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  1. Little did we know that the minotaur have a rich culture based on Han Dynasty and MesoAmerican Empires that we just arent privy to.
  2. Elken are African Americans circa 1950s America. Wrap your head around that one and tell me I'm not right.
  3. But you need good crafters to make crafting gear which like all armor has a high durability right now. I was thinking this would be more short term easier to acquire easy to lose.
  4. Edit: Changed title to better convey idea What if as a way to give new crafters a way to make decent gear you could equip something that gives you higher crafting stats. It would work like a mix of crafting disciplines and additive trinkets, it would be a trinket that say gives 25 assembly and experimentation in a given craft but like other trinkets it breaks after a number of uses. It can only be equipped on common vessels and like trinkets it needs the scroll case discipline. It could be a reward from crafting quests, made with ethereal dust and soul essence or maybe it just drop
  5. If I remeber correctly the original skill tree had a vendor branch that limited the number of vendors a player could set up. Also another big factor is a lack of a robust banking system so you have people either squatting or using vendors like warehouses. I like the idea of temple vendors being like smapling trays in order to draw people in to the EKs where they have a much larger selection of items to sell. Then again I was also a proponent of a large hub based locations.
  6. Weighted Passive Training I was thinking of a possible change to Passive training to allow more versatilty would be to weight the training points needed and the stats awarded towards the end of each training node. As it stands now you must train 4 pips in each node in order to continue along the branch, while each node may have different tiers and require different training points each pip on that node has the same training points required and awards the same stat. My suggestion is to weigh the stats awarded to each pip towards the final pips as well as the skill points needed along with
  7. The account vault is blank in the lobby. I have 100 items in the account vault, while I am in God's Reach I can see these items fine but when I go to the lobby, the account vault is blank. If I export an item into this account vault it doesnt show up in the vault and when I close the vault window and reopen it my export tokens are reset as if I never exported item.
  8. I was thinking of a possible change to the way we enter campaign worlds would be making a central hubworld out of God's Reach. Here's how it would work. The God's reach temple will be merged with the free city, so instead of going to a free city map, the free city would be outside the temple walls, and outside the free city walls would be the war tribe encampments, low level nodes and moon gates to other God's Reach maps(the same moon gates will also be inside the temple). The temple will have moon gates leading to different campaign worlds, selecting a moongate will bring up a list
  9. I was thinking of a possible change to the way disciplines are created. What if instead of killing mobs and hoping for a random soul drop or dropping massive amounts of gold to upgrade a discipline, you instead recieved soul fragments as a resource. It would work like this: Whenever a vessel is equipped with a special soul trinket(similar to the soulstones we use on runetools) every mob drops 1 of 5 types of soul fragments in a similar way to how nodes will drop 1 of 5 different resources. So you would kill Urgu in order to obtain Soul Fragment A, hellcats to obtain Soul Fragment B,
  10. The thing is dust can be gathered from all harvesting options. If dust is a resource, it makes sense for those trained to harvest the resource should have an easier time getting the resource. There may be ways to fix the lumberjack problem though, you could nerf the amount of dust dropped from basic nodes or balance the amount dropped based on availabilty, If dust dropped from mobs at the same amount as gold used to that would help a bit. Also if EKs actually cost Dust to open/keep open, like rent I think that hamper people firing up an EK just to farm dust, it would also be another dust sink.
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