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  1. So I am of the exact opposite opinion of the OP. Having played "assassin" types in many, many MMOs the class in its current form here is best suited for solo play. I haven't really pvp'd with it much, but it currently really reminds me of the stunlock rogue from WoW vanilla. It is going to be the class that gets the most "nerf" calls when the game goes live regardless of how balanced it is. The ability to stealth in, pick your target, initiate the fight with a stun and go into a second stun soon after is just going to be hard for other classes to recover from. Positioning isn't much of a problem when your opponent is spending quality time being stunned. This is definitely an anti-harvester class and really lends itself to solo gankers. In terms of harvesting, it will be a GREAT class for that. It pves fairly quickly so you can grind that out fast. You can stealth into anywhere and find the right rock, tree, or ore node you are looking for, bang on it, then stealth back out limiting your vulnerability window. It is pretty much a super solo friendly class. But it won't be very good at a team role. Teams will be too mobile for him to be able to keep up in stealth, so his greatest strength will be negated. When teams are doing damage at range, the assassin is going to have to rely on a gimped bow, or gimp everything else to be decent at a bow. A team of assassins won't be any good either as they will be easily kited once their openers all hit. The only real purpose an assassin will have in a pvp group is their ability to scout in stealth. The group leader will have one or two assassins in their group go see what is going on at "x" keep while the rest of the group is pvping somewhere else. So basically they will be with a group, then told to go solo somewhere else while the rest of the group does the actual pvp.
  2. Blasphemy!!! The time of the assasin is nigh.
  3. Have deadly daggers (actually an old parring knife and a straw with a pointy end cut out)...check. Be prepared to be stealthy by wearing poorly made ninja outfit at your computer....check. Fully stocked on coffee, bourbon, and starbursts for plenty of "energy"....check. Made a set of wings out of a trash bag and clothes hanger, but ditched them the moment the "reveal" happened....check. I am all set!!! Give us assasin now please! ?
  4. Everyone here is both an investor and a player. So it is understandable that everyone feels the weight of their opinions should carry a bit more weight than a typical player. But our job as investors is to help them succeed, not incessantly gripe about the latest change (or lack thereof) that affect your individual play style or player goals. I am all for challenging the devs to make a fun and sustainable game. I think by and large the community does a pretty good job of presenting their points respectfully. I have NOT seen any indication that devs are "taking a fat check" and developing at their leisure so as to stretch out the process for continued salaries. I don't think that is what this team is about. They seem to have a lofty vision and that vision is going to take time. I have seen progress in the very short time I invested. I see that each test cycle a different track is taken so that no two tests are the same. I support this team and have a high degree of confidence that the end product will live up to mine and their expectations. In the end, it's just sixty bucks for me. Those that invested more made a risk vs reward decision. If you aren't getting what you thought you would I have no sympathy. Welcome to life, where sometimes you don't get what you wanted.
  5. I think what this thread needs is a little John Lennon. Imagine there's no Devs.... its easy if you try. No hell below us... above us only sky. Imagine all the vessels...living life in peace.... Though now that I think about it, that seems pretty boring.
  6. I have played MMOs for years. When DAoC launched, it was more common to see a character with a "healbot" than without it. This was due to the nature of DAoC's design. In other games it is much more uncommon to see people with multiple accounts. But in those games, characters can easily fulfill lots of roles on one account. Crowfall won't have that option. Regardless of what the designers are aiming for, the result will be a substantial portion of the player population will have multiple accounts. I am not saying this is necessarily good or bad, but if you don't believe that multi-accounts will be the norm then just aren't being realistic. I am saying we should understand that MOST players will be multi-account holders. We shouldn't bury our heads in the sand and pretend that won't be the case because "that's the glorious vision of our designer overlords." Once we get that out of the way, do we really need to make all sorts of systems to counteract or limit people if they play more than one account? I say no, it is a waste of time. People will get on their harvesting alt, when they want to harvest... but they won't be on their pvp alt so they incur greater risk of losing any fights if they are discovered. Then they will get on their crafting alt, to make the most out of the materials they collected. Then they will get on their pvp alt when they want to go fight and are sick of doing nonsense. That is absolutely going to be the norm. Why do we need to create some sort of balancing system if the vast majority of people have multiple accounts?
  7. So you are saying that in your guild, one group of players is ONLY going to harvest for the entirety of the game's life. Another group of players is ONLY going to craft for the entirety of the game's life. The rest of your guild will enjoy the game as pvpers and reap the benefits of their harvesting and crafting slaves? That's ridiculous. You already stated that you had an alt account. How many in your guild are planning on running multiple accounts? My guess is somewhere near 100%. The game's design almost necessitates it. You can try and dance around that all day with less-than-clever semantics, but that is the reality.
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