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  1. Right, so by that definition, the "possibility of loss" = 100%. See what I mean? I guess the point is that the enhancement screen is confusing, so they should state exactly what the 100% refers to. Intuitively, it would be chance to fail. Clearly it's not 100% failure, or nobody would "risk" it.
  2. Something that's been bugging me about risk is when you bump it up to 100%, and then get a successful result. That makes no sense at all; 100% risk, by definition, means that it will absolutely fail when you hit the button. My hope is that all of the modifiers aren't showing yet, and that 100% is really lower because of the crafting pots, or training, seals, etc. In this case, the final risk showing on the screen just needs to show all of the modifiers and the adjusted (lower) risk. Otherwise... please consider fixing this. It doesn't make sense, and any new player would intuitively do what Xorlarrin mentions: Sure, more risk, more reward has been a mantra - but there is a point where you should fully expect to lose all of your progress... and that point is 100%!
  3. Items on this list are somewhere between bugs and suggestions, so I will tag them as "General Usability" items, as the title states. Splitting stacks in spirit bank is not consistent when splitting one (or some smaller number than half) from the main stack. Sometimes the one is moved, sometimes the main/big stack is moved to the new position. Consolidation of items into one stack - user has to split the small stack into the appropriate amount to make a full stack. Example: have a stack of 45 slag, and 6 slag. I want to move the six onto the 45, which should give me a full stack of 50, and the small stack should now be 1. I have to split the small stack into 5 and 1 FIRST, and then move the 5 onto the 45 to accomplish the max stack. Stackable items in spirit bank - it would be nice if things that can stack automatically stacked when moved to SB, but I understand there is a 2 min cooldown on accessiblity of items when moving back and forth. The downside is, I have to go through the previous point's process, for everything I want to consolidate afterwards. Duelist burrow: I can burrow through (over) cobblestone, metal and stone nodes too. I guess this is okay, since I should be able to walk/jump over these normally. Burrow is not really underground, as you see when burrow glitches back to the "stealth" visual (translucent blue, standing up normally). So, if I can jump on it, then I can burrow on it. Trees have collision, so not under/through those, but I can climb them in burrow-stealth, just like I could if not stealthed. I really like the burrow, but there is some "phase 2" type work to be done to make it more burrow-y. Ore/stone nodes - it would be nice if there was some additional info upon walking up to these, especially on the big nodes ("Motherlode"? it just says rank 5: copper, for instance, with an icon of 2 people) of how much mining power/points/ability you need to budge it. Skill Tree UI - needs a good way to go back a level, for instance from Havesting Ore Familiarity, back to Excavation, back to Exploration, a step at a time. Currently, the only option is to go back to the skill tree root. Skill tree node with multiple higher tier progression paths (Excavation for instance), hovering over the next tier icons, the description is waaayyy at the top. You have to know that you can move the tree around (which isn't obvious) to see the almost completely off-screen descriptions. A zoom in/out function might be useful, or position the next-tier descriptions the same as regular node descriptions, by the mouse. By default, on my screen anyway 1920x1080, the next skill tiers only show the left edge of the icons... I didn't realize there was a next tier until I started moving the tree around. Icons on amror, please make it obvious in what they represent. An octogon with a crack, a skull, a devil head? I'm not asking, so don't answer here, just make it obvious what they represent. I guess for the other icons too, for ppl who are new to resitances physical and elemental. You can't hover over these icons, so they should be spelled out. Weapon efficiency - When you mouse over a different weapon with a BETTER efficiency, the comparison shows a negative number (which is good in the case of efficiency) but it shows up as red (which normally means bad/worse). My suggestion is, any positive effects should be green, and positive effects should show as positive numbers for consistency. Camp fires don't last long enough. I can cook 4 times before they disappear, and on the 4th attempt the fire had already died out, but I can sneak one extra in. They seem to last only 30 seconds or so with knotwood. I also tested using white-tier Spruce, and added 4 white Big Cat Meat as the optional component, the result being a white tier Survivalist Campfire. This one fills up your food meter, but it still only lasts 30 seconds-ish for cooking. Make base last longer, and white-tier wood last longer still. Flavor text format: Two double-quotes around flavor text: ""If you need sauce..."" and ""A little better than fists."" for example. My O.C.D. bar is filling up reading these. Also, the font color is a flavorful yellow, get rid of the italics; that font is already hard to read. In fact, get rid of the quotes too. Weapon efficiency on Duelist - I don't think this has any effect, since we don't have a resource pool, just pips. This should be more obvious somehow, as dumping points into efficiency on a pistol seems to be a waste. Perhaps efficiency makes ability cool downs shorter for non-resource pool classes? Otherwise, don't make efficiency a thing on weapons (which are specific to classes), for classes that don't use it. "Gray" items should have gray text, not some weird green-ish color. I have seen confusion on this in several different places; new people steaming, starter videos, me when I started... it's obvious after you play a while, but intuitiveness is key for new players. The actual color gray is more recognizable as sub-par quality. Sort-of green is, wait is that a green, or? Halite and Cinnabar - (as an example), how do I get resources I need to make a thing? I figure these are from grinding stone and ore, but some clarification would be good. Again, don't answer, I know, but make it more clear in text/help somehow. Maybe a hover function or ability to look those up in help. Nice to have: Aiming reticule - I like that it is normally unobtrusive, but it is easy to lose sight of it when you need it in pre-combat situations, perhaps a toggle button to easily see it (turn it red for a second, or until toggled off). ALLOW RE-BINDING OF F. You let us rebind WASD, but guess where many who rebind (right-handed people) rebind those? ESDF, which aligns with the home position for typing on your left hand. Using the game's default layout style, that would make G my new F (or whatever I want it to be, a mouse button perhaps). This is the first thing I set in all games, but I can't yet in Crowfall. If G is a thing too, let us rebind it. Anything that is a thing, let us rebind it, mouse buttons included. I imagine left handed users wouldn't want F to be the key for F-ing interaction either! Thank you for your support, all you F-ers! It's been said before, but worth mentioning since I am a proponent, HOLD F (or whatever you've rebound F to ) to harvest should be a toggle. Not going down the path of mini-games and whatnot, just usability here. Make it so! Item comparison - the item you are hovering over should always be the description closest to the mouse. Currently, if you hover over something toward the left of your screen, your Equipped item description shows closest to the mouse. If your mouse is more right, then the item description for the one you are hovering over is closer... Oops, I took your crappy +5 pick that you probably need more than me because I thought it was a +25, which I actually have equipped. Sorry dead guy. Icon consistency - Crafting pots all look the same in the spirit bank, and the descriptions are very similar as well. It would be nice to just change the colors for usability (even if they are a temporary thing). The backgrounds disappear on those icons, and sometimes they change to a random inconsitent splotch. Durability stat - I believe this is noted in patch notes as a known bug already, but it would be nice to see all of the attributes you added to any crafted item. Crafting failures on items having components - needs some resource return, somehow. I don't care how this is accomplished, but for something with multiple stages, for it to completely disappear is just dumb. There are lots of ideas on how to do this, so won't get into that. Passives - maybe a reminder on a new campaign to assign these. Haven't died recently, but chat is saying you have to add passives after death too... annoying and too easy to overlook. Thx to Jjohnsin and GrimHarvest in game chat (which I had to switch off of and then back on to to see!) on that last note. Music - cool for 2 minutes, then turned off. I'm sure this is a huge work in progress, but everybody turns the music off, as it stands, after a very short duration. A long, long, very long loop with multiple tracks, triggered by environment and/or combat and/or crafting and/or gathering would be super-cool. Escape key should get you out of whatever window you are in. After a few weeks of play testing, I've become accustomed to toggling screens, but still catch myself using the more intuitive way after years of gaming, which is for the Escape key to: 1) Close whatever you are currently in, and then 2) bring up the main game menu. Ever been crafting and get attacked? Escape, oh poorly made socks, not escape, wait, escape again, now... hmm K... oh custard I'm gonna die, start moving poorly made socks to spirit bank, B, wait escape... Noooo. User Interface (UI) positions. I moved my pip meter, please remember that position the next time I log in, and on other archetypes that have a pip meter. The ability to save and load UI templates would be good for applying layouts, which should be saved per archetype. Buffs - would like to get description when mouse over buffs. I hit alt to get my mouse, so I can hover over buffs at the right side of the screen, left-click a buff, nothing, right click, still no info. Additionally, when hitting alt, my inventory comes up and covers them all but the top two. I realize I can see the ones I can activate via my "Inconcievable!" ability in the Powers window (K), but they should be mouse-overable in the main UI, and in the pip indicator UI mini-icons too, even when not active. This would help me remember what the hell they are when I do activate them, and would lend to the "oh damn, that one is just okay" vs. "oh poorly made socks, you're in trouble now", vs "I better burrow the custard out". I don't think ALT should bring up your inventory, instead it should just allow you to mouse around, open inventory if you like via mouse, and always show the "Cursor Mode" message on the screen (as you show now, thankfully). Thanks for what I hope will be a great game!
  4. My vote is F to toggle, so we can at least chat while gathering. Mini game might be okay too, but from experience, they do get old and annoying after 1000 times. On a somewhat related topic, please allow the re-binding of all keys, including "F", as not everyone prefers WASD. I assume this is on the to-do list, it's a very desirable feature, especially for F-ing F.
  5. Hi, I'm Skit, a new backer. I had a chance to play/test last weekend, and and had tons of fun. I mostly played duelist, and although the play style is fun, I was a bit put-off by the art style of that particular archetype (rapier and frilly gear, just not to my taste). Seeing a version with a dagger made me wish for that style. In any case, I love stealth classes, and and will most likely be playing assassin anyway! Wings on an assassin? Omg yes! 2nd and 3rd are probably going to be Druid and Ranger. See ya in game!
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