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  1. I still have 3 active Eve accounts. And I'm not saying it's a perfect system. But it is clean, there are decisions to make about progression. At no point am I left with skill points that are unuseable in tree's that are now 100% maxed. If somehow a skill is removed or changed those points get put back into my queue and can be applied to any available skill. When I heard there was going be passive training in Crowfall I was really excited. But they haven't gated any access it's just the same like 10 feats randomly mixed together in a tree that anyone can eventually get. It would hav
  2. Honest;y I'd prefer a kill rats quest to punch tree's
  3. I'm not looking for Welfare gaming. It's not the experience that was pitched during the Kickstarter. I came from Shadowbane and Original Everquest. I dont mind working for progression. I don't mind full loot pvp or even perma death. But I did knot know I was signing up for Mincraft 2.0. Someone said it better than I did. This is the first experience users have in the game. Punch a tree, make an axe, chop more trees, pound more rocks. That's not the player experience I was expecting from the sales pitch they created. It's boring and I was off the game in 30 minutes. Not to mention there is
  4. Or you know, start me with a dirty shirt and a rusty axe and so im not punching tree's like mine craft but you know whatever.
  5. I acknowledge most of the game isn't done yet, and I have a limited play experience. But all I can do is comment on what I've experienced in the game. I don't think it's inappropriate all to say my first experience in the game mirrored almost exactly my first 30 minutes in minecraft. When I watched the trailers on kickstarter and they used phrases like the intensity of a season of game of thrones but in a video game, and a mix between an mmo and and a strategy game. Never did I think I would log in and have to punch trees. Is it wrong to say I was dissapointed if I felt dissapointed?
  6. I logged in have to say I'm pretty lost on where the game is going what the direction is. It's like like a Game of Thrones and more like Mine Craft. Why am I punching tree's and building tools? to build better tools to kill more trees? The devs have created a less interesting player experience than that of the first hour in mine craft. I feel like this is becoming more like an Ark or Conan and less like the Game of Thrones, RPG, War Simulator we were sold.
  7. The current skill point system seems very inefficient and poorly designed. Having to acrew points in individual tree's is pretty silly. This leaves players with stock piles of points earned in trees that wont be able to spend elsewhere. There should be 1 set of learning points or skill points per tree that can be spent on any of the subsequent sub groups. Training Sylvan? All those points should be able to go towards sylvan, elf, fairy etc. Each sub group shouldnt earn it's own pool. Additionally there is no benefit to cross training. There should be nodes in all brackets that benefi
  8. I've always been a fan of playing dedicated Healers. In every mmo I've played a healing class from everquest to WoW to Neverwinter and the dozens of games I've tried in between (including shadowbane). So I really hope they bring a few dynamic healing archtypes for players to explore. And I don't mean static priests from Shadowbane where you Spam a group heal but the cleric from neverwinter or druid from wow are good examples of fun and enganging styles to heal. I hope the designers realize that there are players who prefer to heal and those players deserve exciting and dynamic play styles.
  9. The cost of freedom is always high, but Sasusages have always paid. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. - Kind of John F. Kennedy Sausage party will not repeal our declaration of war against Go Banana. To do so would be a slippery slope towards cowardice. No! We are not yellow! Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a Food Bretheren can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All food bretheren are afraid in battle. But the Banana is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of dut
  10. Seems like only a week ago I was powerleveling Shadey and Ubermonkey in Shadowbane... oh wait that was last week.
  11. I relish the opportunity to inform you that now is the opporutunity to be linked with the wurst pahalic shaped food based guild in Crowfall. No matter how you slice it, it is time for Go Banana to meat their match. We hear by swear eternal war against Go Banana.
  12. This message is to inform Go Banana that they are not the only guild based on phalic shaped foods and that Sausage Party has declared eternal war on Go Banana. This thread is officialy:
  13. I love the art style! it looks great and resembles Everquest nexts style which I also like. The warmth and food resistance make me think there will be survival elements. Having to wear proper clothes for cold or hot climates and having to eat to maintain stamina or avoid fatigue effects. Though what really worries me is that the Archtypes are gender/race locked. I don't want my character creation experience to be like selecting a MOBA character and see multiples of me everywhere I go, that's a huge turn off for me. While I dont need 2 million character creation options I would at least hope f
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