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  1. We don't only have to measure based on KDA, we could measure based on metrics like most damage done, damage taken, healing done, healing taken, dots applied, time in stealth near enemies. These could all contribute to an overall PvP score as well as playstyle specific rankings(best healer, best scout, etc.)We know the game already measures damage contributors and overwhelming odds so a 5v1 gank squad most likely wouldn't score if they are on equal or higher ranking, while a 5v4 would probably just take a slight hit. As far as unhealthy social dynamics go, that would already be the case even wi
  2. TL;DR Vessel durabilty Parcel Gating and building resource upkeep PvP Ranks Replace caravans with either wagons and mounts or building materials apply a stacking slow effect when in inventory Revamp adventure parcels with loot chests and world bosses Increase Fall Damage Domination Dust can be created Runetools can be used at rare quality harvesting exploration instead of epic Reimplement stricter Hunger penalities Implement Cooking or General crafting discpline Convert God's Reach into Hubworld Vessel Durabilty
  3. Ive been saying God's Reach should be hubworld for years. YEARS! I tells ya. It should all be a nice loop that feeds onto itself. As it is now, EK owners give vendors a spot to use, the Gods Reach hubworld would be an introduction to players EKs having a high rent cost and limited stock inventory and could mix with both models of free cities (the Free Keep and the Free Village) which would contain dozens of vendor spots whose inventory can be seen on the map. I would imagine there would have to be a constant wear and tear of items and vessels to keep the economy afloat.
  4. This is why I propose a new tier, this tier would require less resources and effort, but would have lower durabilty and overall stats since there are less opportunities for experimenting. I personally believe vessels need durabilty but thats a topic for another thread. I am against higher drop rates since as it stands now, a guild( or even a small dedicated group) can be absolutely flush with materials. I believe scarcity is a essential motivator for conflict. Durabilty should matter so crafters would HAVE to make that choice. As it stands now giving pips to durabilty is the lowest priority de
  5. I agree that the game needs more activities and end game needs to revolve around more than sieges, which definitely need to change as well( I suggested a change earlier). Even still, we can see from farming wartribes for hours that gear durabilty doesn't take much of a hit from long combat sessions and only death really affects it. On that note, wartribe gear needs a durability change most of all, similar to my proposed tier, WT gear should be on similar terms, its scavenged gear so it should have lower durabilty or a random fraction of its base durabilty reduced so if you picked up a random s
  6. I do think that all gear(vessels included) could do with a durabilty pass. The main point of this new tier is that it is less effort and more disposable than advanced gear but still useful. Between advanced and intermediate I felt would add to the sense of progression in your gear. This new tier can still use the different quality level materials. While technicallly you could make this new gear from common to legendary, I think naturally people would stick to lower quality materials, sort of like how if someone went through all the trouble of gathering hungershards and making gems they would n
  7. A complaint I noticed is how tedious some players find weapon and armor crafting. I personally like how involved and interdependent it is but I also believe that scarcity and loss can help push pvp and the economy. My solution, create a new classification of armor and weapons. As I understand it there are currently four weapon classifications: Basic Intermediate Advanced Runic I propose a new classification between intermediate and advanced. This gear would much more streamlined to craft, requiring only 1 assembly and using a third of the resources advanced
  8. I was thinking of a way to implement territory control in order to flesh out campaigns. What if every campfire, outpost, point of interest, fort and keep was overrun with wartribe or monsters. In order to capture an area you would first need to clear the mobs, which would increase in strength and number depending on the time uncaptured and how important the target. An outpost would have 2-5 mobs while a keep would have dozens as well as a king which would occupy the tree of life area. Once the area has been captured the enemy spawns are replaced with guard spawns. Each capture point has
  9. What you are talking about is what I call periphery, in rust terms, two big clans are having a server wide war while you are off scuba diving so you can get tarp to make your grow house. Your only concern with the war is how close the combat gets to you. Crowfall like all other pvpsandbox is defined by its non pvp activities as much as its pvp, even if it all eventually serves pvp. As far as campaigns go I would make sieges last days not an hour. I would make the strength of walls and guard reliant on depleting resources that are gathered by players and supplemented by fort
  10. For this games economy and pvp to matter we need more scarcity and logistics based issues. As an ardent solo harvester, mobile banking needs to die in a house fire.
  11. Shame we can’t have world objects and despawning like in rust.
  12. Common and Legendary Runemaking does not add the recipe for intermediate tools. You need to have the corresponding harvesting discipline in order to create the intermediate tool. While you only need the Runemaker discipline in order to make both basic and advanced tools.
  13. <Question> What about that Vessel Durabilty? Seems like people are potentially gonna reach Legendary sooner or easier with skill change. Necros are gonna start going hungry.
  14. What if instead of taking and calling pack pigs you instead were required to have a pack pig mount and a wagon was attached to you instead. The more materials you place in the wagon the slower you go, if your mount despawns the wagon goes on a timer until it despawns unless you resummon your mount and use the reattach skill that would replace the whistle skill.
  15. Lets say each map, reminiscent of Gods Reach had an NPC fort, while adding NPCs to the free city keeps. During the spring, the npcs would ask for materials. During the summer you have to escort caravans of fleeing npcs to the free city, similar to pack pigs, while defending occasional wartribe attacks. During the fall you could collect lost keepsakes in the now wartribe dominated fort. During the winter the fort is now overrun by risen that need to put to rest. What if there were lore drop quests, similar to the wartribe runes in a way. At each Wartribe you would collect trinkets
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