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  1. When having a target within melee range, you are able to hit and damage enemies through the closest enemy. While the closest enemy can take damage from AOE attacks, as expected, they will not take damage or target priority when a target is directly behind them.
  2. Bug with stealth on logout and logging back in while in stealth state: User will log back in, still in stealth power tray but is not hidden (as far as i can tell) as NPC's will react to the client as if not in stealth mode. Power tray persists until you tray swap. Character walks slower as if still under effects of stealth.
  3. Sprite Animations not functioning correctly in many cases: World asset animation (Fire), skill animations observed (Ranger):
  4. Fire texture animation is not functioning correctly:
  5. Suddenly, visiting my vault and searching for singular things is snappy, responsive and feels good. We crows thank you!
  6. Character Skin Texture missing on loading: Phase 1: If character is loaded in with armor, all visible skin texture is black. This is then fixed partially, by removing the armor. Phase 2: After removal of armor after loading in, the characters head texture remains missing, and is displayed black. Eyes and teeth remain unaffected in both phases. Phase 3: After removal of armor, and placing the armor back onto the character, the characters missing head texture persists. This was observed across Half-Giant, Half-elf and Stoneborn. This issue is believed to persist across all chara
  7. Sounds like we just want to make stealth a timed buff and not permanent, only due to the fact folks can run around unseen and engage on their terms. That is essentially what stealth classes or builds to stealth are. It has limits, counters and requires you to have counter measures in place. If not, yeah, you might just get ambushed by a group of slayers. Stealth in of itself is fine. Classes and their kits on the other hand are either ok, lackluster or down right superb. That looks to change soon.
  8. Whirling pain is a Combo of Massive Cleave. You wont see WP as a skill by itself. mouse over Massive Cleave and you should see Whirling Pain as a Combo move.
  9. Leatherworking: Intermediate Armor Crafting - the recipe calls for "Leather Sheets". These items, once crafted, they cannot be placed into the "Leather Sheet" slot resulting in not being able to craft intermediate armor of any type for leatherworking.
  10. Nethari Female Racial Armor Glitch: Armor glitch upon interacting with objects holding F key. Armor Affected: Leather, Mail, Plate. The cloth parts of the armors in question will go from their down/flowing position and will appear to stand up, like an air draft pushing the cloth above the characters head. this will persist until the interaction animation completes. This was tested on a Nethari Confessor and Nethari Templar.
  11. Stoneborn Champion holds 2h weapons incorrectly. Great Axe and Great Mace. This issue is seen in all attack abilities and basic attack as well as idle in combat.
  12. Are there any plans to address this in some way? Possible Idea: Allow Owners to purchase an in game token that allows their EK to be left up for a specific time. (Allow for refresh as well) The idea here is related to merchants and guilds so that an owner doesn't always have to be online. (Token idea does come as a price, like rent to stay online. Or possible to have multiple owners, who can keep it up.)
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