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  1. The Cantina

    Something like this would give campfires more purpose.
  2. I know 5.6 is coming, but I'd like to mention a couple of things. In-world environment: Please make training dummies on solid ground. I'm not able to test some area effect spells with the dummies on the raised platform. In-world GUI: The crafting window will sometimes get "stuck" with part of it off-screen, and even dragging the window won't pull it down. It's as if it's rooted too high y-axis offset. I can sometimes clear this by changing out of Fullscreen mode into Windowed mode (and sometimes increasing my display resolution) and then I get get the window to appear completely in the display. Lobby GUI: Please give a way to sort Kingdoms by online/offline. Some GUI bugs with the skill tree. Check the overview skill tree percentage completions for correctness. For example, I have Basic Crafting trained to 100%. On the screen for that skill I see it as 100%, but from the skill tree overview, the value is not updating properly. It only ever reads 5% for me. If you have VIP and can train two skills/classes/races. When already learning one and beginning training on another, the GUI asks whether to stop training on the other skill or not. However, the dialog isn't working and will only let you stop training and replace it with the chosen skill. You have to start at the top-level screen and drill down to get both to train. One game design comment: With the understanding not everything in the game should be open to solo players, there should be enough depth to the skill system to allow solo players to craft items of every profession. Specifically, I'm referring to halite and cinnibar only coming from mother loads, which is used to make the ambrosia to restore limbs in necromancy. I agree with these kinds of progression blocks to prevent solo players from achieving the pinnacle of crafting in all things. But please add a lower tier of materials, or make some materials optional, such that solo necromancers can practice their craft to some extent. (Necromancers aren't known for being gregarious.) Unless the design is that every profession is dependent on group play in all tiers, the lower tiers of all professions should be achievable by solo play. One development/marketing comment: Regarding soft launch, Shroud of the Avatar opted for an early soft launch, but in retrospect it could have used another wipe before balance issues were identified and corrected. By that time it was too late, and they already had their land rush. Granted, it's a substantially different game. However, it's better to prepare beta testers with the knowledge of a coming reset before a hard launch than to suffer with balance issues after commercial release.
  3. Watched the video. Nice Q&A. Performance was much improved for me, and I got some crafting and fighting done this weekend. I compared gray, white, green, and blue basic gear, and even made some archetype main weapons of various types. With some equipment on hand, I had some pvp battles and had fun win, lose, or draw. I recognize there are many placeholders, but the game is very playable. I am glad to hear a guild system is coming soon, and look forward to learning about campaigns. I do think the lack of mobs is an impediment to playtest. There are no monsters to beat on to learn your abilities and the lack of resources makes crafting many items extra challenging.