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  1. @thomasblair The brigand ranger is quite possibly my favorite class in the whole game! It is extremely fun! That being said, I was talking to Blair the other night in a stream. We were talking about brigand bombs. He was telling me that they should only pull you out of stealth if they do damage. Brigand bombs pull you out of stealth after exploding and doing no damage to anyone. This is an extremely detrimental effect to have on the class. If you are doing "sneaky missions," and you place a bomb a while back, and it goes off right before you engage or right as you are scouting out an enemy force, aaand BOOM you are dead. I hope that brigand doesn’t get an unintentional, and unwarranted nerf like this so soon out of the gate, especially since not many people play it as effectively as Crem or myself. It will be borderline unplayable if anytime a bomb goes off without doing damage it pulls you out of stealth. This is true especially since one of the major strengths of the class is to make a minefield and lure your enemies to their death. With the current bomb set up, that will no longer be a viable strategy. Anyways, the only reason I type this up is because I have fallen in love with this class, and really care about it having a future in Crowfall. Aesthetically the bombs are more pleasing now, though maybe too visible. Though for the noobs sake, I can understand that... I guess. Thank you for your time!
  2. Also awesome point @DocDoom
  3. Lmao actually.... Yes they can......
  4. A good point was brought to my attention. I should clarify what I mean by vets and noobs. By vets I mean people who've played consistently for the past couple years and are fully up to date on how to roll out to have the most impact. By now I mean anyone new or returning after multiple patchs with minor knowledge of class disc subclass interactions as well as lacking knowledge of the more basic to advanced mechanics of the game.
  5. Lmao damn the difference between the vets and noobs is massive, run scarecrow or any anti stealth runes such as mole Hunter or illusionist if it is working. Also there is a large despairity in geared and ungeared players 8-10k hp + the extra resistances and proper knowledge of guard blind spots it should be totally possible for someone like mj to out play some kids who just started playing. This is more of a crying post in my eyes than a call for balance you are whining about a mechanic you barely understand how to deal with. I understand that is frustrating but don't call for a nerf like that when there are many ways and skills built in to counter it. You are just running a sub optimal comp my dude Also as for your suggestion of 5 dwarves fighting 3 stealth characters is so ambiguous, there are Soo many factors that would go into that fight, ie are you prepared to fight stealthers which in a group of 5 you should be or that's just had preparation. In my massive experience, the 5 should win played right. Besides that the tracking mechanic I'd still incoming so that will certainly help people deal with stelth mechanics on top of the aforementioned anti stealth discs in game. As for movement, you dash and Sprint right? If they just flat out out run you that's probably a mount certain class/race combos just have more mobility than others, that's why you pick and choose. You picked stoneborn, one of the least mobile races, if you were running champs you should have 0 issues with mobility. This is just you got out played by a more experience and heavily geared player. Learn from your mistakes dont cry out for change until you fully understand what you are dealing with
  6. Super annoying things

    Lmao right frykka is a wealth of knowledge tbh. I would absolutely love to smash your guild!:) I believe the other guilds need some fresh meat too. Then again noobs aren't that satisfying of a meal anyways :/ But frykka definitely knows what he's talking about. You should try to understand what he is saying before just regurgitating your own inner monologue pertaining to Crowfall. Your little bit of time played is a drop in the ocean compared to some of these guys man. You should totally take the time to learn from them. @idoll
  7. Creatures of Crowfall II - Official Discussion

    IDK who you are man, but try that crap on the Mighty SoberSoul... wont work for you I promise Melee ranger is the biggest joke since people saying that offensive clerics are viable.
  8. Call the Banners! - Official Discussion Thread

    Not many people realize where that git gud crap comes from lmao... funny story...
  9. Creatures of Crowfall II - Official Discussion

    hahaha yall know that mino post is sooo contradictory to itself, yall might wanna revise that seeing as ranger is pretty bunk in close combat fighting in both large group scenarios and 1v1 situations... Y'all are just gonna mislead noobies :/ Also while I am on mino, no other racial abilities cost resource to use, while when using mino charge you will use over half of your resource bar, and it only knocks down, does not drag. Also something is wrong with the way it knocks you down... you cant retaliate in time and after landing that knock down, you have a 100% chance to land a full rend combo which is insanely powerful in small scale engagements. Probably not the right place to post this, but I am centaur main so it doesn't really matter to me, I just wanted to point that out lol
  10. Confirmed centaur master race!
  11. Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    Yeah! How dare we run 2 expose cleanse just for these purposes! For Shame!!
  12. Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    You have to realize here, I have 60% mitigations with my armor + 15k HP+ 3 healers babysitting my ass and counter discs, I was literally built to fight that fight , besides that I did not play stupid, I played my terrain, if anything nerf terrain... Also you need to keep in mind you were playing with a few noobs, and not everyone was focusing the same target, you are making it sound way worse than it really is :/
  13. Guess I'll play Ranger Too

    This is exactly what I have been saying forever! ^
  14. Same thing happened to me, I was hit by centaur charge and slid all the way down the walls to the bottom, I only took about half of the falls worth of falling damage though, it was a weird experience to say the least lol.