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  1. This guild is still looking to recruit extremely motivated Guinecean’s as well as some of the other races to do the menial tasks that the Guinecean’s assign out for them.....
  2. All of these comments will be seen... be prepared for when The Guinecean Overlords hand out justice... it will be Swift!!!!
  3. @Nueby The Guinecean Overlords have their eyes on you.... be warned!!!
  4. #1 - Guinecean are not Hamsters. #2 - Hamster is actually an offensive way of referring to a Guinecean, Guinecean's can call other Guinecean's Hamster, but other races cannot. #3 - The ball in question is an ancient enslavement device used to hold the Guinecean race for many years. When we finally broke free from those balls as a race we swore we would never go back. #4 - The Guinecean Overlords currently ride into battle on the backs of Minotaurs, this has being working well for us ever since The Great Guinecean-Minotaur War, in which Guinecean's won obviously!!
  5. Giving the 10th place character on the worst faction the same item as the 1st place character on the top faction is a participation trophy as well
  6. Can we get a campaign that doesn’t start at Midnight for EST players?
  7. This guild has the best Guinecean population on the server!!! Join the Guinecean Global Resistance now!!! Claim your place in history!!
  8. Thanks I forgot to add in the resources part.... that is another issue as well being able to even get the gems.. 😀
  9. Does anyone else feel that Jewel crafting is a little bit tedious? I have currently done crafting in both Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and a little bit of leatherworking.... I understand that the game as well as the crafting system is based around working together and relying on others.. but I feel like Jewelcrafting relies on so many outside factors that the other professions don’t. Blacksmith you may need leatherwork here or there for padding or grips.... likewise leather may need blacksmith for a buckle or something... etc etc But there is plenty each can do with little to n
  10. While Mandalore is correct, I think the problem especially for newer players is not having that knowledge. And then once you do gather the knowledge sometimes you are too far down a wrong path to correct it completely. I know there are new vessels, and rerolling or whatever.... But perhaps there should also be some way of resetting your abilities(stats and talents). Just a thought.
  11. Word on the street is balance is bored silly due to the stacking they did.... Challenging Order/Chaos to 3v3 hopscotch tournaments in the EK just to have a little fun.
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