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  1. I love that the loading screens still say . Developer Build.
  2. Hey all I don't want to be negative and I really hope the game succeeds. But let's be realistic though the crafting systems and generally brilliant and I look forward to many hours grinding. The game is a little waisted opertunity. You have a tutorial that could have been done in half the time . There is alot of waisted areas in the world. And the game is basicly a battle royal game currently with some cool crafting systems. I guess I'm am just a little disappointed after basicly we get for launch what we have been playing in beta for the last year. Mabyee they ran out of monney, I dont know . Mabye they have done thier best but I think another 6 months in the bake might have changed things. Truly I wish them all the best . What's everyone else think?
  3. Just can't catch abreak can us Aussies.
  4. Would be nice if they actually communicated to us.
  5. LOL I apologise i was being an idiot I do notice it too. Defently engine side .
  6. Must be your Rig Mate i play 2560 X1440 190fps But then again I have a Nvidia 3080
  7. I Recon they are sipping Martini's laughing at us Burks who expected a game to be played today . Anyone else?
  8. Official Discord. LIVE is going to remain maintenance until Wednesday AM CDT. Please play on the TEST server until then and sorry for the inconvenience! You can get the Crowfall TEST installation at the Play Now button at Crowfall.com Not on computer otherwise is screenshot it.
  9. Look i recon a week this will be a memory. Well I hope.
  10. This isn't a marathon its a service launch. That analogy doesn't make sense.
  11. Games dead , devs have said don't expect the servers up till midday . No other communication has been given.
  12. Not working and servers down for a launch isnt an issue. It happens to he best mmorgs. Not communicating to your playerbase with updates is. We have no idea what they are doing so we imagine the worse.
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