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  1. HI all. Looking for a guild. I have a few online pals that may well be interested as well as we have all played together since SWG times, yes I am that OLD Region: I am from EU - UK Atmosphere: Casual, mostly playing when chilling at home, Hour or so most evenings, RL still important to me as I am an older Gamer, I do enjoy PVP in small groups, - enjoy crafting as well Casual/Hardcore? Casual Size: Prefer an active, but casual in nature guild, size not that important Play-Style: I enjoy playing Main Druid ATM, enjoy DPS but like a few Alts to mix and match Faction: open to offers - usually prefer the underdog Game experience: MMOs: DAOC, SWG, WoW, Vanguard, Dark n LIght, ESO, I have played a lot of Survival Games more recently like ARK, Conan Exiles. 7days to Die as MMO generally now are all a bit too theme park/on rails for me personally.
  2. HI all Noob to Crowfall here - Shame there no chat-ATM, so sorry if you said hi to Swifta - I am not ignoring you
  3. yep no chat for me all day!
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