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  1. Well, as you can guess.. I had to leave for a while due to a medical condition which I have resolved for now. The guild is pretty much over, and in the state is currently is in I can't do anything to bring back the guild currently. For now, I'm closing the guild. Good luck to everyone who WAS in the guild. And anyone who was still hopeful, I'm sorry, but Lantern Watch is the place you'll probably want to go to. I'll be around the forums. -Joker
  2. Unfortunately with the bulk of our community gone we need to talk things through as a group. Lots of decisions to be made in order to keep the guild growing. I'm posting a thread on our website now, if you didn't manage to find the link but you still want to join: Welcome and here's the website! http://lastcall-cf.shivtr.com/ Come join our little community. It's just a group of friends now.
  3. Will be keeping an eye on all the posts on your site! Staying good here. -Joker
  4. Hey, so we've more or less sorted out communications wise. We'll definitely have a proper TS or Vent server when the games out. This is important stuff. How's everyone doing? Also, you can feel free to PM me anytime.
  5. Nothing more to say than this. We'll let you go as easily as we'll let you in if you find the right place for you.
  6. Never heard of them before but pretty decent stuff. I'm into pretty much all genres of music.
  7. Thanks for this a lot. We'll be staying the entire time! Good write up and I hope to see you around the forums, and in game once it's released! -Joker
  8. Nobody turned anyone against anyone. What happened happened. I'm slightly disappointed nobody looked at my attempts or commented on them before you all packed bags, but I did say in my first ever post, I didn't mind if people found a guild that suited them better. Good luck with your guild. Enjoy the game when it's out. Best of luck -Joker
  9. Pm'd about this situation? Not even once. Previously yes. Goodbye, and goodluck. I hope your new guild goes well, and enjoy the game when it's out. -Joker
  10. I never said you quit because of my health. I said I honestly couldn't properly manage the guild at my bad health. I hope you didn't misunderstand at all. I really don't want a argument, we're friendly people, and I don't want to take any personal problems down in the guild thread. If you really want to talk PM me please. Thanks.. -Joker
  11. People who are still around for the guild, just post or send me a PM, I'm interested in knowing who is around so I can send any important PM notices to the right people. And after a while, we'll be sorting out officers based on who you want! We just gotta get more people currently I feel. Thanks! Welcome in, we're newly reformed man! Did you get the guild website link?
  12. Thanks for the friendliness. I really hope you enjoy the game once it's released, and the buildup to it.
  13. I gave you the reason as to why that bad period happened, and many things have been done, you didn't see them through, or even respond to any of my threads or attempts to fix it. Could you please not try to make it seems like this is an awful guild on our thread, man? What's happened was your decision and I apologized for my bad health made the amends I could. I would have liked you to see it through for a bit to see what I did. But, that doesn't happen. I'm not angry or anything, just disappointed you weren't hopeful or faithful enough to see it through. With the game not even out in alpha or beta, it was a really early jump. I'm just disappointed, I respect your decision, but I just don't understand. Please remove the comment if that's ok? I'm keeping this guild running.
  14. One more message. It seems all the people have left without seeing the change or my attempt to get over the problem, so I'm going to stay with you all, whoever is left here and we'll persevere. Stay faithful. -Joker.
  15. So apparently a group couldn't deal with me being in ill health. I did my best to please them, I can't fix what I missed on but unfortunately what I did do, which is what was asked of, isn't enough. Lets see where this goes. As to why, Only one person in the group has actually talked to me and responded on everything. I don't expect people to stay. But if you want to leave, at least talk to me about it when you do. Alright?
  16. As you know. The leadership part of the guild failed you recently. This is due to my bad health, honestly, I hadn't expected it to turn this way, and I'd have liked to stay your ever faithful leader, but my main concern is making you HAPPY to be in a community. A friendly community. Not forgetting our key aspects I have decided.. You will be voting on a leader. Make your choice. I'll put out a poll for you with the best people for the job soon, but for now. I need you to cast your favorite best member of the guild. This is for you all. -Joker
  17. Another thread is up now. I want you to post in it "Visions and personal ideas" for a while you've been wanting to just discuss the guild in general, where you want it to go, what you think of it currently, what you'd like to see. Just post it all. I'll be looking at it daily, I mean it. This is important stuff. Expect more from this point onwards.
  18. Farewell, I wish you the best in finding the guild suited to you. Good luck, hoping to see you in game upon release.
  19. If you are reading this post right now, and you are in this guild. Shame on you. Get on the website. Hit up that all important new thread. Give me your feedback votes and your ideas!
  20. I would like to welcome everyone to the guild. This is where it is a PROPER guild. TO be honest, my health had been failing a lot recently, so my replies and answers to you all have been lacking. My time put it has been decreasing etc. I apologize for all this, and would like to inform you all of the problems. Just expect a LOT more. New thread up on guild site. VERY IMPORTANT. Please take a look.
  21. Nice seeing some more friendly people around the forums! Go check our thread out if you're looking for some friends.. Just look for most replied or most viewed and you'll see us at the top Looking forward to seeing you in game, when it's out. Good luck starting up -Joker
  22. I'm updating the TRUE member list on page 1 OP. Welcome, man! It's all good here. http://lastcall-cf.shivtr.com/
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