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  1. Totally agree with your points, would love to see animal companions be a fluff version of some passive\active bonus, and not some extra damage "second enemy to have to attack". Would like to see the "stealth" option for Ranger to be more as you say, camoflauge where its more about being hidden from sight while scouting out enemies, and not just trying to be another stealthy assassin. More thematic nature-survivalist would be nice to see.
  2. Ive never seen past the basic axes in this game, which are way oversized atm, do they change with tiers?
  3. ArngrimTV

    Ranger stealth

    I just want more stealth on my ranger than a stand still and hide type of skill, im not expecting to be an Assassin, but i want some sort of "limited" camoflauge\stealth that lets me at least feel like im stalking prey or hunting while hidden, without beeing limited to standing still. I'd be fine with just beeing able to stealth, without a dedicated stealth bar for things like backstabs etc, leave that for the Assassin.
  4. I wanna roll a Half-Elf for that Armor alone, but Half-Elf has no beards.. decisions decisions.. do we know what armor Humans get? Looks like Half-Elf got the old Ranger class specific armor?
  5. Im atually glad it's a seperate thing, i have no interest in invest skills into any major crafting, but i do like to gather, so ill probably spend the skills into some of that instead.
  6. Only pet i'd be ok with would be a Bird of Prey for scouting or "hunting". But taming animals like alot of "rangers" tend to do in games nowdays isn't something i normally associate with a Ranger tbh. At least not permanent ones. I realise this is a necro, but most of the Rangers threads are ooooooold, and i'd rather just keep the discussion in its topic, then just rehashing a new one.
  7. Find it kinda funny that there is a "Test server" for the test server so to speak. They wan't us to test the game, but everyone is playing on the test, test server.
  8. I just want to be a surivivalist outdoorsman type of ranger, if i could choose weapon type i'd pick a 2 handed sword or something, but as long as i get to use my bow aswell im good. Throw in some basic stealth\camoflauge and im set.
  9. I don't mind the dual daggers, but i would like to see other options, like a single 2 handed sword, or even a spear.. don't see spears in games alot.
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