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  1. FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS tonight @ 100)CDT in my EK (with the same name). DM me with above contacts if intrested
  2. FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS RETURNS with FNF -9 This will be the First Friday Night Fights in 5.7 Live, Let me know if your intrested!! Fights start at 1000 CDT Contact information is above
  3. Due to new Campaign Launching today there will be no Firday Night Fights tonight. Friday Night Fights 9 will be back next Friday 8/10/18
  4. That time again! Let me know in the provided means above if you would like to join in on the Tournament tonight! This will be the First Friday night Fights in 5.7!!!! Starts in 1 hour
  5. Its Friday again, and that means another FIRDAY NIGHT FIGHTS. FIghts start at 10pm CST, rules are above. Please let me know with the contacts provided above or a post in this thread if interested! Have a Good Friday My fellow Crows
  6. Obviously super late to make a Forum Post but just want to Get this out there for anyone Interested that doesn't know. Evert Friday Night @ 10pm CST I put on a 1 v 1 Dueling Tournament in My EK: FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS Rules are as followed 1. Basic weapons, no Armor, Basic vessels 2. Set disciplines at the beginning of the tournament and no switching - Any disciplines giving buffs for #of enemies present or Spider Queen Discipline. is banned 3. Tournament is Double Elim. Last night we just completed FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS 6 - Winners of Previous Tournaments include - Shadowboi, Hunt, Mjayed, and ZeFx If you are ever interested in participating Hit me up on: Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/redbeard_14 Discord PM - Redbeard_14#6281
  7. I do like the lore of Hero. I think I will have to wait and learn more about how the system works and if its the only other means of gaining XP/leveling up builds. Would also like to learn if there are specific buff/stats involved with each choice. If this is just made "a way" to gain XP and not the "only way" then it's not a deal breaker.
  8. I'm just, as a player, providing feed back for the developer from my view point. I made a suggestion in a prior post to suggest something along the lines as dedicating supplies for the cause of your faction aka to supply your factions economy or militia to level up along side their choice of the sacrifice system but It could also be along the lines of a statue of an"unknown god".
  9. Valid point, but It's not the "God" thing I'm uncomfortable with, its the sacrificing to one these "gods". I like to create lore and a back story for my character in MMO's ( i am aware that it's not unnecessary and stupid to some) that agree with my beliefs. Sacrificing to a god in the game just rubs me wrong. A part of MMO's that draw people to them is the fantasy part of it, an opportunity to relate to your character and to feel "attached" to there development. I'm not saying scrap the idea, I'm just hoping/asking for an alternative for players who may feel this way.
  10. I appreciate you speaking up about this topic. This system also make me uncomfortable. I always prefer the order or faction based systems over the "Gods" standpoint ex (horde vs alliance) or even Order vs balance vs chaos It makes me uneasy thinking about sacrificing to a god, be it real or in a game. I really like a lot of the things the team has done so far in the game, but was sad to hear this was being implemented. Hopefully they can put in a option for those who do not want to participate in this system such as dedicating your supplies to the cause of your faction.
  11. "Character customization is crucial for players to create an identity that they can connect with in-game. It’s been very important to us here on the Crowfall® team to give you all a sense of choice when creating yours." This is what worries me about the vessel system, that it will be hard to connect to a character that i just fly in and out of, `or that I could possibly lose completely if i'm going into a certain relm.
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