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  1. The Druid Skill tree has a lot of staff specific training. Has there been any indication if scimitars would be added or if the whole skill tree would be altered to acknowledge this new weapon druids can use?
  2. Are there disciplines that heal self or are they all indirect?
  3. We do lack ranged classes. I think the Kusarigama is not going to make it into the game.
  4. These are great thanks for sharing. You are so good at landing that Bear. I've taken it off my bars in most of my builds cause I can never land it.
  5. I've watched the video a couple times trying to learn what I can. It's very entertaining btw. It appears you almost exclusively use your 1 and 2 powers for your damage and you are pretty good about keeping the electric debuff (#6) on your target. You also sprinkle in a little 3 from Troubador which I believe is a movement slow. I believe the Druid dark pwr tray already has a movement slow option. What is the gain from Troubador? I feel like I'm missing something. Also do y'all Druids think they will allow the Dryad orbs to be moved to LMB on the dark tray at some point? Also do you think it was intentional that the Disciplines seem to be healing better than the designated support classes? I am hopeful that through balancing the Druid healing will be brought back in line and that a class with zero support/heal points will not be an effective healer with any healing discipline taken.
  6. Ranged healer that didn't have an Essence balancing act to contend with. Of course competent enough to PvE solo.
  7. Hrm. I was having a lot of trouble with my tray's this weekend. I wonder if I overlooked the fact that I wasn't in the death tray when trying the scimitar build. I did craft the scimitar and corresponding disciplines. I'll try again, thanks.
  8. No functional at this time. No basic weapon Scimitar. No animation in at this time. Unable to add the "Master of Scimitars" skills to the skill bar. You would equip a buckler in the off hand. You can still spec into healing disciplines. Curious about this build too as I'm not enjoying the tray swapping to gain Essence. Wish there was a better way to heal self than the Orbs. I think it would make the gaining of Essence friendlier. With all the new disciplines kiting is more difficult and casting a dozen orbs to get a little bit of health back and a little bit of Essence so you can go back to offense is no fun.
  9. I caught about 3 hours today off and on today, but missed all things Cleric. Was there anything you could elaborate on as far as the Cleric class. I understand it is not a repeat of Legio. Is it still a melee based healer? What is meant by severely toned healing down? Are you saying there will be no weapons with +healing power? Was there any time frame on when more Cleric info may be shared or the class brought into the game?
  10. I don't understand exclusive off line training. It incentivizes me to not be in the game to accomplish my goals. I do understand using off line training as a tool to decrease the disparity between someone that can play 12 hours a day and someone that can play 3 hours a day.
  11. Is the Discipline Dryad skill "Form Life" redundant to a druid that already has the ability to generate healing orbs?
  12. Why are Frostweaver's barely addressed in the disciplines? Why so few ranged magic damage disciplines in general?
  13. What resource is used by the Druid to dmg and heal(provided they take a Discipline that can heal) if they take the Master of Scimitars removing their healing bar and their ability to gain Essensce?
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