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  1. So I was browsing the store and was looking at the parcels. I have a weakspot for land, the part I also liked to most on Magic the Gathering Not all parcels have a complete description yet (check the Parcel Farm Rank 1 for example). The Parcel Woodland Grove mentions that it produces knotwood. The Parcel Woodland Creek produces even more; knotwood, cobblestone and slag ore. Checking the Parcel Shire Rank 1 the description does not mention anything about producing anything. Same for the Parcel Province Mountain Rank 2, which is really huge. Does this mean those parcels don't produce anything? Or is the description incomplete?
  2. Hi 30ish guy looking for a guild , @Dissophant @Bler @Darkademic @Coda @toljar @Gormrik @Mardigras moslty play FPS games like BF3 and TCTD with my discord group but recenlty been yerning for more RP game somthing a bit more emersive . Im signed up for beta testing probably play as Ranger with focus on dps and crafting . Looking for guild that plays in EU with a pvp style that we can learn the game together and help others out .
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