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  1. Ahh, is there a way to see when it's up, like a website link they have here or something similar? And I guess this means no shot at the mug before May 31 is over? Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hello, Everytime I try to log on to the TEST Server it says it is down for maintenance. Is this true and it's been down for the last two weeks or am I doing something wrong? I log in with my account name not my email address so I am not sure what I am missing. Perhaps I do not have access to the TEST server? I am trying to get the pretty mug for this month > < Thanks
  3. Hello, Perhaps an odd question, but where can I find the guild I created? I did it like 8 months ago or so, and I forgot where to find all of that stuff. Thanks
  4. I am playing a Elken Confessor myself because it seems like a cool combination. I am hoping when they do the sub class or whatever the feature is that gives you other options I can make use out of my DEX/STR and perhaps dual wield short swords or use a bow and mix it with the fire magic. It is a cool race/class combination for sure.
  5. Thanks! I was able to get ahold of customer service to help. It was extremely fast and probably the best customer service I have ever had in my life. If it's a sign of how great the game will be Crowfall shall truly rock! > <
  6. Can we change our guild symbol if we purchase the extended guild symbols after creating the guild. Or do we need to delete the guild and remake it?
  7. Hello, I just purchased an expanded guild symbol and I am wondering if I can change my current symbol, or if I have to delete the guild and start all over. THX! !
  8. so uninstall what I have and download the new big lime green button download?
  9. Hello, I am having trouble logging into the game. I am not sure if it's because the game has been down the past few weeks or if I am doing something wrong. When I try to log in I want my username to be Drusera (I think) but nothing happens. I know for sure not to use my email anyways. I have had the same game file since this summer and I have just been updating it. periodically So perhaps there is a new game file I need to use and update instead? Thanks! ! TLDR: What username do I use and is the game file I downloaded the correct one
  10. Hello, I am noticing I have a few items on my account with the words test copy attached to them. What does this mean, are they temporary items we are given to play around with (to test), or is it stuff I have purchased in the past? Thanks
  11. Hello, From purchasing two Bundles, I have two digital copies of Crowfall. Can I gift one to a friend. I know it might sound odd since there is not an option to do so, but I want to make sure. I want him to own the game and play with me. THX! !
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