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  1. I did not know about this rule set. Sounds like fun. What about if you are a solo player or if you are in a very small guild, them pretty much anybody is your enemy? I will love that.
  2. I really liked the recently changed passive leveling and VIP model giving subscribers more options. I do not think it was pay to win at all and honestly it was one of the reasons I got the game. I saw passive leveling as a way to give people who do not have a lot of time a chance to compete. These type of games need money to succeed and will get it from either subscriptions or cash shops, which usually end up with pay to win stuff sooner or later.
  3. Ranger Bridgand is one of the classes I am planning to play just for the stealth. I have not played this game yet but stealth is usually very powerful in PVP. How is the Brigand stealth? Any time or movement limitation? If you are in combat and want to escape, I assume you have to run a little to get out of combat and activate stealth right?
  4. Pardon my ignorance about the subject but I am waiting for my Windows PC to arrive to download the game. Anyway I thought that after a campaign was over you could take your leveled vessel (that is what is called right?) with you to another campaign without any penalty unless the new campaign was restricted to new vessels only. If you move your vessel prior to the end of the campaign, then you are penalize. I do not mind leveling each vessel once but having to level the same class and race again and again after each campaign sounds like work.
  5. My understanding is that customer support do work on weekends. I had a similar problem regarding two accounts (not as complicated as yours) and they resolved the issue very fast if I remember correctly during the weekend. Good luck.
  6. Grillo

    Best Race for Druid

    Is there a time limit and/or cooldown to camouflage? Trailmaster makes Wood Elf one of the fastest out of combat races right?
  7. Will I be able to run Crowfall in highest settings with the below laptop computer? OVERPOWERED Gaming Laptop 17+, 2 Year Warranty, 144Hz, Intel i7-8750H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, Mechanical LED Keyboard, 256 SSD, 2TB HDD, 32GB RAM, Windows 10 https://www.walmart.com/ip/OVERPOWERED-Gaming-Laptop-17-2-Year-Warranty-144Hz-Intel-i7-8750H-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1060-Mechanical-LED-Keyboard-256-SSD-2TB-HDD-32GB-RAM-Windows-10/887474519
  8. I will assume that this will change right? I received two months of VIP with my package and I really like the idea of passive training.
  9. So if now all players can train 2 lines, including non VIP, what is the benefit of VIP then? Am I missing something?
  10. I had an issue with my username and two accounts so I emailed customer service this afternoon and they responded super fast and resolved my problem even better than I expected. I have played various MMORPGs and have never experience such great customer service. I am glad I decided this to be my next MMORPG. I really wish this game a lot of success.
  11. I think the only information available is that the soft launch will happen sometime in 2019 probably later in the year.
  12. I just bought a starter pack and even though have not tried the game yet, I am still very excited about it. However, I feel this game will benefit with restricting races to one of the three factions. It creates a sense of loyalty to your faction. I know it will be hard for balancing but MMORPGs are never balanced anyway. When your faction is unique it really help immerse you into the game. It can create big rivalries between different classes and races, i.e. I may be looking to create a Wood Elf Ranger just to hunt down Fae Assassins, which I may not like. Is there a chance this will ever happen?
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