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  1. Veteran players will always have an advantage over newer players in an MMO. I don't know of an existing game that I could hop in today and feel competitive against players who have played for a year. The gap between installing Crowfall and being able to play with everybody else is wildly overstated. I have like 20% of my combat trees leveled and the only crafting I have maxed is my runecrafting. While I currently have a top tier vessel and good gear, I have felt competitive even in a blue vessel with wartribe gear. Once you learn how to effectively collect dust / embers, you really have access to everything you could want. What I see is people seem to want to be able to log in day 1 and go fight a veteran player 1v1 as a solo player. You need to be in a guild that compliments your needs. Without that you will always be behind others regardless of your passive training.
  2. Defenders have an advantage in most situations. I am not sure letting the entire server teleport to a location as soon as an enemy shows up would serve any kind of purpose.
  3. The crafting ones weren't there last time I checked (I think they were at one point).
  4. Banshee Major - Ghost Army is rarely hitting enemies. Ghosts will pass through the enemy showing no damage in log.
  5. The circle for Cleric's Holy Symbol does not remain visible for the duration of the spell. It fades after the initial tick.
  6. Chicken ticker is decreasing way too fast. When looting multiple bodies, you have to close the inventory each time to interact with the next loot-able object There doesn't seem to be any way to retrieve an item from the account vault. Easy to dump everything in there, but I can't pull anything out. I tried to access from temple. When I went to account vault from the main screen, it shows no world banks available to bring the items into.
  7. Split stack box shows up with parts off the screen if you split with the stack either on the far right or far bottom of your inventory. Today when I was trying to split a stack at the bottom of the inventory, the confirm/cancel click boxes were off the screen and I could not get the dialogue box to go away. Had to fully exit game - just logging out did not work.
  8. I don't consider myself a 'crafter', but I do tend to dabble in crafting on any game I play. In my limited time (2 days) messing with the crafting in this game, here are some ideas I have (probably in random order as I stream of thought this post). I apologize for any of these items already discussed elsewhere: I think a 'click-through' feature for sub-recipes would be amazing (see GW2). When you look at the main thing you want to craft, you should be able to click on the components to go to their recipes and craft them. After completion you can close that and be back in the original recipe to either craft that or repeat with other components. Even better might be if the grand recipe had the entire tree mapped into it and you could craft all its components in the same window. Is drag/drop the best option for adding materials? Maybe clicking on the box and then you are given a window with only eligible materials for that box and you select one? Or at minimum you can select the box and your inventory grays out non-eligible items. Failure rates are exponential, so you really only need a very small failure rate to still have a decent chance to fail at creating the greater items you are trying to make: Item A with a 99% success rate, comprised of items B (99%) and C (99%) would have an effective success rate of 97% (chance to craft all needed items and final item without failure). This is only a rough estimate because if one component fails, you don't lose the other and have to only re-make the failed one, but if you fail the final item you have to remake them alI. I relate this to a poker tournament. To win a poker tournament, you have a very small chance to win if you put all your money in every time you have a % advantage in a hand. I would have to dig up my old Dan Harrington book to get more into this (I think it was his book), but he talks about one tournament Chris Ferguson won and broke down the odds of the hands he had to win. While the success rate on the individual craft might say 99%, the effective success rate really needs to take into account every sub-craft. If you take something with a 75% success rate and components of similar rates, you actually are very likely to lose your base materials in the process. With that said, a player might be able to just buy / trade for the sub-components and not be working from base materials. Maybe this creates a market for somebody crafting at each tier so the high level crafter isn't wasting time on components. I will have more thoughts, but I have to run out.
  9. I am not sure a major catch-up system is needed. Part of the issue is how do we break the mindset of games needing to be balanced at a player level as opposed to a group level? The biggest gap will be in learning game mechanics and figuring out how to play. A new player also will not have the connections, friends or guild to be able to fully get a group experience, so they will wander around on their own for a while. Give that new player maxed out everything and I would think they would still get slaughtered by somebody who had actually played the game for the amount of time to get to those levels. I have a few thoughts for this: Some sort of 'practice' world only available to players under some amount of time played. This could lead to people making new accounts just to mess around in that area, but if it kicks you out after a week/month/whatever works, I don't see many people wanting to buy new accounts that often. Some kind of new player recruitment option for guilds / lords / whatever that happens as soon as you begin the game. If you are opted in to this (open recruitment of some sort) then the new player is given your group as one of their options to join. There could also be a recruitment area in the new player world or something. One other thing to think about is that there will be a slight new player advantage in some aspects. Out the gate many people will dive down a training path and may find that they change their mind and have to go down another path (this goes away after everything is completely maxed, but how long will that take? To get each archetype, and each other skill tree). A new player will have however much time of people doing research for them and trying out builds / styles that will be documented everywhere. Introducing any new archetypes would also be a kind of reset button where nobody would have any training in that archetype (of course, combat / exploration and crafting skills would be far behind). One other thing that might help too is some sort of looting restrictions depending on skill point gaps. Something like X% of your inventory is protected. Or maybe for the first month half of your inventory is protected. This might make new players a resource to groups as mules to carry stuff so some is protected in the event of a wipe. Sorry my thoughts are a bit all over the place. I just don't think attribute gaps will be the difference maker here.
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