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  1. Is there a source for that? Alright ... where?
  2. I'm still very confused about what is not in the FAQ (and it is what keeps me from feeling I can decide if I want to fund or not). 1. It says "resource parcels" but the term seems to be a bit misleading, as there are no resources at these parcels?? 2. Is a famland parcel and actual farmland (functionality, crops etc) or merely optical or merely ramping up the number of houses of an adjacent stronghold parcel? In the latter case it might be good to call them not resource parcels but maybe "modifier parcels"? 3. It says there will be few of low tier resources actually harvestable in the kingdoms. Are these on resource parcels? Wilderness? Stronghold parcels? Is the number of these resources increasing if the kingdom size increases or constant? 4. If I have a private home/house on a parcel owned by someone else and this guy evicts me, what happens to my stuff? Why would I want to risk this and not simply living in my own kingdom and travel to larger kingdoms for trade/crafting? Can only tennants/property owner in that kingdom craft/trade? Is there a tax for people not from the kingdom? How do travel between kingdoms work anyway, is it fee based? 5. Is there food and drink (taverns?) or such planned, aka ... besides equipment and maybe some furniture (?) what can we craft? 6. If I am inside a campaign and collecting resources ... I have to wait for the campaign to end to know which resources I will end up with correct? Can I craft inside the campaign then at all or only with resources I already had before? Would that mean for crafting I leave the campaign and craft in the kingdom? Am I stuck in the campaign while it lasts? How do I know how much of the resources my kingdom earns will go to me? What happens with upkeep in my kingdom if I'm stuck in a campaign, do I pay in advance? How do I mitigate the risk of loosing the campaign or rather not bringing enough resources home to maintain my kingdom? I've a bit of background in corporate financing lol and this whole setup smells worryingly like project-evaluations with total commitment ... Have you guys talked with people of an investment background to make sure your whole plan is sound in terms of market/investment/project evaluation psychology and dynamics? It might sound odd but I seriously urge you to go through this to understand how many concurrent campaigns you need, how many people to suggest for a kingdom etc etc to make sure this isn't crashing as a system, as it is very similar to market/evaluation systems for companies/projects from the kingdom/mercantile perspective.
  3. Sorry but if you were sufficiently bi- or multilingual (I am) you'd not make such an ignorant statement and instead know how much the language impacts especially immersion and atmosphere. The subtleties of ambiguous words and your ability to handle these with ease or even halfway the levels of mastery is not something even years of living in a non-native language will convey or enable, despite being called or considered eloquent. And trust me when I say that sentence would have been much less awkward in my native tongue and some are gladly communicating - especially in their spare time and fantasy settings - in a bit more than small talk vocabulary. A good education does that ...
  4. How do they know there is a separation between the Kickstarter versions (aka most European haven't yet already participated in the US version, borrowed credit card etc.)? Will the EU people get access to the same rewards as the U.S. Kickstarter packages? What happens if someone moves from EU to US (I did ...), can they at release claim their stuff at an US server?
  5. I'm actually curious about that claim. Since the campaigns rely on "winning" through a certain mechanism and that defines how much resources each participating .. kingdom (? individual player? who btw?) gets ... what happens if people start actually gaming the system aka "we can't win that campaign anymore anyway and we'd get only 20% of the resources ... let's just go home and hand it the others at this point and not waste time in it anymore". Will that kill the game/sandbox setting and enforce "rails"? Can one simply leave a campaign and enter a new one before it ended or is one doomed to stay until it ends even if one can only loose? Because according to Artcraft you can join a campaign only in the beginning, not later ...?
  6. http://www.engadget.com/2014/03/04/the-daily-grind-does-griefing-in-mmos-reflect-a-sinister-person/
  7. How do you know that? It is a "Throne War simulator", you have skirmishes, it is decided who wins them each time, get some trophies, start another - that is what I take from it basically. Sounds pretty much like a MOBA with persistent trophy room and a few buffs to me (and impact of numbers of followers).
  8. Did I miss something or was that never explained? I've googled but found nothing. Why is the game named "Crowfall"? What crow? What fall?
  9. I'm not sure if you've followed that (http://every-flavored-bean.tumblr.com/post/112569173199/every-woman-in-every-disney-pixar-movie-in-the) but it is an ongoing problem indeed, very boring and I think the reason I tend to go for non-human avatars whenever possible meanwhile: the female ones all look basically the same, pretty and no character. It would be nice if we could have some female faces in Crowfall who aren't all following the same schematic of perfect-face-by-Disney-prototype. Real people faces with variety like male avatars are allowed too please! PS: Some websites/material I found useful in that regard ... "Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor" - http://womenfighters.tumblr.com/ "Video Game Characters and the Socialization of Gender Roles: Young People’s Perceptions Mirror Sexist Media Depictions" - https://www.psychologytoday.com/files/attachments/30298/dill-thill-2007.pdf I've been very happy to see the attire of most of your female warriors as they finally are serious and not just pre-pubescent wet dreams. Keep it up!
  10. I understand the resource part, but am asking about money.
  11. So you have to go for campaigns, have to wait for them to end (no resources carried out until the end), can't guarantee if you get enough money out of them (might loose the campaign, have to share loot?) and if you don't do campaigns your personal EK is useless as you can't use parcels without paying upkeep? Huh??
  12. How does one get money for upkeep if there are no NPC traders not player owned (no pawns)? Or did I miss something?
  13. Wait, what does "at the beginning and end of a campaign" mean? You have to be there at the very initial hour a campaign starts or you can't join it? At all? And I can't leave a campaign if it turns out boring or impossible to win? I'm stuck or I twink? How about people campaign-hopping otherwise, not fighting to the end but simply leaving if outdone?
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