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  1. Adversary Discord Oh, thanks for the heads up. The join code must of gotten cleared from the links at some point
  2. Just if anyone's curious, we are starting to pick up activity with these newer tests. Some of our guilds pretty excited for 5.5
  3. Sorry for the very late reply, we've been working on a strong community foundation and have been neglecting the forums. We understand people have life's and jobs, so we wont force you to play X amount of hours per week or anything. As long as your a solid at what you do your a welcome edition. Hopefully with Crowfall we can set up a nice system to fuel our crafters to kit out our guilds PvP'ers. Provided we can operate how we want to in game, keeping people with less time to play geared enough to PvP shouldn't be an issue. Feel free to stop by discord sometime and meet the community!
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