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    I enjoy long walks on the beach, deep conversation, holding hands, romance novels, pruning the garden, skinny dipping and piggy-back rides.
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  1. Buckly

    Run Speed(s)

    I didn't even think about wood elf, makes sense now.
  2. Buckly

    Run Speed(s)

    I do agree that people pick races based on strengths/weaknesses, but it does feel a bit arbitrary to me me to say that half-elf is faster than high-elf or human... Why would something that is half human and half elf be faster than either race? Standardizing run speeds out of combat is not going to just make all races the same, there are tons of other differences.
  3. Buckly

    Run Speed(s)

    You're right the only one that makes sense to be faster is Centaur(and possibly Elken)... That's why I added the additional movement speed rolls. But it would probably be better to just give it a flat 10% in both trays. But in combat centaur currently is just as slow/fast as all the other races(at least I think it is), so that's why I figured putting the 10% modifier on both combat and out-of-combat movement speeds..
  4. I'm sure this topic has been broached before, but I thought I would toss my two cents in. The current system where all races have, or in some cases don't have, out of combat run speed buffs feels unnatural and arbitrary. With the upcoming addition of mounts to the game it will only get more messy. All out of combat (survival tree) run buffs should be of equal speed across all races. Then when mounts are entered into the game, give Centaurs a buff that they can cast (similar to summoning your mount) that lets them run at mounted speed. This also opens up for "movement speed" to be an additive possible on boots/horseshoes something like 1-5% for white/green/blue/purple/orange. (windies anyone?) And if you really feel centaurs should always be faster... give them 2x the movement speed roll on horseshoes...because after all they will be wearing 4 horseshoes as opposed to 2 boots.
  5. man-bear-pig!! But seriously, could it not have been a goat-man/boy...?
  6. Is that a Moongate I see?... Let's hope there is no Trammel option....
  7. I didn't see any forum powers listed in the Templar kit...
  8. I'm talking about the reduced decay skill that is in each particular branch of the ore familiarity tree. Going the route of iron, and training the "Harvest Tool Decay: Iron Pick Rune" gives reduced decay solely for iron pickaxes..but eventually you will not be using iron pickaxes so training it is only useful for a short duration, since it is a T3 skill that seems like a pretty big waste of a skill.
  9. That is a great point, but eventually it becomes a useless skill. So while yes having an abundance of iron and having iron picks with more penetration makes sense. Once you move on it becomes totally useless.
  10. I mean, if they are moving towards the "you get more copper with an iron pick" direction the skills themselves swill be totally useful. But the current way it's set up where you just move directly to a gold pick because it gives the most penetration vs every ore type, it is most definitely a useless skill to train.
  11. Specialization that takes you out of the combat tree, and into leatherworking or into mining, how isn't this a specialization? Or when the armor tree splits into pretty awesome benefits for wearing one of the 3 types of armor? I'm not sure how any of that is a "marginal benefit".
  12. That's a great post Degan, very informative. I was surprised to find out all copper, no matter of quality gave .04 CHC...
  13. I believe they are found under the runemaking section of the crafting menu.
  14. I first wanted to make sure that I was understanding the mechanics...and that using certain tool types does not increase the quantity of certain resource types. I am not sure if this was stated by devs in past posts, or if anyone had any relevant information. Chosen did mention in the post above yours that he didn't see any differences in BW but that is not to say that they don't have the mechanic in the works.
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