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  1. Also including recent patch notes that were not posted to the forums. 5/18/18 Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.6 Welcome to Vassals and Skills Update To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: Feedback and Bug Reports Thread Skill Trees: Fix a bug in strings on the tooltip for skill trees. Eternal Kingdoms and Vassals: Fixed an issue that could cause players to not be able to edit parcels in a public kingdom that they were a noble in. Campaigns: Updated beachhead to fix missing texture on cottage. General Bug Fixes: Fixed up shadows flickering in the distance, but now have a little more pronounced floating at our feet. Adjusted down shadow map resolution so performance on GPU side is better. Banks will now work correctly with range checks and they will no longer flicker when closed while not active. Flytext on Harvesting Nodes should now be visible. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5/17/18 Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.6 Welcome to Vassals and Skills Update Skill Trees: Fixed the bug in which after adding pips to a skill node, both campaign and EK doesn't update the stats real time. Adjusted skill trees pre-requisites values to take into account new skill node values. "Select" and "View Skills" UI should no longer display when exiting the skills menu. Fixed a bug that was preventing training when switching skill trees. Eternal Kingdoms and Vassals: Fixed an issue where movement in building placement mode could be locked up by fluctuations in framerate. Fixed issue where ejecting someone else's building that had your vendor stall (or similar attachable item) would cause your item to disappear. Fixed issue where banned a player who had been granted tokens would not return those tokens back to the parcel owner. Fixed a bug that prevented parcel owners from retrieving tokens once they had given away all of the desired type. Fixed issue where removing a vassal whose house you had attached a vendor to would properly mail back the house but leave your vendor floating in the air. Campaigns: Added in edge world fog for 5.6. General Bug Fixes: Updated vessel tooltip to show base stats and points spent. Fixed an issue where terrain quality settings were not being applied. However, by design, since there are no performance gains from switching to a low quality shader, the terrain shader will always be the highest quality for all quality levels. Fixed the visual issue with trying to drag a power to the power tray on the first try. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5/10/18 Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.6 Welcome to Vassals and Skills Update Skill Trees: Updated skill XP values for crafting skill trees. Race skill trees now have data in them. Added stats into the crafting research lines in addition to the recipes granted. Fix added for both profession tracks appearing as "primary". Skill Tooltips now support more than 5 stats in a single skill node. Eternal Kingdoms and Vassals: Added chat command /ekdisplayparcelowner. Showing icons for objects in an EK. Player Movement: Fixed hitch when trying to switch to stealth tray while airborne. Players with Master of Bows should now be able to jump while in the Ranged Tray. Sprint is now a client immediate Hold-and-Release power. Apply fly direction for powers that have a vertical root motion without waiting for liftoff, since some jumps have a slight skid before takeoff. Fixed an issue with walk getting stuck after any movement or action. Fixed an issue with teleport desynch for observed players. Added a fix for Shield Slam getting stuck by jumping or sprinting. Crafting: Shifted where crafting recipes are granted for jewelcrafting, woodworking, and runemaking, leatherworking, blacksmithing, stonemasonry, and alchemy. Marking Crypt Parcel Recipe and Crafting Deck Recipe as no longer prototype. Campaign: Fix to make sure POI's in datalayers show up on the map. Shire parcel with the fort turned on works. Move POI icons up to 0 elevation, if they're negative elevation (below the terrain) on the map. Canyon exported to get POI icons from data layers. Fixed naming of parcels in Mourning. Fixed lack of dragon spawn points in Mourning. General Bug Fixes: Some tooltip fixes to tooltips going off the bottom of the screen, fixed some input issues with tooltips not closing. Adjusted Male Fae Camera offsets to not be so low. Fixed the missing highlight for active harvesting tool. Reworked some keybinding options so that we can successfully bind ESDF instead of WASD for movement. Increased doober trigger volume size so they're easier to pickup. Updated vessel tooltip to show base stats and points spent & fixed bug with guinecean basic attack appearing unusable.
  2. It's not just you. This is a legit bug we're working on fixing soon, hopefully. I just like to pretend he's in "Action Figure" mode.
  3. Yeah, I definitely can see that. Hopefully we'll get something in the works soon to remedy this one!
  4. Ahh, indeed there aren't any. I'll get in a bug and see if there is a design reason why we don't have any or if it's just a slight overlook.
  5. Murder of Crows AMA

    I'd really like to meet all of you. Such varied backgrounds and interests would make for some fun conversation, good stories, and lots of hijinks. Maybe we can make that happen with a Crowcon or something. My offering to this thread goes back around to a few pages ago when we were talking about creepy pasta and podcasts. I give to you my favorite YouTube channel on the subject of creepy. I just really like the cadence and tone of the narrator and I hope you do too! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheTop5ss Anyway, back to the AMA. Crows, what's the farthest you've ever traveled and was it for work, leisure, or both? Are there any places in the world you think everyone needs to see at least once? Is Disney World really the happiest place on Earth? Do you collect anything? I have a ridiculous belt buckle, amiibo, various types of yarn (for knitting!) and Pokemon enamel pin collection. (Here's hoping I don't threadkill again!)
  6. This is indeed a bug and we're looking into it.
  7. This is one of those awkward growing pain situations with a new feature being implemented. Current idea is that extra small will be items like decorations and banners. I know it isn't ideal at the moment but it is still in flux and could potentially get tweaked more soon.
  8. Excellent, good to know. I've adjusted the interact radius on the crafting stations to be smaller, too. Hopefully this will help alleviate the problem. If it doesn't I'll move the vendors to a central place in the Forts and Keeps so they're easier to locate and use.
  9. I noticed that earlier when trying to figure this bug out. Looks like the vendor was sitting on the job and was in a mood to not dole out things. When I was able to reproduce the issue it looked like the interact radius was completely off from the vendor because he was sitting, not standing.
  10. When you tried to interact with these vendors were they sitting down?
  11. I've updated the token type for the crafting tables to be Small instead of Medium. This change didn't make it into last night's test but should be available soon. As for those persnickety water wells, I'm not sure why the display name isn't appearing anymore but we had to make some changes due to people using the flasks as a sacrifice speed leveling item. From the 5.6 patch notes: "Updated the interact type on the water well to now function more like a chest which means water flask availability is now set to a respawn time. Set sacrifice value on water flask to be a lot lower and lowering the max stack size of water flasks." The amount of time to respawn seems to vary between 10 minutes to 30 minutes. That seems a bit brutal and I may lower that value a bit more, but that should hopefully answer some of the questions you had about them.
  12. And that's what this thread is for! This is why I love developing MMOs! the community feedback is crucial which leads to expanding on current systems or re-tuning them so it makes for a better play experience. It's like an ever-evolving process and it's so cool seeing how things change due to the players' overall impact and reactions.
  13. That's fair. We're also still in the experiment stage of trying to get things going and we're also trying to figure out how to set things up so it isn't too difficult to get started as a new player so please keep in mind this isn't set in stone and could potentially change in the future.
  14. Whoops, let me clarify. The general crafting station no longer has any skill blocks but you will need to use a crafting station (either in the campaign world at a fort or keep) or a station already placed in an EK to create it. It should be a bit more flexible this way since you can find the general or the stonemasonry crafting stations through out the forts and keeps, and now since you can use other people's crafting stations in EK you can craft it there, too. Clear as mud?
  15. Next patch should have the General (aka Intermediate) crafting station as available to create without skill training. This will still require a crafting station to make, but once you do you'll be able to have a general station in your EK that you can use to craft some of the more important items.