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  1. So, hi and hello! I'm new to Crowfall; backed it back during the Kickstarter era, thanks to a tip from a friend of mine. I'm a bit scared, as PVP has...never been my thing, but I'm a hardcore gatherer/crafter type, and finding a game that would allow me to specialize in that, focus a lot of time and attention on it, well...I couldn't pass it up! So I'll be taking my time, getting my bearings, and...praying that I don't get destroyed before I can suss out exactly what's what! I generally go by Phin or Echartea, and I've been playing MMORPGs since Final Fantasy XI. I've played nearly everything that's come out between now and then -- as well as a dash of SWG, which I sadly got into far too late into its life cycle. Anyways. I look forward to getting to know all of you (and hopefully not get murdered too badly)!
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