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  1. Ravenxx

    Destiny 2

    Star Citizen will never develop fully anyways. It's a giant money sink. They will inevitably go bankrupt before they are any where near release. Funny watching people hype that game and stand up for it consistently with there own personal development goggles. "Keep making more ships guys, more, more, more! People are spending $500!" There's so many features in that game (too many), it's going to be pointless as the general census of gamers play on a more casual basis then what it was 10 years ago. People want to log in and do stuff, have fun, and go back to life stuff. Hence large success with MOBAS. Majority of gamers: 1. Won't be able to run it. 2. Won't do half the features they are "trying" to implement 3. Will burn out rather quickly 4. End up playing games that are actually going to release. Not vaporware.
  2. Every one of the games you listed was absolute GARBAGE. None of those games had success. Life is feudal was awful. It was rushed, very rushed. It was unplayable, none of the systems or mechanics they had in game remotely worked anywhere close to the way they envisioned. As it sat in Early Access for a long duration, now that it's released, you can see how that "Development team" is balancing it. If you call that a "Good game" or "Great development process" You should escort yourself to the door and firmly shut it behind you and stay off these forums. Trove is an alternative to Minecraft imo. It was steams way of saying hey, here is an alternative to play instead of minecraft AND its free! with a peak user base of 8k per month, your listed game has no argument. I will give you a game you might try since you prefer to summon gods - Take a look at Conan Exiles - hell, it's even better than any of the "MMO's" you listed. I hate to be a jerk, but if you don't like this game, if you don't support this game, if you don't see their vision as it differs from you, then maybe you should just stop posting here.
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