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  1. I’m most excited to see what the economy will look like now that wipes are no longer expected.
  2. Divine favor personal quests show up in lobby slection UI for gods reach: But don't show up in game:
  3. I think all capture points should have an upkeep cost. Outposts spit out loot chests but has a slowly dwindling bar that needs sac materials, forts need gold and building materials, keeps and castles need a mix of the three. Outpost and forts can rank up, increasing the strength of its guards and the loot tables of chests, if the bar empties it goes down a rank, if captured it starts from rank 1. For keeps and castles each building has an upkeep cost that can handled individually or as a whole, if the building upkeep is not met, it ranks down until it becomes an empty lot.
  4. Limited number of vendor slots in free city, maybe higher tax rate compared to EK.
  5. I think vendors should be brought back to God’s Reach, either through temple slots or a full Free City in order to introduce players and form a sort of back bone to trade before they join or create their own Trade EK. Also semi-related there needs to be a structure that allows multiple vendors like a bazaar piece or something, a house having a vendor slot is great but requiring a house for a vendor is a problem when you consider the resource cost for a house.
  6. It is simpler actually you can invite someone to both your friends list and party by pressing F near them and pressing the number option you want.
  7. You are able to make 6 characters for each Crowfall account you buy, if I'm not mistaken you can also buy up to 6 additional character slots for a total of 12 characters for each account. All characters share your account name which I believe you can change for free once and then you have to pay to get it changed again. You can delete and reroll a character as many times as you want if you are talking about alts. If you are talking about respecing your talents and stat points you can do that as many times as you want for free if you pay the optional monthly subscription or if not you will be able to buy a respec for gold.
  8. If thats the case a keep or castle adventure zone would be better suited for that.
  9. If you know plenty about MO1 then you know plenty about MO2, its just a graphical update. I played MO1 and it was isolating by design, had Eurojank directional combat and a restrictive skill system that discouraged experimentation, which is what I saw repeating in MO2 when I played one of their stress tests. I prefer Crowfall's combat and its class and skill system while it has a janky progression right now it has improved considerably over time, even with the min/maxing I dont feel like I am irrepably gimping myself because I decided to be a woodelf blacksmith or something and at least if I had the notion to change my class/profession I dont have to buy another character slot.
  10. Honestly, I'd think that be part of the appeal. Lorewise you are trying to exploit something these scavengers have already laid claim on. Gameplay wise, it'd add to the overall threat of an area.
  11. There is no real incentive to go through canyons. With the advent of hotspots, its time to bring canyon and adventure zones back. Canyons used to be filled with spiders and have like a spider queen at the end, making it a sort of non-instanced micro dungeon. If resources were brought back to canyons and varying adventure zones flavors were added on top of including them in the list of hotspots, I think it would add to PvP. You could have even add wartribes and small stashes filled with items like in war tribe camps as well.
  12. Yeah I was personally in favor of being able to craft domination dust from like chaos embers and soul essence of something, upgrading disciplines gets expensive real quick.
  13. TLDR Add crafting and harvesting xp bar that drops a discipline every time it’s filled - Reduce randomized aspect to exploration discipline progression. Have crafting disc procs influenced by experimentation outcome - Reduce randomized aspect to crafting progression. Crafting and Harvesting Talents - Add a sense of choice and variation to crafting and harvesting similar to combat progression. Enable adding resistances and damage bonuses across all armor - Add more choice and control to crafting. Re-Enable experimentation across sub-assemblies and components as a choice in the crafting process - Add the choice of complexity to crafting. Exploration XP bars: What if alongside the vessel leveling bar there were bars related to crafting and harvesting. The bars wouldn’t have a max limit, once you filled the bar you would receive the respective discipline. While the xp bar would always require the same amount of xp, the xp gained would be influenced by the rank of node or the quality level of crafting. A rank 1 node would give 50 xp while a rank 10 would give 200 so if the bar required 1000 xp you would need to hit 20 rank 1 nodes to obtain a disc but only 5 rank 10 nodes. Crafting experimentation drop: When crafting what if the chances of receiving a discipline were influenced by how well your experimentation came out. If you were crafting and experimented and got mostly low increases resulting in 15% change, your chances of obtaining a disc only increased 15% but if you got high increases resulting in 87% change you would have an 87% increased chance of getting a discipline. Exploration Talents: Similar to combat talents what if each crafting and harvesting discipline had a talent tree that enabled variation in your crafting. You could have some crafters that require less resources, some that have higher experiment difficulty reduction, while others are able to have add higher fire damage bonuses to weapons. The higher quality a discipline is the higher the cap would be on possible points to use in the talent tree. Resistances and Damage Bonuses: I would like to be able to craft a pure resistance or damage bonus armor set. Experimentation Choice: Things like stitched leather or metal scales would give you the choice on whether you want to experiment for higher stats or not. Experimentation wouldn’t be necessary to craft but would be considered extra steps one could take.
  14. That’s funny you should say that cause that’s roughly what it used to be. Start here, gather wood make tool gather stone make weapons kill spiders.
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