become even more useful, they are now a source of body parts for your vessels. Say you arrive in your EK and your house steward informs you that your butcher(46) accidentally cut his hand and bled to death, your tailor(27) died during childbirth and your alchemist(87) died of old age. While you may be upset that you lost some workers you now have the chance to harvest these corpses for spare parts. Maybe the butcher provides you some strong limbs and a heart( he did bleed to death) the alchemist's body would make a suitable magic user if you could replace the faulty organs which you may just find harvesting your tailor. Maybe you could trade your serfs with other players or marry them together to produce a more capable vessel either waiting until they die or simply taking over their still living bodies. As an immortal you could watch as your serfs are born live marry sire children and eventually die while you live on.
  11. If I had to make any changes it would be to the leap, I would like to see the leap changed to a charge with a knock-back or a stun that can lead into neck-breaker or vicious stomp sorta like this ME3 vanguard charge/nova combo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSbOAdkF0Z8 Another change would be to whirling pain, instead of going in a slow repeatting circle maybe it could be a cone effect with the champion flailing their weapon back and forth at a quicker rate maybe it only stops when cancelled or when you run outta of a rage/stamina.
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