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  1. Meurto

    Duelist Kit Feedback

    The point highlighted in this post was my single biggest complaint when playing the duelist. Nothing about combat felt dynamic or fun and there are far too many spenders. I don't like or understand the damage threshold on the bleed and would like to see that removed. The buffs are interesting, but the rng nature makes it less reliable (how I loathed crappy roll the bones rolls) and really exposes the one dimensional nature of the duelist. The absorb spender seems to come out as a wash when you consider the loss of damage for the pips spent. I really like the idea of the class, but they could certainly use a bit more utility other then lmb spam -> spender with flintlock used when available.
  2. You clearly have a unique perspective of what one would consider skill and this discussion isn't going anywhere. If anyone else jumps in and has a thought I will comment, but I am done here.
  3. And you continue to disregard the fact that equipping pixels does not make you a skilled player. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.
  4. Are you asking because you don't know? I've played a number of competitive pvp games some of which had great systems for gear and others that were an absolute nightmare. You seem to be making the assumption, incorrectly I might add, that I am on the outside looking in as it relates to acquiring gear and performing at a high skill cap. I personally won't have any issues achieving any of this and would prefer any encounters I face in the game be decided by which person/group was more skilled and not who had a higher teir of gear.
  5. It certainly is a fallacy and you haven't provided anything to argue otherwise. Every response has been filled with nothing, but empty rhetoric. There isn't some mysterious social landscape that is to be navigated to access gear. You either make it yourself, purchase it or have someone you know kind enough to lend a hand. Read the highlighted sentences. You managed to dismiss the Gear vs Skill argument entirely and at the same time defend it with an example.
  6. All you've done is rephrase the same fallacy. Your ability to equip pixels is completely independent of your actual knowledge of the game mechanics and ability to react to what is happening at any given time during a fight. This is a simple fact that you fail to wrap your head around. There is even a debate regarding this very concept that you may have heard of called Gear vs Skill that has been ongoing for years in MMOs. It is rather amusing as I have encountered a number of players who were under the illusion they were good at pvp, but is was really the gear they were using as a crutch.
  7. I'll address the bolded section as it is a fallacy and deserves some attention. Your ability as a player is comprised of how well you play your class. How well do you understand your characters strengths/weakness? Do you have knowledge of other classes and their mechanics? Can you exploit mistakes made by another player or group? Sure, gear is a small part of that, but more in the sense of what stat bonuses have you focused on or chosen to neglect. Certainly this game is unique in that there are no levels which means fresh players facing veteran players would be similar to low level players facing level capped players in traditional games. The big difference here is that new players will be immediately thrown to the fire where in other games you usually don't have that interaction until you are in similar level ranges or level capped. Obviously this won't be quite as punishing as what I described above, but in other games the new player has a chance of catching the veteran player in terms of level and gear and on paper has a fighting chance. I certainly am not suggesting you run in with starter gear and cover the hillsides with veteran graves, but the top tiers of gear should be relatively close in power. We've gone back and forth a bit here, but I am not so sure we are standing all that far apart from the line drawn in the sand. In the end, you have your opinion and I have mine and it may be that we agree to disagree and I am OK with that.
  8. The first sentence is so vague I am not sure you could argue it either way. Again, no one is asking for (I'm certainly not) some sort of structured fights. Outnumbered? Fine with me. People with better gear? Fine as well as long as if the better player can be competitive.
  9. No one is asking for an esports environment so you seem to have missed the point entirely. Having a game where player skill matters is not synonymous with esports. You seem to be exaggerating the idea of a "fair fight" with your GOT reference as no one is asking for something so structured. The bolded comment could just as easily be rephrased to support my argument by simply removing 'un' in front of unbalanced and adding it in front of fair. In the end the more organized and skilled group should win more often than not.
  10. The only people saying things like this are the ones who can only find success because of superior stats or equipment. The single largest determining factor in who wins or loses should come down to skill. You can have your progression, but that certainly shouldn't mean you just go around slaughtering everyone with a couple mouse clicks.
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