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  1. Thanks for posting. At one point we had to start shutting things down; I think you came in at the time when that started happening.
  2. We will. We just need some litmus tests done before we can start adding different campaigns and layers. Todd and Pann will let you know as soon as those things come on. Keep your eyes peeled for it. I also just really wanted to relay the info that the horses in the Sun temple had a name but I had to remove them to make them objects instead of NPCs. SOMEONE kept killing them during our testing cycles. They were really clever names, too. Artax Hunter Horse Helmsley Man O' War I spent like 5 minutes coming up with those names, too. RIP.
  3. This sounds like a potential bug. Do you mind cross-posting this in the bug thread, please? I'm not sure if it's fully intended.
  4. THE HORSES HAD A NAME BUT I HAD TO REMOVE IT BECAUSE THEY KEPT KILLING MY SON! His name was Hangman Hunter Helmsley RIP This is an issue we're trying to adjust currently. BOLO for a fix in the future.
  5. I'm also going to drop a few links here for you if you want a bit more in-depth info on Cooking and Alchemy. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/cooking-with-valkro/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xzOjCslFrU
  6. Hello! Let me see if I can at least answer a few of these points real quick. That's still in the initial plan for plant gathering. Right now, the quality of mats collected from plants are either common or rare depending on the plant but this may (or may not) expand to include all quality tiers in the future. The current amount yielded on harvesting is pretty consistent for all players at the moment, but could potentially change if the reaping skill becomes trainable. So this is an interesting question and I'm curious to know what feedback I'll get after I answer this. Initial
  7. Hello! Someone gave me a heads up about this thread and I thought it would be a good idea to pop in here and say a few things. The absolute first of which is that, even though Crowfall is currently a live product, it is in no way, shape, or form, completed. I've mentioned this before a few times, but one of the unique attributes of working on a live game is the ability to iterate after a few play cycles. I'm going to use our skill trees as an actual example of this iteration cycle to hopefully paint a bigger picture of how the iteration process on a live product can work. Up until a few
  8. I believe this is correct with the exception of it being its own stat. I think it's tied to our adjective system and the messaging with it is a little fuzzy.
  9. Ahhh ok I see now. This is a bug in 5.100 but should be fixed in 5.110. When I was testing it the "Can equip" field was visible and said "TMPLR".
  10. I believe it's a Templar only discipline and looks to work with the Templar Execute power. I don't think it's intended to be equipable on the other classes. That sounds like a bug.
  11. Looking at our data, I believe this is the intention of the Finish Him! minor discipline. @Balathan
  12. Powers are legit my achilles heel but I can try to dig into this a bit further. If I'm reading this right, it does an additional percentage of weapon damage, but I'm not 100% certain of this. @mhalashace or @thomasblair Do you have any more info you could share about the above powers questions?
  13. This is all such great info! Thanks for streaming, and as always, I'll try my best to answer any of your questions if you have any related to design.
  14. Holy double-posts! Sorry y'all. I think I deleted all the dupes
  15. This is actually intentional. Since you can put things on the survival tray, like consumables (food, potions, bandages) it was setup as a shortcut to be able to drag things to this tray with ease of use. Thanks for the bug report!
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