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  1. Zanos


    Thanks for the response. I am excited for this game if I figure out the Mac changes. Thanks Yumx. I appreciate the information. I will look at both guilds. I am excited to play with a good group.
  2. Zanos


    Well okay then. That sure was a fantastic welcoming from the community.
  3. Zanos


    Greetings, I just wanted to say hello to the community as a whole. I am new here after a little bit of searching through upcoming MMO games, etc. I recently got away from my Windows PC when I had several issues, and in-turn, purchased an iMac. So, I will be playing on Mac and using Bootcamp, I presume. A little background about me: I have been gaming since my younger years with the awesome RuneScape (classic), competitive first person shooters to include Counter Strike 1.6 and beyond, competitive Team Fortress Classic, MMO experiences began on Everquest and EQ2, Age of Conan and the entire Diablo series. As I continue trying to avoid WoW, I can't wait for Crowfall to come out. I would love to get to know the community and start Crowfall upon release rather than trying to play catch-up. I primarily play magic classes and love grouping with the right people. Through my FPS/MMO gaming, I have ran several servers, clans/guilds, and support positions. Times have changed since my past grinding days; while I don't get a chance to play as much as I always want, and definitely don't play as much as I used to when I was younger, I would love to be involved in the community/game/clan. Oh, and I saw some others from Colorado. So, hello from Colorado. Thanks! Zanos
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