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  1. We're recruiting. Join us! research flat earth.
  2. Hail Phylor, good to see you =P
  3. Coming for dat ass High Elf Lord
  4. Don't lie @Hipposkill You don't got any friends
  5. It's almost been 2 years, where you at hedge?
  6. Says the guy with no avatar and 2 posts. Go custard yourself.
  7. Yeah I lied, I remember you too Doc =P I'm just being bitter, that's what us SB guys do right?
  8. Was @ Sele Sorry to burst your bubble, you're a nobody to me. Just like I am to you
  9. Just another day, you know. Good to see you're still kicking, we had some good times in vent, haha.
  10. C mother custard murder. Sup brother!
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