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  1. Siv

    Can't Play

    Nah, it was a person named David.
  2. Siv

    Can't Play

    An update for those who care. I emailed the support services, they responded to fix my issue in a very timely manner. Everything is working now.
  3. Siv

    Can't Play

    No, I didn't email them, I used the bug report on the website. I'll try that, thanks!
  4. Hello all! I was gifted Crowfall by a friend last year. I was able to download and play the game on the servers during testing periods and once the live servers went up I was able to play on them as well. I haven't actively played the game in a couple months, but I would semi-regularly log in to select what I was passively leveling. However, about 3 weeks ago now when I launched the game I was greeted with a screen saying that I didn't have permission to play it. This struck me as odd because I had never seen that screen before and had previously accessed the game's content. I tried deleting Crowfall and reinstalling it, but when I went to download it again the download screen just said that I need to make sure I have the access from the store, but again I have played it before. I submitted a bug report a week or two ago, but haven't heard back. These are what I think are the relevant "items" attached to my account: Beta Group 8; Beta 2; Play Test 2 Access Entitlement; Play Test 3 Participant; play-test-4; play-test-5; play-test-6; play-test-7; play-test-8; play-test-9; Digital Game Copy. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a solution that I haven't found? Thanks in advance
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